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  By: DJWhips

I've been fantasizing about my friend Logan for years! I think about him almost every night before i go to bed. Every night my fantasies get more erotic and dangerous! One fantasy we'll be in a theater and i'll be going down on him and the next, he'll be fucking me in his shower! I have never been more attracted to one of my friends... Maybe because he's off limits. The fact that i can't have him makes me want him even more! I have been especially turned on by this one fantasy in particular.

This fantasy includes images that are currently under review process.

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Naughty level to be set later

I've just dosed off, it's around two in the morning and i had not been able to sleep. Restlessly, tossing and turning all night.
I feel his breath on my neck and open my mouth to scream but he covers my mouth with his hand. I start to struggle, realizing
my hands and feet are bound to my bed and he's lying on top of me. I try desperately to see in the darkness yet my focus is stripped from me by his voice in my ear. "How does this feel?" He says as he pressed his lips to my neck, kissing and licking it.
I moan and feel him smile into my skin. I know that voice... My mind brings me back to reality. I suddenly realize he is giving
me exactly what i've asked for! He's going to rape me, just like i've imagined so many times! I fantasized about this exact rape fantasy several times. I've even told him about it. I start to fade back into it.

"You're going to enjoy this. You hear me? I'm going to fuck your tight pussy and you're going to be begging me for more when i'm finished with you!" He moves his lips down my chest kissing my breasts and licking my nipples. I start to moan a little louder... "Yes, Bitch! Moan for me." He starts to suck on my nipple. "No! Don't do that!" I say, playing along. He starts to suck my nipple harder then runs his hand down my stomach where he starts rubbing his palm up and down against my clit. "Oh God!" I moan for him. I can't feel what he's doing to my chest anymore. All my focus now on the orgasm that's about to make me scream! "Uh Yesss!! " I moan as my orgasm rocks me. He rubs my clit roughly, pinching it. I scream out at the mixture of pain and pleasure. Which seems to turn him on, he kisses my lips deeply. Curling his tongue against mine. "No! Stop it!" I try to yell into his mouth. He reaches up his hand and locks our fingers.

(I can't help but think how hot this is!!) He shoves his tongue in and out of my mouth. "Is that what you want me to do to your dirty pussy? You slut!" He says harshly. "No, Please don't!" I'm thankful he can't see me smile in this darkness... He trails his tongue down my body, Slowly shoving his tongue into my wet pussy. "You're such a wet little whore!" He almost whispers to himself. He licks up from my pussy to my clit and down again. "Ooohhh" I moan as he starts to tongue fuck me again. And just as it's getting good, He stops. "Well, now i'm going to fuck you!" He almost laughs. "No please don't!! Logan i..." He sharply pulls my hair. "Don't you ever say my name. Or i will pull your hair again!"

I can't hear anything for a few moments assuming he's left the room. Suddenly i feel his warmth again he's untying my feet?... He's away for a moment again, and then he's between my thighs and he begins to enter me. "OW! No No!" I scream out. "Yes Yes!" He repeats. And pushes his hips back and forth. Fucking me harder than i've ever known. "Logan! Stop It!" I yell! Hoping he'll pull my hair again. He pulls a big chunk of it harder this time. "What did i say!! You whore! Don't say my name." He shouts as he pulls back and drives his whole length into me. "Oh God!" I scream again, but in pleasure this time. "Oh you like this?!" He trembles and slows his hips. "Mmmmm!" I moan and he lifts both my legs and puts them over my shoulders, he leans down, pushing my legs down to where his lips are touching mine but he doesn't move for a moment.

"Tell me how much you love my cock deep inside you, like this." He smiles, breathing heavily against my mouth. "NEVER!" I say angrily. Breathing sharp. He then moves his hips slowly back and forth. Teasing my eager pussy. I start moaning again, louder with each thrust. "Don't you.... dare. Cum inside me!" I mutter, secretly hoping that he will. "What was that? Cum inside you? Okay! He laughs. "No!!!" I half moaned. He starts to move faster. My whole body shaking, I can feel myself start to loose control, i start to grip the rope, my toes curling under. I can feel my body contracting as i cum all over his cock. His hips start to stop and he clenches up and i clench my walls together feeling his cock pulsing as he came inside me! "Uhhhhhhhh! I scream as another orgasm hits me, as his is finsihing. "Oh God Yes!! Logan!! He moves his, (not even near soft) dick back and forth inside me. He then pulls my hair back with a quick jerk and leans down to bite my right breast! "Ohhhhhooo" I moan as my breathing slows and he falls back onto the bottom board of my bed.

I feel the bed shift, "Now lick your cum off of my cock you dirty slut!!" He pushes his cock against my lips and i open my mouth for it sucking and licking all over it. He shoves it in a little too hard and i gag. He moves his hips back and forth and i suck it so hard he can barely push it into my mouth. He moans so low i could barely hear it. He finally pulls it out of my mouth and gets off of me. I hear rustling of clothes and i almost say something but he covers my mouth. "Shhhhhhh. Don't say a word. I still have a hole i haven't explored yet." He whispers, then leans down and bites my bottom lip. A few moments later i hear a door slam.

He was gone.

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Maik0    (2013-12-11 21:29:53)    Flag as inappropiate
Thank you for the fantasy your very pretty, would love to join in some time...
buster    (2013-06-06 22:54:43)    Flag as inappropiate
buster Loved it little lady...
Made me hard as a rock...

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