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  By: DJWhips

I couldn't wait for my mom and dad to leave and go to their anniversary dinner like they had been planning for a week. I was a young girl. 16 at the time, so as you can imagine, i was constantly horny as hell! Everytime i had the house to myself i would get on this website that made it to where i could be on camera, video chatting with guys while we watched eachother masturbate. I was quite popular on this site. I'd been told i had a nice tight pussy, i sounded extremely sexy and the things i would say while getting myself off were orgasmic! So this site was like my haven. My parents had just left and as soon as i possibly could i ran upstairs, undressed quickly, ripping my panties off in the process.


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(I had been dreaming all day about tonight and how i'd finger fuck myself so hard as i watched my friend, an avid user of the site, RonnyDom69, I have a boyfriend yes, but he never knew about my secret sexual fantasies and the fact that i go to this site as much as possible.
He is an innocent one i suppose. Never tries anything with me. We are both virgins so i always just assumed that he was very private about his privates. We've made out intensely before, He's even touched my boobs *over the shirt* and i've tried to touch his cock but he moves my hand. I've always thought, "Maybe he's just not attracted to me enough" Just because a guy has a raging boner from your tongue in his mouth does not mean that you are attractive, I convinced myself.)

I opened my computer quickly, (Looking at the clock and realizing it was ten minutes past the time me and Ronny had originally decided to start. So, hoping he was still on i signed in quickly with my (as i thought) witty username, HotForCock. And emmediately he popped up on my screen. With a smile on my face i started to talk dirty to him. Saying things like "I've been imagining your hard cock in my mouth all day long!!" To which he replied, "So have i. You make me so horny!" I suffered a quick strike to my hormones, causing my clitoris to enlarge and got me super wet!
I then proceeded to lay on my bed and point the camera down to my open legs. I started to rub my clit, pushing my fingers inside my hole to get them very wet and back to my clit again and continue rubbing, I watched as Ronny jerked himself off, It made me so hot!
He never made a sound. I was always the one screaming and never heard a peep out of him. I moaned hard and he said it was the sexiest thing about me. I fingered myself deeper, using only two because one was never enough and three hurt me. Two did the trick every time. and it never took me very long.

I started moaning hard as my orgasm started to rise to my face and made me all flushed. Red as an apple. I was close to cumming when i heard the front door slam and my name being called. I quickly closed my lap top, jumped out of bed, and as soon as i went to grab my dress laying in front of the door, Shawn came in, slamming the door into my head. He froze and then when i fell backwards, went to grab the back of my head from hitting the floor. It was too late.

My eyes closed and i blacked out for what felt like an hour, but had only been a minute, He whispered my name softly, i could feel his fingers brushing my hair back as i came back to reality. I opened my eyes and he smiled, gloriously. I grinned at his face. I hadn't seen my handsome boyfriend in three weeks. He had been on vacation and i got oh so lonely without him here to comfort me, sing me to sleep when he came over after school on wednesday nights. I had been missing him so much that thought that i was completely naked didn't even come to mind as i threw my arms around his neck and hung on him. I brought him in close and then fell back down as i realized i was much too dizzy to get up yet. He chuckled and then leaned in to kiss my mouth.

I tried to press my lips harder into his, yet he pulled away. He put my arms over his shoulder and pulled me up onto my feet, and dragged me over to my bed. "Can you sit up?" he said wondering. "Yes." i said, a little drousy. He stepped back a few steps and stared in amazement. I looked at him and realized that he was looking at my sweaty naked body and i instantly got a shiver. He shook his head and stumbled over his words "You..ou m.must be cold." He took off his jacket and draped it over my shoulders, Lightly touch my side and making me quiver. He sat next to me and the words i had been dreding to hear fell off his tongue in a whisper. "Why... Are you... Naked?" I looked into his eyes and leaned in for a kiss. He didn't kiss back for a moment and then a rush of intensity fell on us both at the same time and he grabbed my face and sucked my tongue fiercely. I had been soo ingested in my secret website these past weeks that i had forgotten what real intimacy felt like and i threw his jacket off my shoulders.

He slowly let his hand fall to my left breast and he caressed it in his hand. He broke off my kiss leaving me breathless, I felt him kiss down my neck and watched as he moved his mouth down to my nipple, He began to flick his tongue over it and then sucked it into his mouth. I let out a deep moan and he took his mouth off of my nipple to look into my eyes. "You have a beautiful body. I have wanted to see it for so long." He started to lean in for another smooch and i pushed him back. "Why do you never tell me these things?" I got up and stumbled a little to the front of the bed. I put my hands on my waist and waited for his reply. He stood and walked to where our faces were three inches apart. "I always thought that you were the kind of girl that would... i don't know, Think i'm a pig for wanting you." Shocked at the thought, i expressed "I want you to want me!" He put his hand on my neck and said "I do. Can't you see?"

He then took both hands and proceeded to unzip his pants, let them fall to the ground and then let his dick spring free. *No boxers? I have to take note of this i thought.*

He held his hard eight inch cock in his hand, I glanced down at it, then dropped to my knees and rubbed my hands all over it. He let out a gasp, "It's incredible!" I said with enthusiasm. I took his hard, lengthy member and put my mouth on it, He let out a sexy moan, My first time hearing a man moan! I slipped my hand down and started fingering my pussy. He let out "Wow!" and i looked up at him and i started sucking on his tip, getting it really wet. I looked into his eyes, The expression on his face was that of shock and smugness. I didn't understand the connection but i refused to take his dick out of my mouth to ask. I licked up and down the sides of it and then put my hand on the base of his shaft and began tugging, i bobbed my head up and down on it. He started moaning and i moaned all over his cock which made him start to thrust in my mouth. I got so turned on by this that i took his cock out of my mouth, stood up and said with confidence, "Will you please make love to me?" His jaw dropped, "Are you sure this is what you want?" I grinned nervously. "I've wanted this since the first day we met."

He pushed me back onto my bed, He pulled off his shirt exposing his nice tight abs that i often fantasized about when i masturbate. I pulled his body down on mine and moaned...Oh how badly i wanted him inside me. I felt him get harder against my thigh. He pulled back and slowly slipped his cock head inside. I didn't feel much untill he pushed in deeper, I screamed out and said "Keep going, keep going." He pushed his cock all the way inside me. With one last scream from me, he was in. He started to move back and forth as i wrapped my legs around his waist, He leaned down and kissed me, Trying to make my expression change, He went in deep and slow. It started to feel good. I was starting to feel myself get wet and i grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him inside me, He groaned and started going faster,

I moaned harder and loud as he drove his cock so deep inside me that i thought i would pass out. Finally he started clenching the bed as i dug my nails into his back. He whispered "I'm about to cum" and started to pull away. I wrapped my arms around him tight and bit down on his neck. He groaned out a "Why?" and i hardly got out "Cum with me. Inside me."
He asked no questions and continued to fuck me harder, I closed my eyes tight as the orgasm shook my body! I screamed out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He pulled my hair as he came inside me. We layed there for awhile letting our chests settle and our heart rates go down. He rolled off of me, I turned my head to look in his eyes and he was already gazing my diretion, I turned so our bodies were facing eachother and put my left hand on his cheek, leaned in and gave him a kiss. "Did you like that?" He said, looking deep into my eyes. "Like that? Let's do it again!!" He smiled at me, which did not slow my heart. I went in for another kiss! And there began our second time!

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boobman    (2013-01-21 00:47:05)    Flag as inappropiate
I wonder. Was he the guy you were meeting on line?

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