The Staff Party - Part 2   added 3 years ago    

  By: Darktrain

*As meantioned in part 1, i'm afraid this just couldn't fit all in one go.*


They get up with speed and anticipation.  Within seconds she’s face down on the small table in front of the couch.  All his clothes are off in seconds.  Sally’s raises her ass as he slides his sweaty hands over that fucking beautiful rear lifting the silky blue dress up and over her sweet ass exposing it ever so slowly.  It seems an eternity before her beautiful ass comes into view.  It was worth the wait.  My cock aches as it throbs watching Peter slides his hands over that beautiful rear.  God… she’s fucking gorgeous.  He guides his cock to her pussy.   He rubs it up and down on her pussy lips for a moment, wetting the head further and savouring the moment. 

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Naughty level to be set later

Panting hard, Sally whispers; “Please put it in me…”

“You want the old man’s fat cock to fuck you in your young wet pussy?”


His cock teases her further.  I swear she’s almost coming from the talk and her pussy being rubbed by his cock.  She’s moaning hard again.  He slips it in a little giving her it slowly causing her to cry a little and continues to fuck her slowly using just the head.  Her eyes are glazed over, with her head on its side resting on the table.

“Please… I’m going to cum again…”  She’s pushing back at him, urgently trying to get his cock into her as her moaning rises, but he’s not giving in.

“What do you want me to do?” he asks.  She’s on the brink.

“Fuck me…” she says.  His cock slides in a  little further with shallow strokes… “Fuck me…” again a little further.   “Oh please… Please… Fuck me…”  He slides in more with small shallow strokes until he’s almost halfway.  She’s starting to come and she’s crying out gasping.  “Please.  Please fuck me.  Please fuck me.  Fuck me with your fat cock.  Give me your fat cock” with urgent need.

He pushes in, all of it right at the moment  she comes.  She’s crying out: “Fuck… ahhh … ahhh... me…” with every thrust  he gives her.  He fucks her fast and so hard filling pushing his full length into her with every large assault.  Her eyes are closed as he fucks her roughly smacking her bum slightly harder and harder. 

“Oh,” says Peter, like a man possessed.  "I’m fucking you.  I’m fucking your wet and tight pussy..” and smacking her little ass cheeks.  “I’m fucking you… Oh, I’m fucking you…”

I stare at them both.  Honestly I can’t believe it.  I’m just about to come whilst she’s crying out.  Just watching it is the most horny thing I’ve ever seen.  I can barely contain myself.

Her orgasm rips through her all the while she’s saying:  “Fuck me,” with his thrusts.   Her knuckles are white holding on to the edge of the table as he continues to fuck her like a man half his age.  She lifts up her head and I see her biting her bottom lip.  Her eyes closed tightly.  Her face is one of painful sweet ecstasy.  Her breathing is ragged,  her legs are quivering, then she cries out again and again still saying in between her orgasmic cries and every merciless thrust he pounds into her:  “Fuck me,” with every  thrust he gives her.  Her ass is rippling with the ferocity of his thrusts.  Every ripple is like a wave crashing over it, smashing her relentlessly. “Fuck me…”  Her body shakes violently as her orgasm reaches its peak.  She’s gasping for air as he continues his relentless pounding. Within a few minutes her head has sunk to rest on the table.

As her orgasm subsides Peter’s thrust slow.  She comes back down to earth and he continues to thrust long and slow.  She’s still groaning with every thrust.  As their rhythm settles she continues to smack her ass.  Not as hard as while she was coming but playful little slaps.  He keeps this up for a few minutes.  Sally’s on fire.  She’s still orgasming.  When she’s finally stopped Peter slows down and stops.  He leans over her.

“Now my filthy little girl, you turn around so I can suck those fucking lovely tits of yours”.

The sweat is dripping off both of them now.  As he withdraws and she gets up and turns round.  They kiss hungrily as he pulls off the rest of her dress.  It seems to just fall away,  falling to the floor in seconds.   His mouth finds her tits immediately.  Sucking and licking one of those beautiful tits whilst roughly fondling the other. 

“Oh… I can taste your pussy on your tits,” he says breathlessly.  “You taste fucking gorgeous.”

After a few minutes he’s laid her down, with her legs over his shoulders and slowly pushes in again.  They continue to fuck nice and slowly, in a perfect rhythm.  Peter’s hands are all over Sally and Sally is holding his ass pulling him in.  Her head is raised watching his fat cock pound in and out of her.  They don’t say a word, but their groans and cries fill the room as they build up a steady pace.  They are like animals. After a few minutes  Peter slows down , stops and gets up, sinking back into the couch.  The sweat is running off him.

“Oh, you dirty little girl,” says Peter breathing heavy his forehead glistening with sweat.  “You come and sit on my lap and you bounce up and down on that fat cock of mine.”

 She gets up and straddles him.  She slides down savouring the feeling of that fat cock. She begins to bounce up and down moaning every time she takes his cock deep inside her.  He sucks her tits roughly.
I can’t take anymore.  My cock is bursting.  I get the rest of my clothes off quickly and walk up to the couch watching Pete’s cock slide in and out of Sally’s pussy as she rides him.  One of her hands are free.  I take hold of it, and guide it too my achingly hard cock.  She looks at me and then at my cock.  Its longer than Peter’s, not as fat.

“I think someone wants to join our little party,” says Peter and returns to sucking her tits.

She licks her hand and begins to wank me in time with Peter’s thrusts.  I run my hand over her tits pinching the nipples, rolling them between my fingers.

“Now you be the dirty little girl and suck Steve’s cock while I fuck your little pussy,” says Peter.

She seems to hesitate.  Unsure.

“Suck him! Suck him while I fuck your pussy and be the dirty girl we know you are.”

Those sweet fucking lips slide over my cock.  I almost come there and then.  She’s slow at first but gathers more pace the more and more her pussy gets pounded.  I can’t believe it.  My next door neighbour is getting fucked by my boss and she’s sucking me off like some little tart. Within minutes she’s coming again, returning to wank me as she cries out again and again.

I move behind her.  That ass.  That fucking ass.  I stare at it intently watching it wobble and ripple as she does her best to milk Peter’s cock.  I want to fuck her.  I want to fuck her so badly.  I move behind her sliding my wet cock up and down in between her ass cheeks.

She looks round.  I don’t know what comes over me but I move straight to her asshole and begin licking it.
“Steve?” asks Sally panting.

I probe her with my tongue and push it in slightly. 

I can see her looking at me out of the corner of my eye.  The dirty bitch continues to watch me lick her asshole.  She doesn't object but moans softly.  After a few minutes I lick my finger and slide it into her licking around her hole.   Soon she’s groaning and moaning loudly.  Within another few minutes I get up and slide my cock in-between her wet hole again and again.  Peter stops fucking her.

“Oh-ho,” says Peter.  “I think we’re going to take you fore and aft you dirty bitch.”

My cock is at her hole.  She looks at me.  I put the head gently against her and push the head in very very slightly.

She cries out.

“Now be a filthy little tart for us and we’ll fuck both your holes…”  says Peter.  She looks round unsure.  I push in a bit more.  “We’ll fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.  Filthy little girl.  Are you going to be a filthy little girl for us and fuck us both at the same time?”

His talk seems to reassure her in a perverse kind of way.  I push in another inch.  She cries out  with a soft moan.

“I’m going to pump all my come into your pussy while Steve fucks your ass.”

I ease in more.  It’s about half way in. The dirty talk is turning her on more and more freeing her.  With the last few pushes I’m in, up to the hilt. Fuck it’s tight!  So fucking tight.  My cock throbs.
“So full…” says Sally panting.

“Yes, I know, these bad men are taking advantage of you,” says Peter.  I stop to let her get used to it while Peter begins to thrust slowly.  Sally moans and cries out. But it’s not with pain. “Only dirty girls let bad men do bad things to them, and you are a naughty and dirty girl.”

Gently I withdraw short and slow and push in. And again.  And again.  I continue like this for a few minutes  till I am very slowly fucking her ass.  Meanwhile Peter has built up his thrust and is fucking her long and slow.  I can feel his cock pumping in and out of her and I begin to time my thrusts on his withdrawal.  We fuck like this for what seems ages.  Sally gets more and more into it, which is evident from her pre orgasmic cries.  Soon were fucking her in complete unison and I’m fucking her ass as if it were her pussy.  She’s crying out as we fuck both her holes.  She’s riding Peter’s cock hard.  Lost in the moment.  Spasming as she comes again and again. She’s almost delirious. Things settle down for a few moments as we relax into a gentle rhythm again as the room is filled with the sounds and smell of sex.  Sally soon speeds up again.  I follow her lead.  Moans and cries build from Sally again.  Peter is breathing hard.  Sally is riding him so hard and fast.

"Oh God...Oh God..." Sally cries out.

“Oh you filthy bitch…your pussy is milking my cock,” Says Peter.  More heavy moaning.  Peter’s finding it difficult to hold back.  I’m so turned on, I have no idea how I’ve haven’t blown my load already – but I can’t hold it off for much longer.  “You want us to pump all our come into you don’t you?”

Crying out again and again Sally cries out coming again: “Fuck my holes.  Oh fuck my holes.  Pump it into me.”  Her ass is squeezing my cock.  Peter is crying out that he’s coming.  Sally continues sliding his fat cock in and out of her backing up and withdrawing my cock from her ass.  I can feel his cock throbbing inside her as she cries out.

I’m at the edge.  I look down at that ass.  That sweet, sweet ass she's flaunted at me for what seems ages.  I watch my cock being swallowed by it. I give her ass some sharp slaps and watch her milky white ass get redder and redder.  It wobbles about with every slap.  Her ass just looks better and better every time I pump my cock into it. The room is filled by Sally and Peter’s cries as my balls tighten.  Peter growls as Sally continues to ride him as his orgasm subsides. She bucks and writhes such is the ferocity of her orgasm.  I grab her long red hair with my hand pulling it into a ponytail.  My thrusts quicken to short shallow thrusts and then explode into long firm strokes.   I cry out that I’m coming, but I don’t think they’re even aware.  They’re too far gone, lost in their own orgasms.  Everyone is writhing and shaking as I relentlessly pound her ass as I come.  And fuck do I come.  It doesn’t seem to stop.  I’m pumping everything I have into her.  The intensity of my orgasm shocks me.  It’s so violent and without remorse.  It’s like my body is emptying into her.  I pull on her hair causing her head to rise up.  She’s crying out, and whimpering between my remorseless strokes, shaking uncontrollably as her orgasm subsides.  She’s collapsed on top of Peter.  I pump out the last drops with jerks and short thrusts unable to continue.  We’ve all stopped.  Exhausted.  We are one big mass of bodies and the room fills with the smell of sex and sweat.  The only sounds in the room are the ones of our hard breathing.


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