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Another city, another room.  This one was much like the rest, her job didn’t operate at the high society end of the spectrum, in her line of work it was economy class and rooms where available in the college residential blocks if they were available.  At least it wasn’t too long here a matter of days, she could count it in weeks but preferred to think of it in days, it seemed shorter that way.  The room was sparce to say the least. Functional.  A sturdy desk area fixed heavily to the wall, a wardrobe, a set of drawers, a bed, a small sink in the corner.  She’d hardly taken much of it in as she had arrived, tired, jetlagged, late.  It had been dark and the light hadn’t given much illumination frankly.  Her host who had graciously met her at the train station after the trip in from the airport had suggested that she get hold of a reading lamp for the desk.  There was the one and only surprise so far – she’d expected someone older from not only the position she assumed he held here but also from his name and the manner of their previous correspondence by email and phone.  To be greeted by a man her own age, late 30s, an athletic body from what she could make out given he had had jeans a shirt and a loose jacket on.  He has tousled hair – given it had been so late, gone 10pm she almost thought he’d got out of bed.  She’d thanked him over and over but he said he only lived around the corner and it had been no trouble and that he’d call in on her in the morning to help her get her bearings and take her into the department.

Once he’d left her.  She’d taken one quick look around the room put her case on the chair and opened it up.  She only wanted two things, her washbag and her nightdress.  Whilst she may not travel first class, the room might be basic and her normal work attire was shirt and jeans she did have one luxury she never was without – her maroon silk nightdress.   A simple one she’d bought herself as a present for this trip to make her feel a bit special, thin straps held the neck line so that the swell of her breasts were just visible, it tightened slightly to her waist and flared out finishing at the top of her thighs – it was if anything a little too short she knew for her taller than average frame but why not – noone would see.  

She removed the little makeup left on her face, washed and cleaned her teeth.  She quickly removed her jumper, t-shirt, jeans and underwear and put on the nightgown.  She slipped between the sheets – the bed was surprisingly comfortable given the rudimentary nature of her accommodation.  She pulled the quilt over her and felt the softness of the silk night gown on her.  She was asleep in seconds.  She drifted off into a world of dreams…

One dream was clearly inspired by the racy book her friend had lent her for the long flight, lots of tales of debauchery whilst at 30,000 ft had left more of an impression on her than she’d first realised.  The room was hot, the bed was too stifling and she knew she tossed and turned kicking off the quilt in an effort to cool herself.  She drifted in and out of sleep as the effects of the long journey and timezone change combined to leave her a bit bewildered.   Again the unwanted images from the book entered her head and she felt that one part of her was certainly hotter than another as she again shifted on the bed and pushed the quilt totally off.


She was now totally in that half and half state between awake and asleep that you get when you’ve arrived somewhere new so exhausted.  She felt sure that she heard her name being called out. She was convinced it was the character from the book calling to her she rolled onto her back mumbling something about “I’m ready for you”.   She lay still and was aware of movement on the bed with her – for a moment she was at home with her trusty dog jumping on the bed to demand breakfast and she started to slowly become aware of herself and her surroundings.   It was light that much she was registering without opening her eyes.  She was lying on her back with her legs splayed out.   There again a movement on the bed that was clearly not her and now she realised she wasn’t home, the memory of the trip and the room came back to her.   She opened her eyes.


There sat at the end of her bed was Julian her host and guide last night.  He had the same tousled hair.  Did he always look like he had just got out of bed or about to get in?  In fact he was already in hers if only sitting there but given how she was laying her short silk nightgown he had more than an eyeful.   She quickly sat up pulling her legs together.  His face split into a wicked grin. 


“I’m sorry but you clearly had forgotten to lock the door and I did knock several times.  Your phone must be dead too as I tried calling that.  So I’m sorry I did take the awful liberty of barging in a bit.”  There was that tone and language that had made her originally think he was 20 years older than he really was.   “You then told me to sit here and er… um..  sort of opened up as it were”.   She was glowing bright red she felt it she was so embarrassed, not angry, that was odd, she recognised that in a flash and was highly confused by it.  She seemed frozen and couldn’t say a thing.

Julian looked continued to look into her eyes which he had done from the moment she’d opened them to be fair despite the show she’d been inadvertently putting on for him.  Again she seemed frozen and unable to say anything, there was a part of her that felt desire for him, he fitted close to the vision she had had of the character in the book who had taken the fair maiden to heights of unexplored passion.

He broke the tension and the silence “I can’t deny, however, how much I would have loved to run my tongue over those glistening lips of your cunt”. His words hit her like a train – the tantalising offer and the final baseness added to the pump of warmth inside her.  She slipped down from her seated position and slowly parted her legs to the same position as when she’d awoken.  She closed her eyes not wishing to say anything or do anything that might break this moment and make it stop.   She lay still her breathing slightly fast.  Nothing.   She was beginning to think he would simply get off the bed and leave, then she felt him move and felt him lean towards her. 

His first touch on her skin was his lips gently tracing a line across the top of her pubis.  Her first thought was that she was thankful that she had kept herself trimmed recently.  She had a straight line of cropped public hair running from the lips straight up.  He was gently no nuzzling into this as though drinking in the very essence of her.  His tongue now traced down this line of hair towards her lips.  He stopped short of her lips and traced up the line again.  She ached for him to go further and pushed herself towards him.  On his next trace down he ran his tongue down one side of her lips right on the outside edge, involuntarily she felt her legs widen more and his tongue now traced up the other lip to the very top where he gently ran his tongue in a circle just above her clit.  Again he traced down one side of her lip with his tongue and stopped at the bottom where she expected him to start the slow trace up the other side again.  But he wait just pushing his tongue right beneath her hole which she could feel was getting very wet by now.  She knew he was tasting her juices as they flowed out.  Then she felt his tongue push into her.

She tensed slightly waiting for the next sensation.  It wasn’t long, as he slowly pushed his tongue into her she felt his lips close on her now in the most intimate kiss she’d ever known from a man she’d hardly met and who had never so much as kissed her hand or lips before now.  That thought rather than repulsing her as she may have expected made her even more wanton in her desire of him.  Suddenly a whole new explosion of ecstasy washed over her.  He had pointed his tongue upwards and was rubbing its tip over her special spot, the spot until now only she had found with her own fingers on a few occasions.  Once she had tried to show a new lover exactly where to touch by showing him but that was a mistake so early in that relationship and he was repulsed soon dumping her and spreading it about some of her colleagues she was a deviant.  His catholic upbringing making female masturbation a great sin than trying to have sex with her even though he supposedly still had a “steady girl” back home.  But this man, this man didn’t need showing he had expertly found her place and was now slowly massaging it with his tongue.  She couldn’t hold out for long with this feeling and with his lips so tightly clamped against her vulva, the breath from his nose warming on her clit.  She sighed, arched her back and felt the tidal wave of climax roll from her head over her breasts through her tummy to the very point he was so expertly manipulating.  She moaned softly in her throat as she felt the largest gush she could imagine wash down and out of her – into his mouth.

She opened her eyes for the first time and looked down at him.  His eyes instantly met hers – he had pulled his tongue back and was gently pushing it up and down the inside of her lips.  His eyes sparkled with a smile that his mouth also showed.  His eyes moved from hers down her body resting where she was playing unconsciously with her left nipple.  They stayed like that for some time, it could have been seconds or minutes she wasn’t sure as she returned from the pleasuredome she had just frequented. 

Consicous of where she was and what was happening again, she realised he had never let his tongue stop gently massaging her.  She slipped both hands down her body over the thin silk of the nightdress now both ridden up to her waist and down to her tummy providing absolutely no attempt to conceal her modesty.  But modesty was furthest from her thoughts right now.  With a hand on either side resting on the tops of her thighs she pulled her lips wide apart pushing her clit up in a prominent red mound.  She was surprised how large and red it looked despite her excitement and she’d rarely looked so closely or exposed herself in such a way before.

The smile and sparkle both glinted as he traced his tongue up to the prominent bud.  He flicked it with his tongue a couple of times before pushing his tongue forceably onto it.  She gasped slightly and his eyes locked on hers again as he closed his lips over her clit and started to suck.  She was totally taken aback no one had ever done this to her, especially in such a state of heightened arousal already.  She again couldn’t help herself and arched her back as once a again she felt the warm flow from inside.  He kept holding her clit gently in his lips subtly sucking and pushing on it as she continued to push onto him unable to stop herself, she shook and groaned in a new found flood of desire.  After what seemed an age punctuated by the pulses within her she relaxed and laid back.

He pulled back finally releasing his mouth and tongue from her.  He sat up and said “Well we really ought to get you into the office so I can introduce you to everyone.”  He went to stand up but she was too quick and flung her leg over him forcing him to topple back onto the bed.  She was on him quickly, laughing, twisting around to sit astride him.  “Oh I don’t think we can let you go without giving you a little relief yourself don’t you?”.

He lay back feigning his defenslessness as she quickly pulled at his jeans belt and pulled at his button fly.  Quickly she had pulled his jeans down and his boxers – there was no denying his interest as his erection was exposed.  She didn’t waste anytime and holding him ready she lowered herself onto him – she was so wet that he slipped easily inside her and she instantly began rhythmically moving her hips back and forth against him.  Soon she was bucking up and down on him as he moved underneath in sync with her movements – a thought passed across her mind that she had never had a lover so in tune with her as this – and this was the very first time and with no preparation.  He reached out and placed his hands on her waist now pushing harder on each of their combined thrusts and though she was very pleased to have excited him so quickly part of her regretting that this might be over so soon.  He groaned and pushed harder into her as he came.  She herself felt another wave of pleasure and felt herself releasing herself and she fell forward onto his chest realising she hadn’t even got him to take his jacket off.

After a few moments.  She smiled drawing in the smell of him which was really nice, nothing fancy just a nice male smell coupled with the smell of their sex.  She eased herself off of him and lay against him in the crook of his arm.  “We really do need to get to work you know” he said.  “I need to introduce you to everyone.  I’m presuming that normally you do just shake hands not what we’ve just done?”  She laughed.  “I best get in the shower then” she said jumping out of bed.  As she stood in the shower with the water pouring off her she thought to herself, “This trip might be the best thing that has ever happened to you”.



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