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  By: LadyMidnight

    Today was just like any other day. I left work at 6pm and had to stop at the grocery store for a few things I get what I need and checkout.  As I leave the store to walk to my car I hear a loud crash.


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Naughty level to be set later

 I look down the parking lot and see someone just hit my car. A tall middle aged man gets out and looks around I yell “That’s my car you just hit!”

As I walk up to see the damage to my car closer  the man says “I’m sorry my gas pedal stuck my name is Steve “ I looked at him he’s about 45 and about 6 feet tall and is about 200 lbs. he looks to be in good shape and dressed in a nice suit and tie. I told him my name is Maxine but everyone calls me Maxie. He said he will get his insurance info etc. out of his truck he opens the door and looks in the glove box. I told him I’ll get mine. 
As I bend in the car to get all my things I feel my hair get yanked before I can scream I have tape on my mouth I can’t believe what’s happening. I try to hit and kick anything to get away. It don’t work he smacked me so hard across my face I hit the ground. He then got me in his truck and took off.  I just keep thinking I’m done I’m going to die. Why was this happening to me? He kept saying “Don’t even think of doing anything dumb the door only opens from the outside and laughed.”

He drove for what seemed like hours it couldn’t have been longer than 20 minutes tho. We come to a stop at a pull off near the river. He gets a rope from the cargo area behind his seat and ties my hands behind my back. He walks me on a narrow path leading into the woods laughing the whole time. We reach a cave of some sort and he drags me in.  He must come here a lot I thought from the looks of things there’s beer bottles a radio and a mattress. He shoves me backwards on the mattress.

He tells me he followed me to the store from my work. He said I teased him and every man who walked in by bending over and cleaning the tables and letting my nice tits show. Plus my skirt showed off to much leg he could smell my hot pussy the minute he walked in.

He said “I want to see those big tits” and ripped my blouse off I heard the buttons fly and felt fabric rip from my skin. He then grabbed my bra and cut if off with a pocket knife and he said “Do anything dumb and I will slice your throat from ear to ear!” He got down on the mattress and straddled my legs pinning them under his weight.

He reached up and took both my tits in his hands and squeezed and started sucking on one of my nipples while still squeezing the other. The tears were just rolling down my face both from the shame the fear and the pain.

He reached up and ripped the tape from my mouth and said “I wanna hear you scream and beg me to fuck your hot pussy.”  Then he grabbed my hair and pulled me up enough to kiss me hard and rough. I at this time realized my undies were wet and I was somewhat excited how he was treating me. He must have known what I was think and reached down and rubbed my pussy but with a smack to it made me jump. He said” You nasty bitch your pussy is hot and wet I can feel it in your panties!” with a chuckle. He then told me I was his bitch anytime he wanted to fuck me he would. I thought he would never let me go.

He slid further down my legs and threw my skirt up with force and took my undies and ripped them off of me. I screamed the shock and pain shot in me again. He then hit my bare pussy and said “See you bitch your fucking wet waiting and wanting me to fuck you oh so hard.” I was wet and excited. He took his finger and just rammed it in my pussy and said “ You like that bitch don’t you?” I just left out a loud moan and closed my eyes even harder. He just kept ramming his finger in and out of my pussy faster and faster. He then stopped and stood up licked his fingers and undid his belt slid his pants off and took his swollen cock in his hand and said” Suck this big dick you nasty bitch suck it hard and suck it good” I moved my face away he grabbed my hair and said “ You better open that mouth wide and take my dick and suck me now” I did I opened my mouth and he just shoved his cock deep inside.

I gagged as it rammed down my throat. He then said “Are you going to suck this dick now?” I said YES I will do it. He then said “Get to work you cock teasing little bitch SUCK IT NOW” I closed my eyes and stuck his big dick in my mouth and started sucking it like a tootsie pop. He reached down between my legs and felt my pussy again saying how wet I was and licked his fingers again. I just kept sucking his dick and rubbing his swollen balls they felt tight ready to explode. He started fingering my pussy again and smacking my tits with the other hand. He pulled his dripping fingers from me and stuck them in my mouth and said “Taste your pussy bitch taste how sweet you are” I did and was amazed how good it tasted but that’s another story.
He pulled his dick from my mouth and grabbed my hair and made me get on my knees he got behind me and pulled my head back kissing my lips and biting my bottom lip. He grabbed my tits again and asked me if I was ready to beg him to fuck me yet? Oh I was I said Yes in a low moan and he smack my ass and said “I didn’t hear you Bitch. Are you ready to beg me to fuck you “he said again I said loudly YES YES FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME!!!!!? He smacked my ass again and said “Oh you little bitch I’m going to fuck you OH Yeah I am”
He took me by the hips and just rammed his cock in me and said “That’s what you want bitch right” I was in ecstasy being taken so roughly it was animal like. He fucked me harder and harder I yelling I’m cummmming I’m Cummming  and damn did I ever he pulled his dick from my wet pussy and shoved in my mouth and made me swallow his hot creamy CUM. He cut my hands loose and threw me a towel and said “Clean yourself up my bitch” I tied what was left of my shirt around my sore tits and he took me by the arm and said “Come on bitch I don’t have all night and kicked me on my ass.
We left the cave and he took me back to the parking lot and said “Till next time bitch till next time I will be watching you. You say a word and you die got it?” Yes I said. He said I know your address and your numbers and where you work don’t fuck up my bitch”

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