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  By: kinkywench

Lisa unlocked the front door and stepped in to the dark hallway. She walked over to the hallway table and dumped her keys and handbag on it. She could hear the TV in the lounge. She kicked off her shoes and walked softy over to the lounge door, she pushed it open and Pete was on the sofa fast asleep, an empty bottle of wine on the coffee table.


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Naughty level to be set later

“It’s ok for some” she mumbled to herself, she moved over to the sofa and got down on her knees and blew on his ear, he moaned as he moved his head to get rid of the tickle.

Lisa decided to try another approach obviously the red wine had sent him in a deep alcoholic sleep; she then bent her head and started to kiss Pete’s neck. She started with soft little kisses, and a few nips at his neck.

Pete felt the soft kisses traveling from his ear to the hollow of his throat. Followed by some nibbles he laid there pretending to be a sleep a bit longer. He wanted to see what Lisa was going to do next.

Lisa then licked across Pete’s mouth she could taste the red wine. She also noted that Pete’s breathing had changed.

“So do you want me to carry on, or leave you to sleep?”

Pete answered by pulling Lisa closer.

She then continued with her kissing Pete moved his hands up her body and held her head as he kissed her back, their tongues slipped in to each other’s mouths. And they started kissing deeply their tongues licking each other

Pete sucked on Lisa’s lip taking it in to his mouth, she groaned.

Lisa moved her hand slowly down Pete’s chest and un did the buttons on his shirt and slid her hand in it, and found his nipple and pinched and rubbed it.

“Mmmmm” Pete groaned as Lisa pinched each nipple in turn, Lisa looked down and saw the bulge in Pete’s tight jeans. She moved her other hand down to the bulge and started to squeeze it hard, she could feel how hard it was, and she squeezed harder. Pete groaned and moaned in her ear.

Pete’s hand found Lisa’s top and pulled at it. He pulled it out of her skirt and up to breasts. Lisa stopped what she was doing and pulled it over her was quicker than undoing the buttons. As she pulled it over her head, Pete pulled at her bra cups her tits fell out in front of his face; he wasted no time pinching the already hard nipples.

“Fuckkk” she moaned as he pinched them one by one, he then took one in his mouth and started to suck it flicking his tongue across the hard tip. Then sucking the whole thing in as far as he could. Lisa let out another loud moan.

Lisa got back to Pete’s bulging cock, and un done the button and pulled the zip down, in her eye line was his star wars boxers, she let out a giggle, Pete knew why and sucked her nipple harder. Lisa half chocked as she giggled. She pulled at his boxers and Pete lifted his arse from the sofa as she pulled his jeans and boxers down to his knees, he cock sprung free and was in Lisa’s face. She didn’t need an invite she took hold of the shaft and started to lick the purple head. Starting with the underside licking and swirling her tongue around it. Pete groaned as he sucked her nipples. Lisa then poked her tongue in the slit the cock jerked in her hand.

Lisa stopped what she was doing.

“Oiii” Pete moaned.

“Let me get comfortable” she moaned.

Lisa stood up and took off her bra followed by her skirt and knickers, she stood naked in front of Pete, he took in her shaven pussy and saw the lips were puffy from being aroused; she opened her legs and pushed her fingers in her wet pussy moaning as she did this. She pulled out her fingers n offered them to Pete; he immediately sucked them hard tasting Lisa sweet juices. His cock jerked and throbbed and some precum leaked out, Lisa bent down and scooped it on the end of her finger and licked it clean off.

“Fuck your dirty” he moaned

Lisa then moved over to Pete and straddled him in a 69 with her pussy above his head. Pete grabbed Lisa’s arse and pulled her down on his face, he could smell her arousal. Pete loved licking and sucking pussys and Lisa’s would be quite happy with that,

 As she lowered herself down on Pete she could feel his breath on her sensitive lips. This made her shiver as she knew what was next Pete was great at oral and if is that all she ever had Lisa would be happy, he knew when to suck and when to lick and how much pressure was too much or too little, just thinking this had Lisa’s juices running from her pussy.

Pete pulled her lips apart and licked rom her clit down to her wet hole, Lisa jerked above him,

“Suck me hard” he moaned

Lisa took his hard leaking cock in her hand and ran her fingers down the shaft to his balls, gave them a hard squeeze. Pete groaned his cock jerked and Lisa lowered her head to his waiting cock, she took the whole thing in one loud suck, Pete’s cock slipped in her mouth and jerked, she could feel all the veins n ridges as she sucked her saliva running down the shaft and on to his balls.

Lisa saw from the corner of her eye the lube, Pete must have been wanking while he was drinking. nothing new there she thought to herself, she reached over to the coffee table and took the bottle in her hands as she sucked his cock, she poured some on his arse hole, he jumped as the cold liquid run over it.

Pete felt the cold lube on his arse and knew what Lisa was going to do; he loved having his arse fingered as she sucked him off. The through made his throbbing cock leak more precum in her warm mouth, Lisa moaned at the taste.

As Lisa pushed her finger in his arse, Pete pushed his fingers in her wet pussy.

They both groaned at the same time, Pete started to fuck Lisa slow his fingers find her g spot, he felt her juices slide over his fingers, she started to push back on them and he took her clit in his mouth, Pete knew it would not be long before Lisa’s juices would flood his waiting mouth.

Lisa moved her fingers in Petes are filling the tight hole, Pete pushed back on them he wanted them deeper in his arse, with one thrush Lisa pushed them past his muscle.

A muffled groan came from Lisa’s wet pussy; Pete rubbed Lisa’s g spot. Lisa moved her fingers deeper in his arse finding his p spot. Pete pushed back on to her fingers his cock jerked, so Lisa started to fuck his arse faster and faster feeling his hole stretch to being fucked by 2 fingers, Lisa slipped her fingers out.

Pete groaned at the emptiness. But continued to finger fuck Lisa, Pete could feel Lisa’s body start to shake as her orgasm was building. Her juices were running from her pussy he lapped them up.

Lisa picked up the mount gras chardonnay bottle and the lube and poured the lube down the long neck. And placed the lube back on the table. She took the bottle and rubbed the lip across Pete’s arse hole, he jumped at the cold contact

“Fuck” he moaned

Lisa pushed the lip n first inch of bottle in his arse he jumped and his cock jerked. Lisa slowly fucked him with it, until his arse got used to the cold intrusion.

Pete’s  was bit unsure about the bottle being in his arse. He lay there taking in the cold smoothness of the felt different from Lisa’s warm soft fingers. Lisa carried on sucking his cock, he wanted to cum so bad and the smooth bottle felt good in his arse. Lisa pushed it a bit deeper Pete felt the smooth glass deep in him,

“Do you want me to carry on” Lisa moaned

“Yes” was all Pete could manage. So Lisa fucked him faster and deeper she felt his arse muscle grip the bottle and knew Pete was enjoying this new pleasure. Lisa then felt her orgasm wash over her. Her pussy muscles gripped Pete’s fingers, he fucked her faster and deeper, then Pete felt Lisa squirt over his tongue as her orgasm ripped through her pussy Lisa rid Pete’s tongue faster. Pete was lapping as fast as he could. Fuck he loved it when Lisa came her juices covering Lisa was coming she was fucking his arse faster and Pete felt his balls tighten as the bottle penetrated him. His cock jerked and Lisa sucked harder. Then he thrust his cock as she thrust in him, his cum cam shooting out like a fountain. Lisa could not swallow it fast enough and it leaked out of her mouth and down her chin. Pete kept thrusting in Lisa’s tight mouth every vein and ridge throbbing, his cum kept flooding her mouth and Lisa kept swallowing.

Lisa’s orgasm started to subside; Pete was licking the last of her juices up, as he gave one last thrust. The last of his cum pumped in her mouth.

“Save me some” he groaned

Lisa pushed the soften cock from her mouth, and pulled the wine bottle out of petes arse and it fell to the floor, she turned around and gave Pete a deep French kiss snowballing what cum was left in his mouth, Pete groaned at the action and swallowed it down.

Pete looked at Lisa on her chin she had a drop of cum and licked it off.

“So maybe next time you will share the wine” she giggled

“Next time I’m gonna use the bottle on you” Pete said with a glint in his eye

And they both shivered at that thought….

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