Switching places (unfinished)   added 3 years ago    

  By: SecretStories

I never knew that being so vulnerable could be so exciting.


Lying flat on my back, hands and legs bound tightly to the bed frame, I was at your mercy. As you paced along the sideboard your stern look informed of what was to come. You were in my place. One of control. Power. I was used to these things. In and out of the bedroom.


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During the day I oversaw a team of 15 young turks, each aiming for my position as lead dog. Alpha male. Corporate Intellectual Property Law. With hundreds of millions on the line, fucking up is not an option. I ran the team firmly but fair. We weren't the biggest firm in town but we took them on fearlessly. At the end of the day no one worked harder or longer.

Speaking of the devil. . .

80 hour weeks months on end take a toll on the body and soul. You taught me that. Tension builds slowly over time and demands release. Not a quick fuck in the shower or a romp after dinner. No. If I wanted mundane sex I could bang the new associate. Release. Real release. That can't be done causally. It takes planning. Thought. Attention to detail. Trust. 

Most importantly trust.

You trusted me. You must. Because right now I'm riding a fine edge between fear and arousal -- and it is taking every ounce of trust to let you continue. How many times had I pulled your hair a little too hard? I never drew blood, but I know I left bruises on your thigh more than once as my bites caught more flesh than I intended. It was never malicious -- and boundaries were always respected -- but still. Accidents happen. Payback can be a bitch.

As you left the side of the bed and disappeared from my peripheral I questioned what I had gotten myself into. I could hear you in the closet. The sound of shuffling hangers led my mind to bad places. "No wire hangers!" I yelled, trying to ease my tension. You did not respond.

You returned a moment later with one of my ties. Blue with subtle green diamonds. Silk. Not my favorite but one you had always liked.

As you came back into my view I could see a hint of smile across your face. You leaned over me and as you approached I wasn't sure what to do. What did you do in this situation? Did you lay flat? Did we kiss? How do I not remember this? Fuck.

As you secured the tie snuggly around my head I caught a few last glimpses of light.

And then it went dark.

I tried to turn my head towards where I thought you were. I miscalculated. You leaned over me and whispered softly into my left ear "Shhhhh. You're mine now."

They say when you lose one sense the others improve compensate. This is bullshit. All I could hear was the sound of my heart pounding in a mix of fear and anticipation. I could still smell your perfume lingering over me. The familiar scent of jasmine faded slowly.

Calm down. She won't take it too far. Just let it happen. Trust her.

I could feel a gentle touch run down my inner thigh. A feather, perhaps? Your fingertips gently caressing my skin? My mind raced through every object in our collection of toys trying to decipher each feeling. A voice in my head kept saying "Just let it happen. Stop analyzing everything."

Just let it happen? Fuck that. Don't you know who I am?

You're the terrified naked bound blindfolded guy, right?


You pulled the rope securing my legs taut. They spread a bit further exposing every inch of my manhood to you.

As you raised yourself onto the bed I felt your finger nails running down over my stomach. My abs jumped and quivered as you ran your fingers through my course, but precisely groomed, pubic hair. My fear gently subsided as I became keenly aware of my cock thickening with excitement. As it rose your hand grasped the shaft firmly. Totally in your control my heart mind raced through every scenario wondering what would happen next.





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Location: A bed | Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it | Nature: I will tell you later