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It was Friday and the end of a long week. A small group of colleagues were going to the bar down the street for a few drinks and the marketing team upstairs were going to a restaurant to celebrate a promotion. I had been invited to both but wasn't going to either. I knew I had to get home. I took my time walking to my car and tried to steady my breathing. I was feeling really apprehensive but had accepted that this evening was for my own good. I drove back slowly; I had until and didn't want to get back too early. I considered stopping to get some food as it was likely I wouldn't get any dinner tonight but quickly pushed the thought out of my mind. It felt too defiant and disrespectful, like I was breaking the rules.


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I pulled up to the house but sat in my car a bit longer. 'Don't be a pussy' I scolded myself, 'this is for your own good'. My stomach had been in knots all day about this. When I was sure I couldn't avoid the inevitable any longer I got out of the car and went into the house.

He was waiting for me upstairs, my husband Nathan, a firm but gentle man. 'How was your day?' he asked pulling me in for a hug and a brief kiss. 'Ok, I guess we're really busy', I replied wrapping my arms around him. His muscular toned body always made me feel protected and secure. 'You're back early, it's only a quarter to six' he smiled at me. I pressed my face into his lean chest so he couldn't see me blush. I went to the bathroom to freshen up and when I came out Nathan was sitting on the bed, I walked over and stood in front of him. His eyes slowly scanned me from head to toe, then back up my body. 'You know why this is happening today?' he asked. His tone was gentle but firm. 'Yes sir' I nodded. He looked at me for a few moments then said one word, 'strip'.

He watched me as I took my clothes off, he'd done it plenty of times before but it still made me uncomfortable. I tried to be quick and do it with as much dignity as I could but it was hard. I let my skirt drop first then unbuttoned my blouse and put it to one side. My shoes and pantyhose were next, then finally my bra and panties. I always found it difficult and humiliating taking my panties down while under the glare of his scrutinising eyes, it didn't help that he had a mocking expression on his face as he concentrated his gaze on my pussy. When I was naked he asked me to get into position. I widened my stance so my legs were spread apart, pushed my hips forward and put my hands behind my head forcing my breasts up and out.

He stood up and circled me, inspecting every inch of my bare skin. I trembled a little but managed to hold my position. 'You know why this is happening today?' it wasn't really a question but I answered 'Yes sir'.

'You broke the rules and if I'm going to protect you then I have to punish you'.

'Yes sir' I repeated. He had warned me before about acknowledging him when he spoke. He stood in front of me and paused. He was wearing a dark blue shirt and black dress pants. His blue eyes contrasted sharply with his dark hair. I wanted so desperately for him to take me to bed, to caress me and tell me everything was ok, but I knew it would be a while until that happened. 'I want you to think about what you've done and why we're doing this today' he began, 'So we're going to start with some corner time. Stay in that position and go over and face the wall'. I did as I was told keeping my hands behind my head. 'You know the rules', he said coming over to inspect me, 'your nipples must be touching the wall at all times'. I slowly repositioned myself so that my flat nipples were pressed against the cold wall. They immediately started to harden. 'Stay there until I return' he ordered before leaving the room.

I thought back to two days ago, the reason why I was now standing naked with my hands behind my head, my nipples pressed against the icy wall. I'd gone out for a few drinks with some old friends from school, I hadn't seen them for years and was looking forward to catching up. We'd had a great time, perhaps too great as I ended up completely missing my curfew. It was after when I finally rolled home. Nathan was waiting up for me with a disappointed look on his face. He hadn't actually minded that it was after  . After all he knew who I was with and had given me permission to go. What he found irresponsible was that I hadn't called him to tell him I was ok. He asked me if I'd enjoyed my evening then explained that as I'd been drinking and was out later than usual it was my duty to call him and let him know I was ok. I explained that I'd got carried away; I hadn't seen these friends for a long time and was caught up in the moment. He listened calmly to my explanation and told me he understood. Then he explained that even though he could see where I was coming from he would still have to punish me to make sure this never happened again. My face fell and he went on to explain that the streets are a dangerous place at night especially for a young attractive woman like me and even more dangerous because I'd been drinking and didn't have my wits about me. What I had done may seem very trivial but was actually very serious. As head of the household his role was to protect me but this evening I'd made it impossible for l him to do his job. I felt extremely guilty then, if anything had happened to me how would Nathan have felt? Knowing that he couldn't be there to protect me and perform what was one of the most important tasks as head of house.

Nathan and I had been married for three years and started practising this lifestyle a few months into our marriage. It just seemed so natural to me to give up all control to him and let him make all the major decisions about how we lived our lives. In the beginning I had to submit to him completely. He told me how to dress, what make up to wear, what to eat, and with who and where I could spend my time. It was just so freeing to not have to worry about minor decisions each day, I knew where I had to be and what I had to do so could concentrate on more important things like loving my wonderful husband.

As a result of Nathan being in charge our sex life blossomed and became better than ever. Nathan genuinely cared about my sexual pleasure, priding himself on his ability to satisfy me sexually and meet all my needs. In the beginning he was completely in charge and would dictate how and when we had sex. The only rule was that I had to submit to him completely and without question. To break me of any stubbornness and reinforce the idea that he was in charge he would make me have sex when he knew I didn't want to. So no matter how tired or cranky or busy I was if he came home and ordered me to drop my panties I would have to do it. Nathan explained early on that he wanted to break down all boundaries between us so in the beginning he would often film us having sex or photograph me in different positions. This was extremely challenging for me as I'm a very private person but Nathan insisted that I learn to trust him. One of the most difficult things for me was being made to lie naked on my back with my knees pulled up to my chest. Nathan made me spread my legs in this position and hold my pussy lips open while he photographed me. He took hundreds of photos of my spread pussy and even took some close ups of my face. It was humiliating at the time but when I look back, very necessary to dispel any inhibitions between us. After the initial discomfort our sex life blossomed. I began to enjoy it more and felt free, wild and wanton. It was amazing. Because he was in charge Nathan took my pleasure seriously and would spend hours bringing me to orgasm again and again. He would study my body exploring different ways to touch and stimulate me.

A while ago he had explained to me that he'd like me to get both nipples and the hood of my clit pierced. I was apprehensive at first as these are really sensitive areas of my body but he reminded me to trust him as he knows what's best for me. He came with me and held my hand as the piercer put two silver rings through my nipples then picked out the bar that would take pride of place above my clit. Once I had healed up I couldn't thank him enough for making me do it. My nipples were extra sensitive and the piercing above my clit left me in a constant state of arousal, my orgasms were stronger and longer too. One of my favourite things was when Nathan used his tongue on my nipples and clit, rolling the piercings around in his mouth licking and tugging on them gently with his teeth. I'd never been so satisfied.

There was a serious side to our lifestyle: the punishments. If I broke the rules or did anything that wasn't allowed I would be spanked to remind me to behave. Most of the time, like today I dreaded these times. Nathan was a reasonable man but would go hard on me if I needed it and no amount of pleading or crying would deter him. Sometimes the spankings were a relief. If I was feeling angry or frustrated I would ask Nathan to put me over his knee and spank me and on these occasions it really helped to calm me down.

I'd lost track of how long I'd been in the corner by the time Nathan came back. 'Now you've had some time to think about your inconsiderate behaviour we can begin'. I stayed in the corner facing the wall while he put things out on the dresser in front of the bed. 'Come here' he ordered when he was finished. I turned around and looked towards the dresser. The paddle, a cane and the riding crop were all there in a neat line. I started to feel sick. I stood in front of him while he once more looked me up and down. 'Over my knee' he instructed. I hesitated...... He looked at me in surprise, taken aback by my defiant attitude. 'Please' I began, 'It won't happen again'.

'I didn't ask you to comment' he said quietly, 'Over my knee'.
'But if you'd just listen.....' I began but he cut me off quickly. 'Either get over my knee now or get back in the corner for another half hour after which your punishment will be more severe'. There was a menacing tone in his voice and I quickly positioned my naked body across his lap.

'I'm going to start with my hand' he informed me 'And I want you to count them out. I'm telling you now that because you tried to talk your way out of this it will be necessary for me to be harder on you that I originally planned'.

A short pause followed before he brought his hand down swiftly across my ass. 'One' I counted. He paused so I could fully absorb the stinging sensation before raising his hand and bringing it down sharply again in almost the same place. 'Two' I said my voice shaking a little. By the time he got to twelve I was shaking and crying, my face red with tears streaming down each side. Each smack was harder than the last and the last two had caught me lower down on the sensitive skin where my thighs met my butt because I was wriggling so much. This torture continued until he has delivered 20 sharp smacks to my backside. When he stopped my ass was burning and I desperately wanted to rub it but kept my hands obediently by his ankles. He gave me a minute to recover sliding his hands over my back before dipping down to stroke my nipples. He gave each nipple ring a gentle tug before placing his hands back on my back. I was still sobbing and he held me in my position while giving me another minute to recover. When my sobs subsided he finally spoke, 'Fetch the paddle' were the only words he said.

I got up shakily and walked to the dresser. My ass was still stinging and burning but I didn't dare touch it - I knew the rules. I picked up the paddle and returned to where Nathan was seated, handing it to him. 'Over my knee again' he said sternly. I gingerly positioned my naked body in his lap and he caressed my buttocks tenderly. 'There's no need to count this time' he said as he raised the paddle and began his punishment. He paddled my ass hard and fast for at least a minute. This time the tears came almost immediately and I balled my hands up into fists out of desperation. My eyes were red and swollen and my nose was running as I squirmed left and right trying to shield myself from this attack. He put one hand on my back to hold me in place and continued to paddle my red bare ass for another minute. When he was done I was sobbing loudly, unable to keep myself quiet any longer. It hurt so much I was almost hysterical with pain. He softly caressed my ass with his cool hands, stroking gently, almost lovingly at my soft bare skin. After a while the burning started to subside although my ass still felt very sore. He was rubbing my cheeks now; sometimes after a very harsh punishment he would rub cream into my ass to soothe me. I hoped this would be one of those times. Suddenly I felt him separating my cheeks, I didn't think anything of it until I realised he was holding them apart. Almost immediately I started to cry again as he brought the paddle down on the sensitive skin in between my cheeks. This stung like a mother fucker! I cried uncontrollably as he paddled in between my cheeks hard and without mercy. I didn't know how much more of this I could take. It finished just as soon as it began and he was once more caressing me lovingly. I tried to calm my crying and be quiet but was still sobbing hard when he turned me over to face him. 'You know this is for your own good' he said softly. I nodded yes unable to answer him as I was still crying bitterly.

He gave me a few moments to recover by which time I'd managed to regain control of myself.
'Get on your knees in front of me' he ordered. I did as I was told. He kissed my mouth but it was aggressive and invasive not soft or gentle like if usually was. As his tongue monopolised my mouth his hands caressed my breasts and nipples. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet. He broke the kiss, 'take out your nipple rings' he commanded. My heart sank; I knew what was coming next. I removed each ring from my nipples and placed them on the beside cabinet. He played with my nipples for a while stroking, pinching and circling them with his fingers until each was swollen with arousal. The wetness between my legs was growing as he stroked me. 'Are you sensitive here?' he asked giving each nipple a gentle tug. 'Yes sir' I answered obediently. He retrieved something from the drawer next to us. I didn't bother to look as I knew what was coming. I knelt very still as he attached a cold steel nipple clamp to each nipple. My breathing became laboured as I struggled to get used to the wincing pain but I knew this was part of the test and if I made a fuss I would be punished further.

After a minute or so I had my breathing under control and was concentrating on trying to block out the severe pinching of each clamp. Nathan had moved behind me and I could hear him taking off his clothes. When he returned to stand in front of me he was naked and his stiff cock was standing straight up. He gripped it firmly and began to feed it to me. I opened my mouth, halfway first then fully to accommodate his swollen head. I used my tongue to lap at him licking and swirling it around him. Gently I began to take his length into my mouth, sucking and licking, as he thrust slowly in and out. My ass was still burning from the paddle earlier and my nipples were red and sore from the clamps. With each thrust he was making me take his cock further until I was deep throating him.

He thrust until his huge swollen dick was fully in my mouth then held it there. I knew the rules and kept sucking. He was cupping my tits now and bouncing them in his hands. This increased the pressure of the clamps and made it more uncomfortable. He started to brush his fingers lightly up and down my nipples and I thought I might scream but kept sucking. My only goal was to make him come and that's what I concentrated on. Another minute passed and then he stopped. I was slightly startled as in this situation he wouldn't normally stop until I'd swallowed all his cum.

'Fetch the cane!' he commanded. I was shocked began to stand up to comply. 'I didn't say you could stand!' came the sharp remark. I humbly got back on my knees and started crawling. The clamps on my nipples hung down low, pulling and pinching harder. I reached the dresser put the cane in my mouth and crawled back to Nathan. Once in front of him I got up on my knees and handed the cane to him. 'Stay on your knees and lean forward. Rest your arms on the bed' he ordered. I did as I was told. 'Count these out!' he said as he lifted the cane and brought it down swiftly across my backside with a crack! 'One' I called out meekly. I was crying again by the time he got to the second stroke but Nathan gave me twenty cane marks across my already red ass and made me count out every one. With each stroke I jumped or shuddered which just made the clamps on my nipples sway and pull even more.

He put the cane down and caressed my bare ass. His skin was cool against my flaming red backside and it felt good. He knelt behind me and brought his hands around to cup my pussy. I was very wet and he massaged my clit and fingered me as he planted soft kisses along my neck. He brought his fingers up to my mouth and made me suck my juices off them. Then he reached down again to fondle my pussy lips. 'What about here?' he said giving them a tug. 'Are you sensitive here’? I felt panic rise in my body as I answered, 'Yes sir'. Soon two clamps were on each of my pussy lips and I was writhing my hips to try and ease the pain. 'Fetch the crop!' he commanded and watched as I crawled naked with clamps on my sore nipples and tender pussy to retrieve the crop.

After I'd handed the crop to Nathan I resumed my position on my knees. He toyed with me at first giving me a few playful swipes across the soles of my feet. It was so unexpected I almost jumped out of my skin. I began to really get worried now. Nathan rarely ever used the crop on me, reserving it for when I'd been really bad, but every time he did it had been very severe. Once in the beginning when I'd answered him back in front of his friends he'd used it on my nipples while I was tied down. Another time when I'd refused him sex I was tied down naked with my legs open and had my pussy flogged to remind me that he owned my body and could use it whenever he wanted. Afterwards he made me take the full length of his hard cock in my sore swollen cunt and fucked me hard after which I was made to thank him. I hoped that this time my punishment wouldn't be as extreme.

He began to whip my ass. It felt so red and raw that I almost didn't feel it anymore. My body just felt uncomfortable all over now. The clamps on my nipples had made them swollen and numb and my pussy lips were sore and burning from the intense pressure on each side. I could feel the crop landing on different areas of my butt with each crack and my entire backside was on fire. A minute passed, then two and still it continued. I was exhausted now but still wanted to please my master. Finally with one loud hard crack it was over.

The room was still and I instinctively tensed my body in preparation for another whipping. But it didn't come. Cool hands on my skin, he was rubbing my ass again. I felt his chest on my back as he motioned for me to kneel upright.

With his body pressed against mine he explored me with his hands, cupping my heavy breasts and letting his fingers graze over my tortured nipples before running his hands down my sides to my hips. He stroked them before grabbing hold of each one and kissing my neck. He let his hands wander down to my pussy and gave a sharp tug to each tight clamp, making me wince. I bowed my head and breathed deeply. I had completely surrendered to him.

He leaned me forwards again so I was kneeling with my arms resting on the bed. I could feel his rock hard cock against my thighs. He separated my cheeks and began to slowly push his massive cock into my ass. This took some time as he wasn't using any lube which made it all the more painful. If Nathan was taking my ass as part of a punishment it was always without lube. I was struggling to accommodate him but he was stubbornly forcing his cock deeper into my tight hole. Once the head was in he began to work it in and out of my asshole pushing further and deeper with each thrust. The friction caused by his dick rubbing between my cheeks was made more unbearable because of the merciless paddling he'd given me earlier. My flesh was burning as if it was on fire. He grabbed my red ass and squeezed it as he pushed the entire length of his cock into my tiny hole. He was thrusting fast and harder with each stroke so that the clamps on my pussy were trembling and my tits were bouncing up and down, the nipple clamps weighing them down pulling cruelly at my tender flesh. He grabbed my hips as he pounded my ass thrusting harder than I thought possible with each insertion, I was jerking forwards onto the bed as he rammed me and my asshole was a burning flash of white heat.

My mind suddenly became still and clear. The burning, soreness and discomfort seemed to melt away as I accepted what was happening to me. Slowly I began to push my hips back impaling my ass on his cock, willing and wanting him to take every last inch of me. He became still as I did the work thrusting my ass up and down his solid pole. His hands wandered around to my tits and I guided them to the nipple clamps so he could tug on them while I worked my ass back and forth on his dick. When he trailed his hand down to my pussy I opened my legs wider to give him unrestricted access to my pussy clamps. He ran one hand up and down them as I continued to work his dick with my ass. I rocked my hips from side to side to increase his pleasure as he toyed with my body. I had fully and completely submitted to him. My only thought now was to please my master, doing whatever he needed me to do, using my body in whatever way gave him the most pleasure. I had disappointed him shamelessly without any regard for his feelings. It was the ultimate disrespect and this evening he had done what he could to correct this misbehaviour. It was my job now to show him how much I appreciated his guidance. He was moving back and forth again now, thrusting up to meet the downward stroke of my ass, I knew he was close to completion and knew what I had to do. I moved my ass faster, and he raised up riding me like a horse. He grabbed my hips as he slammed into me making me take his cock all the way into my ass. A few more violent jerks and he was cumming, whispering in my ear that he owned me, that he would fuck me like this everyday if he wanted and there was nothing I could do to stop him. How he'd flog my pussy and tits mercilessly if I dare ever disobey him again and shove his cock down my throat while he did it. Then with one last grunt he was finished.

I kneeled still as he slowly removed his cock from my ass. He went to the bathroom for a few minutes while I stayed frozen in position. It was important I did not move or give him any reason to suspect further disobedience. When he returned from the bathroom he gently took the clamps off my pussy, then removed the ones on my nipples. I felt my blood rush in both directions as I began to regain feeling in my tender lips and buds. He stood in front of me again. 'Is there anything you want to say?' he said sternly. 'Thank you sir' I started. 'I was wrong and needed to be disciplined, I'll try not to misbehave again and give you reason to punish me as I know it's a terrible inconvenience for you'.

After that he let me rise and shower but told me that in order to reinforce my role as being completely submissive to him I would have to remain naked at all times this weekend. Next week he would pick out the clothes I'd wear to work and if I disobeyed him at any point during this time I'd lose further privileges. Before I fell asleep he told me to prepare to service him in any way he desired throughout the weekend to remind me of the importance of obeying his rules at all times.

I fell asleep feeling exhausted but absolved for my indiscretion. I felt lucky to be with a man who loved me enough to punish me when I needed it.

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pie106    (2012-09-17 18:11:35)    Flag as inappropiate
You were a very naughty girl and reading about your punishment made me think some very naughty thoughts.

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