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In so far as it seemed highly unlikely, it was like some badly scripted porn fantasy. We we're alone on the tube. An example of 'highly unlikely', by the way, would be a video clip I saw on the internet where an air stewardess allows a clear shot of her white-panty-clad crotch to a camera man, and what is really puzzling is that it was authenticated by the presence of other people in the cabin. But her gaze into the lense is to obviouse and she reavels her hosiery and undergarments too revealingly and this was the point where I, finally (call me naïve), failed to believe her to be a real air stewardess. And a truly desirable fantasy falls to pieces.


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Anyway, we were alone in the tube car. After the departure of a few passengers we were left sitting almost opposite. And now I ask that disbelief be suspended for this young woman on her own, in London, had decided to make eye contact with me, a complete stranger on a deserted tube car.

At first I glanced away but then darted back after a minute as you usually do to find that your counterpart has averted their gaze. But her gaze was still fixed upon me, direct eye contact. She was a brunette with long loosely curled locks not tied back but allowed to fall, some obscuring her breasts which had the appearance of being neither hidden nor on display under a white V neck jumper. 

Her eyes had never once loosened their fix which was unusual and still more unusual was what happened next. For a period lasting as long as five seconds she fixed her eyes on my crotch and then back up to resume eye contact. Immediately, in my imagination my cock was in her mouth and that long dark hair was drawn back into neat handful which I held, incase I should wish to control her movements as her lips glided like silk up and down my shaft.

Occasionally I would hold her just out of reach, my knob resting on her extended tongue; a sight that arouses in me something indescribable.

Her eyes once again fixed now for a longer intance on my crotch. I had to say something.

I said, "I wouldn't object." Awkwardly put, an attempt at ambiguity, but also an invitation to do whatever was going on in the mind behind the eyes that gazed upon what I so wanted to thrust into her mouth.


I knew I was about to ejaculate so I withdrew her mouth and held her close to the end of my cock As the heat grew at the base of my penis, I pulled her in just enough to bring her lips over my helmet and then out again, just once to demonstrate that I was in control. Her mouth was open as I held her close and she lightly stroked my shaft. The heat grew untill it errupted, travelling up my shaft. 

I watched the first spurt of seamen spring out of my urethera landing partly on her lip, some of it entered her mouth and then I guided her back down onto my shaft and pumped the rest of my load directly into her mouth.

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