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  By: Hells_Angel

We lock the door from inside and listen for noises coming from downstairs. They soon disappear. I feel her hands grabbing my knickers and taking them off from behind. I lean forward and spread my legs open slightly. I see her kneeling on the floor now. I know what she wants. She wants to taste me so bad, but I haven't granted her that permission yet. I see the hunger for it in her eyes. I nodd mu head once and she's like bees to honey, she's a good slave she is. Always listens to what I say. I let her indulge a little more and tell her to stop. Her face covered in my pussy and her spit. 


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I cuff her hands behind her back and the gag is nicely snugg in her mouth. She doesn't move and lets me play with her. I clamp up her nipples and spank her tits - she makes no sound, she's not allowed to make a sound. She knows what her punishment will be if she does. I bring her up to her feet a lay her onto my bed. She loves the big black butt plug wedged in her ass. I oil her up and stick it in deep. It fits in perfectly. Her ass is up in the air and use my crop to make her open up a little more. I gently run my riding crop over her pussy lips, I don't want it to sting her unnecessarily. She's wet, I see her wetness dripping out onto my bedsheets. 

I open look at all my toys thinking which would be the best one for her today... Hmmm.. I think my favourite one. The same one I used in 'Toy story' it's such a good toy. I move up behind her and place the head of my dildo to the opening of her vagina. She's slightly tense.. I let the crop drop once over her ass. She relaxes herself quickly, I feel her breathing heavily. I begin to push my dildo in her pussy filling her up so it's nice and deep, tugging at the end of it to make sure it's in. I switch the speed on which almost makes her yelp. I blow the crop over her ass again to make sure she knows what the rules are/were. She tries to move her ass back up onto the dildo but I pull it put slightly; greedy little whores get no pleasure. She soon backs down, I give her two lashes of the crop over her ass for her disobedience. She turns her head around with tears almost welling up in her eyes. She's sorry - I know she's sorry. I move over her and grab her hair back kissing her on the cheek, the gag makes her saliva dribble out from the side of her mouth. She's a good girl really, she just has her moments. I stand behind her with the dildo and place it just on the opening of her slit, pushing it slowly... Really slowly. I know she wants it inside her so bad. I let her have it, I thrust it in, she's breathing so heavily now. I start to fuck her with it hard. I remind her what will happen if she even breathes wrong, she will get nothing. Her pussy's gagging to be fucked. She wants to cum, but I'm not letting her cum that easily, the little whore needs to understand control.

I pull out the butt plug wedged up in her ass and use the dildo which was previously soaked in her cunt in. She loves cock up her ass she always told me that. I put on my double ended strap on. She can see through the reflection in the mirror of my wardrobe what's coming. She's excited, I can see it her eyes. I have one half of the strap on deep inside my own wet pussy, I place the other end into hers and push it in and hold it there. I begin to fuck her ass with the dildo thats going off on full speed. It makes her pussy extremely wet. I begin to fuck her with the strap on in rhythm of the anal toy fuck. She takes both like a cock hungry whore. Harder and harder, I feel it filling my pussy up deeper with each thrust it feels so fucking good. I feel her legs shaking and I know she's about to orgasm. I grab her neck back as she's cumming over my plastic toy thrusting her cunt, she always said she likes to be strangled a little as she cums, I feel her spit running down over my hand around her neck. Her whole body locks and she's quivering as she feels her pleasure. I pull out the dildo from her ass and the strap on from her pussy and tell her to turn around. She's sat on my bed with her hands still cuffed and gag still in. I undo the gag and let her relax her mouth. I lean over to kiss her and she smiles sweetly, laying her head on my shoulders. She did well, she didn't make a sound, only a few lashes of the crop. I knew I had taught her well.

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CanadianCasanova    (2012-08-15 13:00:25)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Wow! Love it!!
Hells_Angel    (2012-08-10 06:28:06)    Flag as inappropiate
Hells_Angel Well, I am glad to hear that lorlor ;)
lorlor    (2012-08-10 05:59:25)    Flag as inappropiate
mmmm yes miss xxx
Hells_Angel    (2012-08-10 05:28:57)    Flag as inappropiate
Hells_Angel Are you alright lorlor?? :)
lorlor    (2012-08-09 04:05:03)    Flag as inappropiate
OMG!!! xxx

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