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I had been dating Heather for seven, almost eight months, when my eye started to wander. We were very close, spent a lot of time together, and I thought that I was in love with her. But in the back of my head were lots of nagging doubts. ‘Nagging’ is a good word to use, because she would nag me often, and her controlling nature had started to wear on me. I loved being with a strong, assertive woman, but I was starting to wonder if I was in over my head. 

We’d gone to a party at a friend’s house…her friend of course. It was a big house on the edge of town that had been a mansion at one time, and now shared by a group of about a dozen friends. Heather’s friend had moved in recently and so we didn’t know most of the people who lived there or who were at the party.

At one point Heather went off to hang with her friend and I ended up chatting with a nice girl named Kim. Kim didn’t know Heather and, while I was usually upfront about it, I didn’t mention that I had a girlfriend. She was just terribly cute and sweet and I got a burst of excitement when I realized she was flirting with me.  We laughed and had a good time and started talking music. Turns out we had similar taste and she invited me back to her room to give me a mix cd that she had burned for an ex-boyfriend.  

Her room was in the rear of the top floor, and as we walked down the hall I could hear the party getting fainter. We chatted for a bit and I felt a growing sexual tension starting to build between us. It was exciting and scary…I wasn’t sure if I should go along with it or not when suddenly my phone rang. It was Heather, and she was looking for me.

I went back downstairs with Kim following behind, and Heather intercepted us at the bottom of the stairs. She did not look pleased.
“I’ve been looking for you,” she said sternly.  “Who’s this?”
“Oh this is just Kim….Kim, this is Heather.  My girlfriend.”  I felt a pit of nervousness growing in my chest. Kim looked surprised but, ever a sweetheart, she put on a big smile.
“Nice to meet you,” she extended her hand “we were just talking about music and…”
“I wasn’t talking to you” Heather said, pushing down her arm and taking a step into her face. She was easily half a foot taller, and all around bigger.  I could see Kim shrink a little as Heather stared her down.
“Oh…um…” Kim stammered, clearly intimidated.
“Oh!  Um!” Heather mocked, “I’m sure you’re a great conversationalist.  Why don’t you go talk to people OUTSIDE.”

Kim’s face was white. She swallowed hard and without a word turned, walked off, and went out the front door. Heather had just kicked this poor girl out of her own home.
“Honey…” I began to say with a gentle tone, but she cut me off.
“You went to her room??” she demanded
“Yeah but nothing happened I mean-“
“Take me there.”
“Take me to her room. Now.”
Before I knew it, I was leading her upstairs, feeling tingles of anxiety like I had just been caught red handed…even though I hadn’t done anything! Kim’s room was one of the smallest in the house…it had probably just been a large closet at one time: Just enough room for a bed, dresser, and a small desk.  For such a small space, Kim was an excellent organizer and kept everything tidy…the bed was made and the sheets smoothed out tidily.

“See?” I pointed to the bed, “I mean, we didn’t even touch the bed!”
Heather shut the door, latching it locked, then turns and looks at me sternly.
“Was she flirting with you?”
“No, no, Honey we were just talking it wasn’t like that.”
“Don’t lie to me,” she was looking deep in my eyes.
“I…I told her I had a girlfriend,” I lied, “so she knew I was off limits.”
Heather smirked.
“And she didn’t make a move?”
“No!  No, and *I*  would never, either.”
“Oh,” she reached down and grabbed my crotch firmly, cupping my balls almost a little too firm, “I know YOU would never. Right?”
I didn’t move a muscle as she held me there. I said the only thing I could think to say:
“I love you, Heather.”
She smiled and leaned in, close enough to kiss me, but holding off.
“Say it again,” she coos.
“I love you,” I whisper, almost stuttering.
Before I could finish she quickly opens up my pants and yanks them and my boxers down to my ankles, then runs her fingers up and down my cock, looking pleased that I’m already growing hard.  
“Did you think she was cute?”
“I said DON’T LIE.”  
She firmly spins me around so that my back is to her, and I’m facing Kim’s bed.  Reaching around, she takes my cock and starts to stroke me slowly up and down while her other hand holds to my chest.  Chin on my shoulder, she growls into my ear: 
“I’ll ask again: did you think she was cute?”
“Yeah, but….she’s not beautiful like you.”
A mirror hung next to Kim’s bed, and Heather was staring at me in the reflection.
“I didn’t like how she was looking at you. You shouldn’t talk to bitches like that.”  I felt her pace start to quicken as she jerked me.
“No…I s-swear,” my breath was starting to quicken, and my knees bent slightly…Heather smirked seeing how well she was affecting me.
“Bitches like that need to be taught a lesson, don’t you think?”
“Heather,” I panted, my cock rock hard, she was stroking me aggressively now, “slow…down…please.”
I started to pull away, She was getting me close and I didn’t feel comfortable like this. She sensed my apprehension and held me tighter with her free arm.
“Be still!” she barks at me, her eyes shining, “you’re going to teach HER a lesson, and I’m going to teach YOU one.”
She slowed her rhythm: now her palm was massaging my shaft…pumping deeply from the tip to the base, skillfully twisting her wrist on it.  It sent shivers through my body and I felt my cock start to throb. She was milking me now.  And worse, she aimed me so that I loomed directly over Kim’s pillow.

She is strong, quite strong, but not as strong as me.  I should have pulled away and pushed her off.  I could have, and if I was another sort of man I absolutely would.  But to be honest…once a girls starts to get me off, a part of my brain just goes dark: I simply can’t make an effort to resist them.  She knew this fact very, very well- and right now she had me good.  All I could do was plead:
“Wait, wait…Heather, don’t make me cum! P-please wait.”
“Don’t resist me,” she smiles evilly, “give the bitch what she deserves.”
“Oouuhh god!” I could feel my load building, and tried will all my might to hold it back.  Sensing my weakness, Heather’s free hand abruptly grabbed my hair and pulled my head to the side. Hungrily she starts to kiss my neck, and then suck on it…sucking on it hard.  
The sensations were overwhelming me- I twitched, my knees weak but I was held in place; the side of my neck burning as she sucked it.  A moan of pleasure left my lips as my body surrendered and exploded.  My cock pulses as I pump long thick strands of cum across Kim’s clean pillow.  I lean over the bed, moaning, still spurting, my neck burning as Heather sucks it…my hips bucking as she skillfully pumps my full load into Kim’s pillow, the fabric covered with pools of white cream, slowly soaking in.

I barely had enough time to put my pants back on before Heather was pulling me out to the hallway. She paused and smiled at me as I fixed my clothes and tried to catch my breath. 
“Feel better, Sweets?”
I smile, but couldn’t think of what to say.  She reached out and took my hand.
“Good men stay at their girlfriend’s side, don’t they?”
“Yes, you’re right,” I nod, “I love you”
She leans up and kisses me tenderly, whispering:
“I love you too.”
As she walked me downstairs I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized that the aching sensation on the side of my neck was a large hickey,  

We stayed at the party for another hour or so.  I stayed at Heather’s side as she mingled and I didn’t say much…mostly just laughed at her jokes.  Kim kept her distance, although we looked at each other across the room sometimes.  She hadn’t been to her room, but I could tell she saw that my demeanor had changed.

I stayed at Heather’s side until she was ready to leave, and then she took me home and fucked me.  From that night on, every time when we were invited to a party, Heather gave me a hickey the night before.  “Just marking my territory,” she once giggled.

I saw Kim only one other time.  It was a few weeks later and we ended up next to each other in line at the supermarket.  She noticed me, and I noticed her, but we didn’t say anything.  We both just stood still, looking away, pretending the other one wasn’t there.

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