To keep family ties - Part 2   added 3 years ago    

  By: Hells_Angel

At this point I was left in a pool of piss - degraded, lost.  Reema and Ricky got dressed and left.  I made my way to work, I was still in shock.  I spent the whole morning in office I was worried that my other employees would find out the reality.  I would never have power over them I would become a door mat for everyone to walk all over me.


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Shazia turned up at the office and did not bother to knock before coming in.  She sat down in front of me. “Well, how does it feel? To know that your wife is getting fucked by another man, not just any man an English white man.”  I was astounded that she knew.  I stood up immediately to close the office door so no one could hear.  She laughed in my face "How would you feel if all your staff knew that you’re not even a man?  A real man?  You know what the funny thing is?  He's only just hit fucking puberty and he's doing a better job than you ever could” she had walked over and sat down in my chair with her feet up on my desk, her shoes were dirty. I sat down on the other side of the desk and her shoes were at the same level as my face, she had crossed her legs and tilted the seat back “right, now tell me what are you willing to do for me?”  I stared into empty space “Shazia, please don't humiliate me anymore, your sister has destroyed me” She laughed at me again" I made her destroy you, remember you begged me to ask Reema not to fire Ricky? Well, all I needed to do was to convince her she needs to try a young 20 year old white cock, it was a little too easy to be honest, this is why she asked you to send Ricky over to wash the car and you did like a fool that you are.  That day my dear brother-in-law she was fucked by white cock who's balls have only recently dropped and that same day, you licked her well fucked pussy clean.”  So, this bitch – my so called sister-in-law Shazia was behind all this, she damaged me and I knew she’d make everything public if I did not do as she wished.  "Please don't tell anyone, Shazia, I can’t deal with this.  ”she clicked her fingers and pointed towards her shoes "Lick them clean, now.” I got off the seat and did as she requested.  I knew at this point that I would have to become a bitch for her to keep her mouth shut but it was the price I had to pay to keep some of my dignity.

Shazia left the office, I went to the shop floor and one of my employees asked if I was feeling ok and why my face was dirty.  “Oh I was cleaning the office” I replied – I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror looking at the filth of my sister-in-laws shoes over my face. As I washed my face I received a text message ”You will live a life of a Dog.  My dog”

Reema made a list of rules that I had to follow, as I entered the house Reema called me to the bedroom.  “Close the door behind you we need to talk and get some facts straight.”  I stood there, frozen “As you know Atif I love you from the bottom of my heart, but Ricky pleases all my sexual needs, even the size of his cock is much bigger than yours and he makes me very very happy indeed” She handed me a piece of paper “Read it, understand it and sign on the dotted line.” She said in a very cold voice.  I took the paper in my hand and stared at it.  “Read it out loud” she said.  I looked at the words and repeated out loud what I read..

“You are not allowed to fuck me
You are not allowed to spend any money without asking me
You will continue to clean and wash
You would make sure all my expensive shoes are well maintained (lick them clean)
You would never answer back, and do as I tell you to do
You would have to sleep in the bedroom next door and every morning you would have to wait, for Ricky to take a piss in a pot that you would drink first thing, to show your loyalty.”

The last rule made me feel sick, what the hell is happening here!?  This tosser was taking my throne but I could not do fuck all about it.  I looked up at her and she held out a pen – I knew I had to sign it in order to keep her in my life – I signed my life away to her and Ricky. “I’m proud of you my dear husband, you really do want to see me happy don’t you?”  I could see a grin on my wifes face.

Ricky walked into the room; I was sat on the floor at Reemas feet.  He walked over and kissed her on her lips “lets have some fun” I could see Ricky's dick was hard as rock.  Reema looked up at him ”Come on Ricky, give me that English cock I love so much, I am sick of my husbands’ small Paki cock, I need a man like you who would fuck me deep, Atif!  Lick my pussy, get it ready for Ricky to push his beautiful cock into me” I did as she asked and lapped up on her soft pussy lips, I looked up and Ricky had his huge dick in her mouth she was sucking deep and deeper, next she pulled me by the hair and spat in my mouth “How does this taste?” Without hesitation "I love it Reema” I replied with my eyes fixed to the floor.  Ricky continued to fuck my wife in front of me and all I could do was kiss and lick her toes whilst she was being fucked.

Shazia was also happy, she was getting the pleasure of having her pussy lips cleaned by me whenever she liked, Shazia was not interested in having sex with me at all her pleasure was me licking her out and her humiliating me.  She would have me worship her, she would remind me how much of a low life useless husband I am and only good for watching and cleaning my own wife’s shagged pussy after it being pounded by English cock.

Life changed for the best, I was being used by the 2 beautiful sisters who I had always dreamed of fucking, but I did not become a fucker, but a cleaner for them, a pussy cleaner, I feel I am blessed.

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