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  By: katja90

Katja Cumslut Visits Her Fuck Master.


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I arrive at the home of my Fuck Master on time looking good in a strapless bandeau summer dress and high red stilettos.  He is sitting on the sofa and gives a devilish grin as he sees me.  He enjoys my company greatly as any man would, I am a very, very naughty girl.  

I hand him the bag I have carried over to his place.  It gives me a little additional buzz to carry the equipment over knowing the general public don't know what is in the bag and what scandalous use it will be put to.

Fuck Master empties the contents of the bag.  "yes, I think we can do something with this" he smiles.  He places the items on the sofa - a red leather collar with "Cumslut" written in fake diamonds, several lengths of rope, a ball gag and a large black dildo.  

He stands up and slaps me across the face.  "Take your clothes off NOW!" he orders.  Shaking from being hit , I do as he says, unzipping my dress at the back.  As it loosens it drops exposing my bare breasts and I pull it down over my hips so it falls to the floor and flick it away with my ankle strap stiletto.  I am now naked except for a pair of tight white lace panties and my red heels.  "Take your panties off now" he says and I pull them down and off.   

Fuck Master tells me kneel on the floor and as I do so he grabs my arm and twists it painfully behind my back and pushes my face down on to the floor.  With the other hand he puts the red collar around my neck and fastens the buckle making me his slave.  "Red - matches your fuck me shoes" he says approvingly.  Next he binds my wrists tightly behind my back with one of the lengths of rope.  The burn of the rope on my bound wrists is enough to moisten my vagina already, sexual excitement pulses through me. I want to stroke and finger myself but of course I am powerless to do so.

"Now sit on your ass with you legs stretched out".  I adjust my position and Fuck Master ties my ankles together and then my knees,  he pulls the knot on around my knees especially tight so my legs are tight together and my pussy inaccessible behind my thighs. Now I am sitting upright with hands behind my back and ankles and knees tied together.  "On your belly slut" he commands and with some difficulty I roll on my side and then on to my belly.  

Fuck Master takes the last length of rope and passes it between the binding on my ankles and the rope around my wrists and then yanks the rope tight.  I give out a squeal of pain and delight as I am put into the hogtie position.  Finally he puts the ball gag into my mouth and fastens it behind my head.  "Are you a happy little slave, Slut?" he asks, I try to answer yes but only succeed in drooling down my chin and choking a little. Fuck Master surveys my naked body lying on the floor.  Hands, knees, ankles all bound,  arms and legs tied together behind my back, red 6 inch heels hanging over my back.

"What am I going to do with you now I have you in this position Slut?" he ponders. "I know I want you to try and break free, I want to watch you wriggle on the floor - do it now".  I follow my Fuck Masters wishes, wriggling and writhing on the floor, I am drooling at the mouth, find it difficult to breath or change position.  "Come over to the sofa, slave" he beckons.  Fuck Master has his cock out now and masturbates his semi erection. I wriggle desperately towards the cock, the rope seemingly growing tighter and tighter but manage to get on to my back and struggle over.  "I love the way your tits jiggle when you are all tied up and crawling on the floor" says Fuck Master as I reach the sofa, exhausted and panting, red carpet burns on my milky white skin.

Fuck Master helps me up and pulls me over to the wall next to the sofa, positioning me so my face and breasts are pressed against the wall and I am stood up on my knees, legs and arms still bound tightly behind.

"I know what you want" snarls Fuck Master, "you want a hard fuck and a facial don't you?  You aren't called Cumslut for nothing". Fuck Master then whispers in my ear "you won't get any of that tonight Slut, you'll have to wait until the morning".  I can't see but I hear him go to the sofa and pick up the last piece of equipment.  "A substitute will just have to do in the meantime" he says and then in one hard, rough move rams the large black dildo between my buttocks and into my anus, pushing it all the way in until the plastic balls prevent it going any further.  "Goodnight Slut".  

Fuck Master switches the light out and heads off to his bedroom while I maintain the position with the dildo in my ass, cumming from my leaky pussy which runs down the insides of my tied legs.  I clench my buttocks to hold it there and maintain the pleasure but eventually it slips down, for a while hanging half in, half out and eventually falls to the floor.  My knees ache so I fall heavily on my side and try to find a position I can spend the night in most comfortably.  There I lie with the pleasure of an intense orgasm and the knowledge that Master will live up to his name and, come dawn, fuck the shit out of me.


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