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[[[ Background:  ... I used to date a girl named Heather who really wasn't a good match for me.  She would initiate arguments often, was pushy, insisted on things her way, and was overly competitive... for instance there were even a few times I intentionally lost at games just because she'd get pissed if she didn't win.  We were not a good match at all...but the sex was just too good.  I stayed in that relationship far longer than I should have because she pretty much had me pussywhipped.  She eventually broke up with me because I was emotionally distant...a result of me not actually being in love with her, just addicted to her sex.  It was actually a relief when she dumped me, since I couldn't seem to summon the willpower to end it myself.


Still, I think of her often, and it always turns me on.  Her body is terribly sexy, and she had the strongest smelling pussy I've ever experienced.  When she was horny and wearing a skirt I could smell it over her perfume and my knees would go weak.  She'd growl like an animal and stare in my eyes while fucking me...she almost always ended up on top of me...she liked being on top in and out the bedroom.  She is the strongest woman I have ever met, and she likes to keep her man in his place: below her and submissive.


I heard that she dumped her boyfriend recently, and we ended up chatting online the other day.  Even though I’m in a relationship with a wonderful girl that I love right now…part of me wants Heather to come and steal me away.  It would be easy for her, I know it, and the thought scares me, intimidates me, and (if I’m being honest) turns me on.  Here’s how easy it could happen…..]]]




While it’s been almost two years since we split up, I still have some of Heather’s books and she still has some of mine.  So it was only a matter of time until I’d hear her soft knuckles rapping at my door.  I’m already settled in for the night, in some pj pants and a t-shirt, not expecting any company, but suddenly there she is: striding through my door and wafting the scent of her perfume all through my apartment.


We chat a bit, just catching up on old times, and she invites herself into my bedroom, since she knows that she last saw her books on the shelf beside my bed.  “Ok so find them for me,” she says and I walk over and start sorting through my totally disorganized bookshelf.  Within a moment I feel her press up behind me, her breasts against my back…she puts her hands on my shoulders and peeks over.  Asks if I remember when we last read together, which of course I do…we used to sit in bed reading all the time.  She smiles and mentions that her last boyfriend never liked to do that.


Heather reaches over my shoulder to pull out a book, making sure that her breast rubs down the side of my arm.  By reflex I’m already getting hard now, and decide I really need to get her away, immediately.  I turn and say I’m pretty sure the books are in the other room…I’ll get them and she can go.  I’m probably blushing, and she notices.  She stands her ground and is silent, giving me plenty of time to push past her and get out.  But I can’t, I feel paralyzed.  She smiles at my hesitation.  “You miss me don’t you?” she asks.


I try to avoid her gaze, muttering “I’m with Laura now, you know…so…c’mon, let’s go.”

She asks me where Laura is tonight and I shrug…she’s got stuff to do.  We don’t need to be clingy.  Heather is standing too close to me, and now she takes a step even further, her breasts almost touching my chest, my back pinned against the bookcase.  I can feel my cock stiffening and I know it’s pressing the thin fabric of my pants out like a tent.  I want to reach down and adjust myself, to hide it…but I don’t want to draw attention to it.


Heather reaches up and traces the ring of my t-shirt’s collar.  “You can admit it if you miss me…she’s not your boss,” she laughs.  I shake my head: “She’s not and you’re not either, okay? So…let’s go.”


She smiles, “You can kick me out if you want.”  I glance at the door.  Why can’t I just move my feet?  Am I afraid she’ll feel my erection if I push by her?  Why can’t I just lift my arms and push her away?  “Are you glad I came over?”  Her hands are on my shoulders again, she presses closer and now her body brushes against the bulge in my pants.  I feel a sudden impulse to kiss her…I look down at her cute little lips, then up to her eyes.  Her perfume is going to my head.  I know that I need to stop this now.  Right now.


“Look…I’m not cheating on Laura.  I love her.  I love her…I never cheated on you either and I’m not going to cheat on Laura.”  Before I’ve finished talking she’s slipped one of her hands down and has started to caress her fingers up and down my bulge.  She stares in my eyes and coos “Is it so hard to admit you miss me?”


I feel like I’m on the edge of a cliff.  I don’t know what to say…her fingers are drifting up and down my shaft, slowly nudging to push me over.  “Please…Heather…I can’t,” I whisper…and as soon as I say it I realize how desperate it sounds.  She’s been winning this whole time.  I feel a pop down below and realize she’s unbuttoned the fly.  I should panic, grab her arm and stop it…but in a single motion she slides her hand into my pants and curls her fingers around my bare shaft.


“Oh sugar,” she smiles, calling me by the pet name that she used to, “stop being so silly.”  She starts to stroke my cock up and down.  Her other hand reaches up and cradles the back of my head, her fingers running through my hair.  “It’s so cute watching you try to fight it” she coos.  I try to keep Laura’s face in my thoughts, how warm and loving of a person she is, how I want to ask her to move in with me.  I swallow hard, but still can’t make a move to stop Heather.  “Oh Laura,” I whisper.


Heather’s smile widens and her eyes sparkle a little.  “Does she stroke you like this?”  I shake my head, “Not…like this…”  Her hand is gripping my cock firmly, milking it up and down.  My knees are getting weak and I start to lean into her, my head down.  Her lips are at my ears “Who’s my sweet boy?” she asks, her voice smooth as silk.  I can’t hold back…I reach out my arms and hug her to me.  She pulls my head back and we kiss…I’d almost forgotten how full her lips feel as they suck on mine.  Our mouths open and tongues lick together. Heather has always been a girl of such stunning intensity, and as we kiss I feel her energy rushing into me, filling me, tingling all over.


I caress her breasts, feeling their soft weight fall into my hands…the prick of her hard nipples pressing into my palms.  She removes her hands from my fly and, in the same action she slides down her pants and underwear together.  In an instant the powerful smell of her aroused pussy fills the air around me.  I gasp, almost audibly, and she sees my eyes jump.  Her hands slide up to my shoulders and she looks deep in my eyes.  I nod.


“Show me,” she says, pressing on my shoulders and easing me down to my knees.  For the first time in almost two years I feel the heat of her pussy radiating into my face…the tuft of soft black bush over its rosy pink lips, glistening and wet.  I lean in and kiss it; inhaling to smell it deeply.  I kiss it again and again, my lips getting wet, and I begin to lick.  Her hands run through my hair and she starts to moan.  “Mmm that’s it.”  I lap my tongue up inside her,   My nose rubbing against her clit as I lick- her hips pressing her cunt into my face, juices smearing across my mouth and cheeks.


After some time she reaches down under my arms, pulls me up, and lays me back onto the bed.  She makes a sound almost like a growl as she pulls off my pants, letting my hard cock bounce free.  She slithers up my leg and licks my bone…letting her soft lips sink around it.  She sucks me slowly, feeling my meat harden perfectly in her mouth…harder than it’s been in ages.  She climbs up on top and straddles me.  My cock slides through her bush and across her pussy lips, but not yet inside of her.  She leans down and kisses me, tasting herself and smelling her scent on my face.  She looks very pleased with herself.


“Are you cheating on your girlfriend, Rick?  Are you?”  she asks slyly, her legs hooking around mine, my cock so close to slipping inside her warm tunnel.  I close my eyes, ashamed, I groan “Ouhhhh god.”  She wraps her fingers around the back of my head and gazes boldly into my eyes as I open them.  “Who is your girlfriend?” she asks.


“Oouhh I miss you,” I whisper.  She grins and nods.  “Who’s your girlfriend?” she asks again.  By now I know the answer.  I know that from the moment she walked through my door this was inevitable.  Heather always gets what she wants.  Always.  Even if I hadn’t answered the door, she would have come back.  She would have gotten me eventually.


“You are,” I admit, as she her pivots her hips, allowing my cock to line up perfectly, and feel her ease her weight down on me…the soft, slippery lips of her pussy part open, and my shaft slides back into its warm home inside of her.  I reach up and rub her perfect ass as she begins to hump me firmly.  “Mmm that’s right, Sugar” she moans as she lowers her lips to my neck and begins to suck on it.  My eyes roll as I feel her suck, a hot ache burns in the side of my neck as she marks me with a hickey. 


It is official.  By the time she cums on me I’m moaning and professing my love.  She smiles and nuzzles me…satisfied…knowing full well that she has me pussywhipped already.  She’s won...and this time she won’t be giving up her prize to any other bitches.

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i think im pussy whipped too

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