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I\'m about 30; 5ft10 brown hair and eyes, and even if I say myself have a fairly muscular body. I work with a hot 40 something very classy woman called Debbie. She\'s blonde, taller than me and has an amazing figure and always dresses to impress in a very professional way. We\'re good friends although she\'s happily married we did have a thing at a Christmas party once. We\'re cool with it though, we flirt a little and as a single guy she always likes to hear about my sexual exploits and take the piss.

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Anyway, we were chatting about what we had planned at the weekend and she said she was going to go to her best friends daughters hen party. I said what have you got planned and she said the usual kind of stuff, they were going to get together at her friend\'s house and get a big limo out to a club. Then she said they were looking to hire a stripper. Jokingly I said I\'d do it, she kind of looked me up and down in the flirty way we have with each other, bit her lip and said \'ummm, maybe I\'ll take you up on that.\' We laughed and I never expected to get taken seriously.

It got to Friday and while I was getting a coffee she came over to chat. I expected the usual kind of stuff between us but she said, \'you know you offered to be our stripper?\' I said yes and she said \'could you do it?\' I was totally taken aback, I\'d only been joking but Debbie explained that they weren\'t happy with all the ones they could find, they all looked a bit rough and tacky. She said she\'d shown her friend a picture of me and that I\'d be up for it. I didn\'t know what to say, for once I was speechless until Debbie fluttered her big blue eyes at me, which I\'m always a sucker for, she leant close to me so I could feel her breath against my neck and said, \'if you do this for me, I promise you the fuck of a lifetime.\' So kind of flattered and excited I agreed.

It got round to last thing on Friday she dropped a bag on my desk. She said, \'we\'ll see you tomorrow at 7.00pm before we go out,\' and gave me an address to turn up at. She leaned over my desk so her cleavage was in full view and she said to me \'remember, I\'ll make sure this is worth your while\' and winked.

I got home that night and looked in the bag, it had a bottle of baby oil, a can of spray cream and a Fireman\'s outfit! I tried it on and practised a bit of a routine in front of the mirror, and then got completely drunk in an attempt to psyche me up for the next day.

I had a couple of texts off Debbie during the day telling me her and her friend were looking forward to later, she even sent one of her wearing sexy underwear to keep me interested. Finally 7.00pm came round and I found myself walking up to a front door in my Fireman’s outfit. I could hear some women laughing inside and nervously rang the bell.

Debbie and her friend answered the door and kissed me on the cheek, Debbie introduced me to Angie. I\'d say she was about the same age as Debbie, another very hot older woman. She had brown hair, was about 5ft 2 plus heels and was wearing a tight black dress. She had a fullish curvy figure and her big breasts overflowed out the top of her dress. She looked saucy, she looked me up and down and said, \'ooh, you\'ll do\' and they both laughed.

Angie walked into the large main room where I could hear all the voices coming from. I could see the lights go down, music form the Full Monty came on and I could hear loads of women clapping and cheering for me to come in. Debbie kissed me on the cheek, gripped my arse and whispered \'good luck\'.

I walked into the room to whistles and cheers. I looked round and there must have been about 15 women in there. Most were early 20s and looked gorgeous dressed up in their clubbing gear. I could smell the perfume and glimpse all the bare legs. The others, about 3 or 4 of them, were Debbie and Angie’s age, probably some of the girl’s mums or maybe aunties.

In the middle of the room, sitting on a chair, was the bride to be. She looked embarrassed at all of her friends cheering her on, and shocked at the sight of a fireman. But she was really hot. About 23, she hand brown highlighted hair down past her shoulders, her lips were glossy and full, and I noticed her crossed long slender legs leading up into a sexy denim skirt. She had a loose swing top on, although it was tight around her breasts and had a strap on each shoulder.

The women all started clapping and cheering, and although I felt like a complete plum I started dancing in front of the bride. Slowly I began to undo my tunic, I was facing the bride, the other women behind, and as I slowly undid the buttons I could see her eyes widen at the sight of my torso. With that and the cheering I was getting seriously turned on.

I took her hand and made her place it on my chest. Some of the ladies leant round to have a look, the bride looked excited and laughed as I pushed her hand lower down my torso. I moved away, and there were loads of whistles and cheers as the rest of the hen party got their first view of my torso. Slowly I slipped the tunic off my shoulders. Getting into it now I pressed myself up against the bride to be and slid my bare chest up and down her body, I could feel her hands grip my arse and slide up and down my back as everyone whistled and cheered encouragement.

I moved away from the bride and teased the other girls, some reaching forward to have a feel of my chest. I got to Debbie and she gave me the baby oil and looked at me expectantly. I poured the oil over my chest and moved back toward the bride, she rubbed it all over my torso with both her hands.

Again I moved away. This time I began to slowly undo the buttons on the front of my trousers. I waited for the chants of \'off, off, off\' and in one motion ripped them off. This left me standing in front of the bride in nothing but a tight white pair of boxer shorts. My hard on was obvious through the cotton material and she put both her hands over her mouth as she gasped. The other girls went wild as I turned around to give them a view, and I walked over to where Debbie and Angie we standing.

I thought I\'d finished until Debbie handed me the spray cream. I was panicked a bit because I hadn’t expected to go further than this ;-). As I took the can and before I could stop her, Angie pulled the top off the boxers open and looked at my cock. She gasped and said \'oh my god, it\'s huge\' as the elastic snapped back. I was kind of chuffed but as I walked back towards the bride I sprayed some cream on each nipple.

I made her lick the cream off and loved the feeling of her tongue circle my hard nipple. Then so everyone could see I sprayed some cream over my six pack stomach, towards my boxers. She didn’t hesitate and this time slowly licked of the cream, sending her mates wild as she lingered at the top of the boxers.

Then, I sprayed some cream on the head of my dick through the boxers, after some encouragement from her friends she licked the cream off, flicking the head, with her tongue, she put her hands over her face and was laughing in embarrassment. Suddenly I dropped between her knees, her friends could see me spraying a line of cream on the brides thigh, slowly, inside the denim skirt and onto her panties. From the shouts of encouragement I’d now worked out she was called Katie. Slowly I licked all the way up the inside of her thigh. As I got higher she placed her thighs on my shoulders and I slid my hands up her legs. Suddenly I placed my tongue on her clit through her panties, I could feel her getting wet as I teased it, my tongue slid inside her panties and licked and flicked her clit; I shallowly parted her pussy lips with it as her thighs gripped my head harder. I could feel from her hands tightening on the back of my head that she enjoyed it, I slid my hands up inside her top, onto her waist and higher until I was caressing her breasts. At the same time as I slid my hands inside Katie’s bra I slid my tongue inside her pussy. She pushed herself onto my tongue and tasted so sweet. I could feel her pussy tighten round it and was pretty sure Katie was close to cumming.

I have no idea how long I was down on Katie for but got up. I moved away from Katie towards the ladies, there was no way I was going to let Debbie get away with just watching after getting me into this and I sprayed another bit of cream on my boxers. I gently pushed her head towards it and made her lick the cream off the head of my dick. I moved towards the other ladies and they all had a feel, a couple trying to get at my boxers. I took a drink off one of the girls and moved back towards Katie.

I poured the drink all down my chest, it dripped down my body making my white boxers see through. Teasingly I lowered the back of them to show the rest of the girls my arse and moved towards the bride making her lick off as much of the drink from my body a she could, even feeling her tongue move down the length of my cock through the boxers. By now all the baying women were again shouting ‘off, off, off’ again. I lent towards Katie and kissed her neck, I whispered into her ear that she was going to have to take down my boxers.

With all her friends encouraging her she gripped either side of my boxers with a thumb and forefinger and slowly began to pull them down. The women watching could see them moving down over my bare arse, as Katie pulled down my cock sprang out over the material, some of the girls came round to look as she did it. They all exclaimed at the sight of my cock springing out and the look on their faces was a huge turn on. As Katie pulled down the boxers I could feel her long brown hair brush against my thighs and as they got to the floor I stepped out of them.

I was now stood naked in front of Katie and about three of her friends who had come round to watch. The rest of the women were behind me. I picked up a towel and held it behind me between most of the women and Katie; well you need some privacy for what was just about to happen. One of Katie’s friends, a young blonde, hair everywhere and very sexy, gripped my cock. She dropped to her knees and without any encouragement slid her lips all the way down the shaft of my dick. She did it a couple of times and then held the base of my dick for Katie to suck. All four of the girls took turns in sucking; the sight of four gorgeous young women swapping between my dick was almost too much of a turn on. Katie was the best though; as her full lips slid down my shaft she flicked at the head with her tongue, my body tensed at the amazing sensation. I then wrapped the towel around me, I leant forward to kiss all the girls and they almost took a bow as the rest of the women clapped them.

I now moved into the middle of the room facing the women. They still hadn’t seen my cock and were baying for me to drop the towel. As I did they all clapped and cheered, my cock was erect and I was naked in front of them all, I’d lost my nerves and was now buzzing, I don’t think I’d ever been harder. I moved towards Angie, she was laughing as I pressed my naked body against her, she had a good feel of my arse and rubbed against my erection. I lightly pushed down on Angie’s shoulders so she was kneeling and I slapped by dick against her breasts. She had an amazing cleavage and I put my cock down it inside her dress. She threw her head back and laughed as she pushed her breasts around my stiff cock. Before I moved away she lightly kissed the head of my dick, as everyone was going wild, laughing and encouraging, the drink flowing.

I now moved on to Debbie, some how she looked innocent but dirty at the same time as she bit her lip and looked me straight in the eye. I pressed myself against her and snogged her full on. She returned the kiss and slid her tongue into my mouth as my hands slide down her body I lifted her skirt. I moved slowly against her, I could feel her breasts against my chest through her top; I slide my cock under her skirt and rubbed against her pussy. I could feel the head against her clit through her panties. I moved on to the other girls, they were taking pictures of each other on their phones as some went down on me; others just gripped and wanked my dick. This was wilder than anything I’d ever experienced.

I moved back towards Katie. I took her hand and made her lie on the floor. I knelt on the floor at the end of her legs. I waited for the encouragement from her friends and began to work my way up her legs, sliding upwards, kissing the inside of Katie’s thighs. I licked her pussy again; it surprised me how much she was into it as her legs pressed the side of my head. She was obviously treating it as a last night of freedom. I gripped her panties and pulled them all the way down her legs, she covered her face in embarrassment as I showed everyone the wet panties and threw them away. I placed my self on top of Katie; I kissed her and slid my cock inside her denim skirt. My hand lifted up her top and caressed her breast as my cock slid between her legs. I rubbed the head of it against her pussy lips, she was practically ignoring her friends as I felt her gasp, and I kissed her neck and whispered I’m going to fuck you. She didn’t say anything but just gripped the back of my head tighter and raised her hips into me. My cock slid inside her tight wet pussy. I heard some gasps and encouragement from her friends as it became obvious I was fucking Katie. I just gently fucked her, kissing her lips and her breasts.

After all this it wasn’t going to be long before we both came. I felt Katie’s body shudder and she let out a gasp. My cock was throbbing and I felt I hand to put on a show. I’d lifted Katie’s top so I knelt over her, and for everyone to see and to loads of cheers I held my cock as I came over Katie’s breasts and stomach. There were a few waves at least and some wild whistles from everyone. I kissed Katie tenderly and gave her my towel as we both stood up. We took a bit a bow and Katie’s friends gathered round her laughing and kissing her. I left the room to get dressed again and Debbie and Angie came out. They both kissed me and said thanks very much, I didn’t know what to say and although it had been amazing I was a little embarrassed now. Angie gave me her number and told me to call her sometime, Debbie kissed me and we said we’d see each other on Monday. With that I left them to enjoy the rest of the night.

One thing I do know is that I’m going to have to fuck Debbie soon just to get rid of the sexual tension they’ll be between us. But, that will be another story ;-).

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