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My parents call from the airport, which means they'll be back in an hour with our family. We're in the kitchen, cleaning up the last few things in anticipation of the evening's festivities. I'm drying dishes while you're cleaning out the dishwasher in that cute pencil skirt I love.


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Your legs and ass look good enough in that skirt while you're standing up, so to see bending over is a bit overwhelming. I step over behind you, pressing up against you just enough that you let down your guard. And when you do, I grab your arms firmly, pulling them behind you and tying your wrists together with my dish towel.


I turn you, lifting you onto the counter and pull your head to mine with one hand, forcing our tongues together seductively. You moan gently which proves that you're in the mood. I slide my free hand up between your strong, supple thighs and pull your thongs away from your vagina. Slipping two fingers deep inside of you, you so desire to spread you legs wide but can't thanks to that beautiful outfit of yours. I press my thumb against your clip, circling it slowly until you arch your back in hopes of finding some release from the building sexual tension. 


Just a few moments later you let out a gasp, filling my palm with your sticky wetness. You bed for me to untie you, for me to let you go wild. I oblige, not having any idea what was to come next. You sit me down at the table and straddle me, your back to my chest. You drop your pussy so quickly to the base of my dick that the juices trapped deep within you are flushed out, coating my balls. If I try to say anything, you roll your hips just a little more to shut me up.


Suddenly you step up and off me, walking behind me and out of my sight. Then I feel you slip something across my eyes. It feels like a mask but when I go to ask what your'e doing, you kiss me deeply in order to shut me up. You climb back on top of me, pushing the head of my cock firmly against the back of your pussy again and again. I can tell you're attending to something on the table with you hands but I can't see what it is with your shapely figure in the way. 


Then you stop. Step up off me again, leaving my engorged dick to fall with a thud against my stomach. You grab my dick with one hand and kiss me along my neck. I open my eyes to see you also wearing a mask and notice the computer is open in front of me. I see a woman and man, both naked and also masked, waving at us. I'm confused but then realize you're waving back. I'm unsure what is going to happen next when the woman on the screen goes down on her man. Suddenly you do the same to me, pushing the bulbous head of my cock deep into your throat. I'm speechless and somewhat helpless. But then I realize that you and this nameless woman are challenging one another. She sucks, you deep throat. You pull my dripping wet cock from your mouth and mount me again...she does the same.


This is amazing. For the next 30 minutes, we fuck proudly on the floor, against the wall, in the chair while this mystery couple does the same. Showing off in this way, safely, anonymously, has my cock bulging at its seams and has you literally dripping on the floor. I'm not sure who has won or if there was supposed to be a victor, but I release my load deep inside of you and fall back to the chair empty and satisfied. I can't tell if the masked couple did the same, but before I can inquire, you wave, shut the computer and run upstairs to clean up. I laugh and realize I should do the same.


Our family arrives a few minutes later finding just a computer on the table and everything else as it should be. As far as they're concerned, nothing seems out of place and we all commence celebrating. We smile at one another knowing our celebrations already started. 

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