To be or not to be, that is the question - The Chambers of Commerce - Part 3   added 3 years ago    

  By: Hells_Angel

I’ve always been an exhibitionist.  Never been one to have anyone show me any kind of ropes with regards to my sexuality.  But he changed all that.  He put an idea into my head that was so appealing.  I had been thinking about it ever since he’d mentioned it.


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Naughty level to be set later

It’s a nightclub, and adult fetish night club at that – the lights were very dim, candles in every corner and leather Moroccan pouffe.  Everyone was in all different types of attire; I think it was to accentuate their sexuality, the Dominatrix in the PVC Leather, the subs were mostly naked covering their bodies with leather straps but their sexes were on full view.  He wore a see through black shirt, his arms and shoulders almost ripping it as they popped out from underneath with some tailored trousers – he decided to wear a masque, it reminded me of Zorro.  When we entered the club he took his shoes off and walked inside barefoot.  My outfit for the evening was something he had bought me especially for this occasion, a tan short dress made of pure lace with nothing to conceal what I had on underneath, I didn’t wear anything underneath, he didn’t want me to.  My belly chain hung over my hips with the crucifix hanging over my lower abdomen just the way I liked it, my nipples were decorated with clip on diamante butterflies which made them very hard.  They had different themed ‘chambers’ in the club with different kinds of sexual play.  He led me to one which had an audience sat around a firm round bed which was placed in the middle.  At the top of the bed there were restraints hanging from the ceiling. 

He walked me over to the middle of the bed and sat me down removing my heels, leaving my ankle chain on my left foot, he began to kiss and nibble on my feet rubbing them over him face licking the arch of my feet, he carried on as he stood up sucking on my toes I was almost in a hand stand I looked around and everyone was watching us, there must have been around 20 people, men & women.  He placed my legs back down to the bed and turned me onto my stomach as I leaned forward he carried on licking and kissing up my ankles to my calves and up towards the back of my thighs.  He pulled my silly excuse of a dress up over my ass and carried on over my butt cheeks, kneading and groping me opening them wide so he could get his tongue into my ass.  I felt his tongue darting in and out which made my head spin.  He moved my hips up so he could get his fingers inside my slit as he carried on rimming me.  The wetness from my pussy covered his fingers.  I looked up again at everyone and some of the men had their cocks out already playing with them, some of the women were groping their breasts and pulling on their nipples.  One couple was imitating what was happening with me.  He sat me upright on my knees and pulled my dress over my head – I sat there naked with nothing but my body jewellery on.  He picked a small box up from a table at the side of the bed and pulled out some nipple clamps and placed them on my erect nipples and gently sucked on them - I felt a shooting sensation from my nipples all the way down to the pit of my stomach, I could feel my cunt throbbing to be fucked so much.

He stood up unbuttoned his shirt and got rid of his trousers – his dick was standing up to attention – he moved closer to my lips and rubbed the tip over my lips I looked to read what he wanted me to do .  Without hesitation I parted my lips and sucked on the head, taking him in deeper & deeper into my mouth.  He began to fuck my face with such force I was gagging on it.  I didn’t understand what the rush was he was fucking me so hard and fast wanting to cum.  I felt him shoot his cum down my throat – I wasn’t expecting it so soon, I tried to swallow as much as I could but some trickled down the corner of my mouth. 

He held me up and bought me up to my feet held my face with his hands as he does and kissed me so passionately.  He moved me to the centre of the bed where the restraints on the ceiling were and pulled my arms over my head and began to tie my wrists into them, I was almost on the tip of my toes struggling to stand.  Once I was securely tied he kissed my lips gently and ran his hands all over my body gently kissing my neck and shoulders.  He stopped and stood back looking at me up and down so lovingly.  He then turned around and got off the bed to sit on a chair which was directly opposite and poured himself a drink.  I didn’t understand, once again just like when we first met - I didn’t understand what was going on.  Just then I felt someone’s wet tongue wedged up my ass from behind they were eating away at me like hungry wolves.  Then another I saw someone else kneel in front of me flicking away at my cunt, I felt tongues, hands everywhere, all over me.  Every single part of me was being touched and fondled, my head was spinning I felt someone biting on one of my clamped nipple which was so painful but at the same time so sensual.  Two men propped my legs up on their shoulders so my pussy was on full view for anyone to taste and touch.  I saw a woman behind me as she looked up with her tongue prodding my ass biting me hard.  The two men put my legs back down and one started to finger my cum and saliva soaked pussy.  I saw that few of the people there had started fucking on the bed.  I looked back towards the chair he was still there taking it all in and watching me – I wanted him so much to fuck me at that point, I think he could read the plea in my eyes.

I watched all these people around me semi and half naked all over me and each other.  He was walking towards me – I forget anyone was around he stood almost over me – I’m only 5ft tall and he was way over 5’10.  He untied the restraints and let me hands go free we lay on the bed I still felt hands over my body as I kissed him; I felt his fingers inside me again.  “I need it” I said.  He knew I did, he sat me on top of him and I lowered myself onto his cock, he began to ram my slit hard and fast again.  One couple was watching us and the woman decided to come and lick on my nipples as her partner fucked her from behind.  I felt his stretch my pussy out so much his erection was raging and he was growling as he fucked me.  I was about to cum all over his dick as I watched someone in front of me in a 69 indulging in each other’s sex.  I turned around facing him and began to fuck him hard, moving my hips as hard as I could to feel the length of his dick inside me.  I felt someone licking us from behind not just my pussy and ass but his cock was being licked too.  We both cum with such convulsions I collapsed on top of him.  I loved the fact that people were watching us; I wanted them to watch us again.  But not like this.  I love how we fuck, the foreplay the build up to it.  I wanted them to watch every single detail.  Perhaps next time we could put on an even better show.

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Hells_Angel    (2012-08-10 06:04:36)    Flag as inappropiate
Hells_Angel lorlor Thank you :)
Nunos - there's a club called the Torture Garden in london - check it out ;)
Batman - I'll check my diary :P
Casanova - You're always too kind :)
lorlor    (2012-08-08 04:52:18)    Flag as inappropiate
hot miss! xx
nunos    (2012-08-07 14:02:59)    Flag as inappropiate
Give me the address of that club... I'll cum next time ;-)
BigBlackBat_1    (2012-08-05 07:47:28)    Flag as inappropiate
let me know if i can help ma'am ;-)
CanadianCasanova    (2012-08-03 13:07:25)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Sexy story! I think it would be so hot to do something like that!

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