JJ, Lauren (Sublady) and the Saint - A love story   added 3 years ago    

  By: saintstephen

JJ and LadySub - A love Story
Prelude - LadySub a.k.a. Lauren, has always been one of my favorite contributors to Pandorasecrets. She is an excellent wirter, able to eloquently describe the situation she is in and VERY VERY Kinky!! Hot.....


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Naughty level to be set later

Jay Jay is a new contributor from Italy,,,I love Italian women...From her picture it appears northern Italy....And her first fantasy, posted earlier this week is also hot....She is more of a romantic and dipping her toe into the world of eroticism.

So two of my favorite female contributors are Kinky and Hot,,,imagine that..After reading both of their fantasies this week, my mind has wandered and decided to develop a fantasy about the two of them and me.....Hope you enjoy.

The Introduction:

Jay Jay is from Italy and will be attending a high end fashion designer show in NYC. Lauren (LadySub) has attended the show as my guest over the past 4 years.... Me, I am the more mature fashion guru on the business end. Very successful and enjoying my money, status and power. It is not unusual for me to be surrounded by a bevy of young, beautiful women.....Known for my ability of finding up and coming women designers. Given my reputation there is no shortage of pussy available to me.

However, I am very particular who joins me at the private parties my three closest colleagues, known as the committee, throw during Fashion Week. One of the three is a former Italian professional soccer player and very handsome. Some of the Committee members are jealous. I am not, he has an uncanny ability to get women to do things that they would typically not do.

We take great pride in having beautiful young women being on our arms and submitting to our wanton desires. Three years ago it was Lauren....Unknown to us at the time she loved the kink and the domination. She has been a fixture at our parties since and over the past 2 years attended as my special guest. She has been shared at some of these parties and enjoys both men and women.

This year at the first full day of the show, we identify 4 finalists. That evening we discss, argue but in the end the committee decide it's Jay Jay that we want...Jay Jay is beautiful, wearing a nice dress and lovely pumps on day one...She is extremely feminine, reserved, and yet not shy....I'm selected to recuit her to our gathering...Of course, Lauen joins me.

The Invitation:
Jay Jay is sitting at the bar alone following the second day of the show, sipping a nice cool glass of white wine - a nice Pinot Grigio.
Lauren and I sit down next to her and order a drink.

Lauren and I chat about the day and I ask Jay Jay, if she is here for the show which of course we know she is.
A few minutes later Jay Jay shares this is her first time to the show and her one shot at getting some exposure for her line of clothing. Lauren seizes the opportunity to let Jay Jay know that I am one of the major players in the industry.
An endorsement from me is a ticket to success. Jay Jay knows my name and tells me how much she has admired my reputation. Giggling she says, this is almost a fantasy having the opportunity on Day 2 to meet me.

Jay Jay is obviously interested but polite saying, would love to spend time with me but realizes I am relaxing.
I respond, that is true at the moment but if she is interested, will invite her to a private party this evening that is attended by 4, including myself of the top deal makers in the industry. Explain to Jay Jay that she can attend with Lauren.

What will I wear?, she asks Lauren.
I suggest one of her soft, floral, flowing dresses that she has designed and worn the first two days.
Could be good for business, encouraging Jay Jay
"It's a different type of party", Lauren explains.
I excuse myself and tell Lauren to explain to Jay Jay about the party.

Jay Jay is excited without knowing the details.
"I'm going to call my husband as soon as I finish my drink", she gushes.
"Why not hold off until after the party as you may have some really exciting news to share.
Big Deals have been done at this party. It's a fact that we are always looking for new, fresh talent. That's where we found Lauren some 3 years ago"
I kiss her hand and leave the 2 women alone.

Within minutes Lauren and Jay Jay are becoming close friends. I am watching from afar and will know in a few moments if Jay Jay is interested in joining our party. Lauren leans into Jay Jay puts her hand on Jay Jay's leg and begins whispering into her ear. The moment of truth is close.
True to form, Jay Jay leans away from Lauren shaking her head no. Lauren continues to speak and if the past is an indicator of the future, confident that Lauren will successfully recruit Jay Jay. Lauren ignores Jay Jay protestations and continues to speak, leaning in, touching her arm and finally I see JJs body language soften.
The moment of truth comes when Jay Jay laughs, Lauren orders them another drink and they clink glasses. Show Time! The party is scheduled to begin at 9 pm.

The Celebration:

It's 9 pm and the other guests are already present. The women all wearing lovely dresses and pumps and the men in slacks, shirts and jackets. The fashion gurus are out in force today.

The women, many former models are approaching 6 feet tall...JayJay, slightly over 5' tall, enters our suite dressed in a flowing silky dress. Lauren walks in with her wearing a hot little black dress with slits up the side....

The suite is set up like a living room area with sofas placed around a beautiful persian rug. The lights are low and we are all sipping the most expensive champagne that money can buy. Immediately I approach JJ and give Her a light kiss on the cheek drawing her into our inner sanctum.

JJ is nervous nervous and says so.
I try to calm her but can tell she is considering turning and leaving.
Staying with Lauren by her side, we walk her from person to person, a total of 3 other men and 3 women.
Everyone is friendly and the complements about her dress flow like champagne

The first glass of champagne is gone and quickly replaced by another.
Jay Jay is feeling more relaxed.
The last person introduced is Felipe, the fomer professional soccer player from Italy, turned fashion guru.
In his country, a legend.

JJ acts like a school girl, gushing over Felipe.
He is cool and calm, as always.
Another glass of champagne please.

After a bit the lights are turned down even more but for one in the center of our seating area.
It gives the appearance of a stage and the seats surrounding the plush carpets are members of the audience.
I take JJ's hand and lead her out to the makeshift stage.

"Everyone, JJ is our guest this evening and has agreed to wear one of her original dresses.
She has also agreed to show us her work.
As is our practice we will look at her work and determine if she has what it takes.
If we are impressed, JJ will become an independent designer that the Committee will provide both money and guidance to.

JJ's face is pure panic. But, I didn't bring any of my other work, it's all back in the room.
Lauren, didn't say anything about bringing my work.
She just told me to wear something original and hot.
Lauren, just shrugs, "I forgot", she says.

"Well, it appears we have a problem", I state.
Lauren walks up next to me and says, "well you can inspect the dress she is wearing"
As always, Lauren is resourceful.

Before JJ has a chance to respond, all 8 of us are surronding her, touching the dress' material.
Felipe seems particularly interested in examining how the dress hugs JJ's ass.
His hand is roaming up and down.
The women are getting very friendly with the front of JJ's dress.

JJ is frozen and asks for another glass of champagne.
Lauen suggests the men should get to see the material inside the dress and quickly unzips the back of the dress.
2 of other women help JJ out of the dress and hand it to us.

JJ is standing there in her sexy bra, panties and pumps.
The committee is all business for the moment as we examine the goods.
The other women surround JJ as she is shivering. The room is cold.

JJ dissappears as her short stature is swallowed up by the 4 taller women.
Music starts to play, slow, sultry.
All 4 are swaying with JJ in the middle.

Their hands are starting to wonder, commentinig on how lovely JJ's ass is and her tits are nice.
One of the other models says, I wish my tits were smaller and unzips her dress, revealing 36Cs.
The other women follow suit and before long all are standing in a circle with dresses discarded.

Some are braless and others are not. 2 of the braless women dance with one another, their breasts, nipples rubbing together.
And then their tongues meet..Lauren, takes JJ in her arms and whispers, they are almost done looking at your dress.
If they approve you as an independent designer, the party really begins.
Lauren, kisses JJ passionately. Unexpectedly, JJ responds.

"JJ", I break in The other women return to their respective dates. Amazingly it seems that all the women have lost their dresses, ready to party...They are clearly in JJ's corner..The committee members are enjoying their dates, kissing, feeling and sucking their tits....Lauren, keeps looking at JJ and begins to touch herself....Lauren is such a lovely slut.

"As you can see, the women have already decided that you should become one of our designers.
And the Committee agrees"
I walk over and hug JJ. Lauren hugs JJ and I kiss Lauren passionately directly in front of her.
Lauren then places JJ's hands on her tits and kisses her.

Sharing and Sharing the Good News

Lauren says let the party begin..There is a desk next to the couch. I take JJ over to one side of the desk which faces into the main area. Felipe and I walk behind JJ and take turn whispering in her ear that she is going to be a star....Our hands wander up and down her legs and every now and then we check the dampness coming through her panties.

She alternates kissing Felipe and I but clearly she can't get enough of Felipe....His hand are on her tits....Lauren approaches and bends over the desk from the other side, facing JJ and tells the other 2 committee members that she wants to be fucked but doesn't want to know who is fucking her....The other women push Lauren forward, grab her arms and remove every bit of her clothing....A blind fold is placed over Lauren's eyes along with a pair of nipple clips.....

Lauren and JJ are facing one another over the desk less than a half foot apart. Then JJ is told to close her eyes for just a moment as she hears Lauren let out a moan...Something or someone has entered Lauren. JJ feels someone putting what feels like a head set on her....the type with a mouthpiece and the ear piece fitting snuggly in the ear...

JJ call your husband and share the good news, I whisper into her ear....It's probably 5 am in Italy, he will still be sleeping. The headphone will prevent the background noise from being heard....And Felipe, I or maybe both will be enjoying you during the call...
This will be your way of signing on to join our team.
Lauen is already rocking back and forth....chanting make the call, make the call......Hesitantly JJ starts to dial the numbers......Everyone's quiet although Lauren body is picking up speed and her tits bouncing.....The men are taking turns entering her and even the women are making good use of a very nice dildo....Fuck me, Fuck me, says Lauren.

The phone in Italy is answered and a sleepy husband is on the other end.
Sporza, it's me JJ.....I have some wonderful news to share.......
Yes, I got a job as a designer and believe I'm on my way.....The sky is the limit and I have received the backing of the top fashion gurus in the business....All I have to do is sign the agreement......Yes, Sporza I agree, don't hesitate just sign up!!

Sporza, I even met Felipe R. the famous soccer player turned fashion designer. Oh yes, he is as sexy as ever. Yes, Sporza I remember how you like when I fantasize and tell you about my lovers....Would you like me to do that now? Yes, I will fantasize about Felipe and there is another very hot man, named Stephen that was the leader in getting me this position. He is a Saint. Yes,Saint Stephen. May I fantasize about him and Felipe at the same time. would you like that Sporza. Will you stroke your cock and cum all over yourself. Hmmm

I'm so horny, I want you so bad.
Felipe, please feel my legs; Stephen you too.
Yes, Sporza I can feel them.
Our hands are roaming JJs legs, her inner thighs. We stop and clearly JJ knows we are switching places.
Our hands start again moving closer and closer to her increasingly moist pussy.

Oh Sporza, they are feeling me. I'm only in my bra, panties and pumps.
Yes, my pussy is very wet....Yes I want my bra removed.
A pair of hands unclip the back of JJs bra releasing her beautiful breasts
Is it Felipe or Saint?
Oh it feels so good.

Sporza, I want Felipe and Saint to take turns and rub the heads of their cocks along my slit only covered by very sheer panties....Are you stroking your cock Sporza?
Are you visualizing how 2 studs are likely going to fuck your wife's pussy in a few moments.
Yes, Sporza I'm enjoying being a slut, just as you like.
This it too much for Lauren and she let's out a loud moan as her body is consumed by an orgasam.

Did you just let out a cry, Sporza asks.
Not wanting to be discovered you tell Sporza shhh....
Take my panties off, Felipe - Saint.
Please see my wet pussy looking at you, can you see my excitement.
Please one of you fuck me now, I don't care which.

The cock enters you slightly, just the head.
YOur very wet pussy makes entrance easy.
Oh Sporza, I'm being fucked. It's so hard,
I can feel it going further inside me.
The cock is bigger than yours Sporza, does that make you jealous?
Oh I want them to do whatever they want.

He's moving faster now, faster.
My fucking tits are bouncing.
My nipples are being pinched.
My pussy is on fire.

No Sporza, I don't know if it's Felipe or the Saint.
He's close Sporza, I can feel his cock getting ready to explode.
I'm getting ready to explode.
Are you ready to cum for me Sporza.

And the universe aligns, as JJ screams out.
The cock inside her explodes and Sporza screams out.
Lauren has sat down in front of the desk and is again fucking herself with the dildo.
After a few moments of silence Sporza asks, was it Saint of Felipe.

JJ turns around and it is obvious with one cock deflating and the other at attention.
JJ smiles, drops to her knees taking the very hard cock in her mouth.
And in less than 1 minute she is swallowing a hugh load of cum.

Respectfully Submitted,
Saint Stephen

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saintstephen    (2012-07-10 06:06:02)    Flag as inappropiate
Lauren, indeed we do..Need to find a story that you are the leading lady or should I say, leading ladysub

LadySub    (2012-07-08 20:45:28)    Flag as inappropiate
LadySub We do such sweet, bad things together, don't we?

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