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  By: Hells_Angel

2pm and I'm sat at the coffee house waiting for my friend to arrive. She'd text me to say she was stuck at the other side of London. This only meant one thing, she would be another hour & a half and coffee overload for me. I ordered my regular, single shot Latte to go with 2 brown sugars, I sat down at the back next to the window - people watching. It's always fascinating I think to watch what people do as they go about their business. As I looked down in a world of my own, someone caught my eye. He must've felt my stare because he looked straight up. Straight into my face. I felt flushed. Shit! I've just been caught staring at someone how embarrassing! I quickly looked away towards everyone in the coffee house. I slowly looked out the window again from the corner of my eye. He was gone.


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I glanced towards the till few minutes later and spat half my coffee out everywhere - he was there, ordering something. He turned and looked at me, smiled so casually as I tried to compose myself.  He sat one table in front facing me. He defiantly looked after himself. I noticed his extremely broad shoulders covered by his suit jacket. He was very pristine, not a hair out of place, clean finger nails and very clean shoes. Shoes. They tell alot about a person I believe. I couldn't stop staring at him, but every time he looked up my heart nearly stopped. He had very strong looking hands, veins popping out, but nice. I imagined his grip, I was feeling so hot and bothered. I started to imagine him under my table licking my legs up to my thighs and eating and licking away between my legs. I'm horny over a total stranger. Fuck sake! I could feel the wet almost shoot out into my leggings. I'm not one for wearing underwear often. My leggings were covered in hot creaminess.

What do I do?! Well, what I wanted to do at that point was walk over to him, take his tie off, tie his hands behind the chair he was sitting on and fuck his brains out. 'behave yourself' I thought. I wonder what he would think if he could read my mind, hmmm... I picked up my latte and took a sip 'control yourself' I thought. He's probably just being polite, hence the smile. But fuck was I wet. I needed to do something about it. I carry my 'bullet' around in my handbag, it's always with me, it's shaped like a lipstick and sits tucked away in my makeup bag. 'I have about an hour till my friend gets here' I thought, plenty of time for some naughtiness. I stood up and looked at him up and down, I wanted to remember every inch of him. Not to mention the bulge between his legs. He looked up at me, I smiled back and walked towards the toilets in the hope he'd follow me.

The coffee house has 2 unisex cubicles, that is all, I couldn't be too long I needed this quick fix. I looked around and I could smell bleach. It was fairly clean for a public toilet apart from the fact some fucker who
used it before didn't flush! I flushed the toilet and put the lid down. I pulled my make-up bag out 'I need to put some lipstick on my lips' I giggled to myself at my naughty thought. I pulled my leggings down and they were covered in my filthiness. I felt so dirty. I leaned against the wall and placed my leg on the toilet lid. I slid one then two fingers inside my pussy, fuck, that felt so good. But I need to hurry before some bastard knocks. I pressed the button to my lipstick and placed it over my clit, god this feels so yum! I continued fingering myself and rubbing my clit with the vibrations of my bullet. I was so horny I hoped he would've followed me I thought.

All of a sudden, the door opened, it was almost like I was drunk and instantly I became sober 'What the fuck?!' I thought. I swear I locked the door.. Did I..? Fuck! He was standing in front of me rather shocked. I stood there trying to cover my dignity. "I'm so so sorry" he said looking so ashamed. He turned around and went to walk back out. "No, wait" I said. He looked back at me. I thought this could be fun. "Lock the door" I said and sat on the lid of the toilet "You've caught me in the act, I need to finish it, you can either watch or leave?" I smiled looking up at him. Expressionless he turned around and locked the door, turned back leaning against it.

I opened my legs apart and leaned back, I slid the same two fingers back into my pussy and placed my bullet over my clit. I was loving the fact he was watching me. I could see him growing through his trousers, he unzipped and pulled his cock out, it looked ready to just explode. He spat on his hand and began to toss himself off. His eyes fixated on my masturbating then my face. 'This is so fucking hot' I thought to myself. His dick looked so meaty, I wanted to jump on him and cover it with my cum. That thought sent me over the edge. I started to move my hips as I wanked myself into a mad frenzy. I wonder if there's a queue of people needing a piss outside I thought. Fuck it, this is more important. I was about to cum, I couldn't move and then my whole body just shook, head to toe. I lost myself completely. My hands were covered in my sticky cum. I looked up at him and as I did he pissed creamy white everywhere. His cum was all over the cubicle floor. I stood up and walked over to him, grabbed him by his tie with one hand and ran my pussy juice covered fingers over his lips and then into his mouth "Remember this taste" I said, "There's no other like it". He lapped it all up and cleaned my fingers with his tongue, sucking all my juice off them. 

I put my leggings back on grabbed my things, he'd already put his cock back into his trousers. I opened the door and there were two women looking rather confused outside the door. They looked at me and then him standing behind me. I smiled at them both and turned my face sideways towards him "Thank you for that, much appreciated" I smirked and walked back towards my table, as I sat down my phone rang, my friend had arrived and was waiting for me, she apologised for being so late and making me wait for so long. Hmmm... If only she knew how entertaining the last hour had a half had been.

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lorlor    (2012-08-13 09:36:15)    Flag as inappropiate
Can I borrow some lipstick please? xxxxxx
Hells_Angel    (2012-08-10 06:06:24)    Flag as inappropiate
Hells_Angel Thank you nunos :) I think it's great to have someone watch you ;)
nunos    (2012-08-07 14:17:07)    Flag as inappropiate
Great story - one of my favourite things is to watch a girl masturbate herself for me
Hells_Angel    (2012-07-19 03:25:57)    Flag as inappropiate
Hells_Angel From the moment I walk back to the table, he's as good as non exsistant. Why does this story need to end in a different way? :)
Peter65    (2012-07-19 01:12:01)    Flag as inappropiate
Is he there when you go back, and does the story end differently?

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