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Waiting in line at a Starbuck's, I couldn't help reflect how I gotten to this point in my life. A long term relationship ended rather badly and I just needed to get away from everything. Moving to a new city and taking a new job seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I'm not so sure. I haven't met any friends here and I must admit, I am feeling rather lonely. 
It's funny that Starbuck's is pretty much the same anywhere you go. I guess that's why I wandered in here. 
The summer heat was getting to me and the thought of a cool frap is enough to make my mouth water. 
I was making my way to a table with a newspaper in hand when I passed by a rather expressive couple. I wasn't paying too much attention, so I was caught off guard when the girl screeched, "It's over Rodney!" and hurled her cup at him. Smart guy ducked and the liquid landed all over me. The girl squealed and ran away and the boy ran after her, leaving me soaked in the middle of Starbucks with all eyes on me. I was mortified! My white dress clung to my form and I felt totally exposed. Thankfully the girl was drinking water, but the white material of my dress was leaving less to the imagination. I was frozen with shock that it took awhile for me to register the man in front of me offering his jacket. 
Tears were welling up in my eyes as I looked down at myself. I looked at this kind stranger and he smiled at me and just took the initiative to drape his jacket on me and lead me to his table. 
I took a couple of deep breathes and managed a smile and said, "Thank you. My name is Merri."
"Hello Merri,  my name is Paul. Are you  all right?  Let me get a towel for you' What a bunch of jerks left without saying they were sorry." finally  a towel  arrives. I guess the best thing would be go  to the ladies room and dry off with the poor thing it's going to be all right.
Going to the restroom seemed like a good idea and headed there straightway.
 I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that my dress was just going to have to dry with time. I wrapped Paul's jacket around my small frame. I inhaled a scent of leather and musk and it seemed to comfort me. I wonder if he will let me wear it until my dress dries underneath it. 
I straightened up my hair and headed back to the table. "Well, there's no damage done, except for my pride," I said. Paul looks up from his paper and said, "Nonsense, everyone has already forgotten."
I looked around and saw that everyone seemed to be back in their own world and he was right. "Well, I still have half a mind to just go home and crawl back into bed and try to forget what happened." He smiled at me and got up and pulled out a chair for me. "If you do that then you won't be able to say you met me. Here. Sit," he said motioning to the chair. 
Well, He was proving to be the nicest person I've met in this city so far. What could it hurt to sit down and chat. Besides, I was still wearing his jacket. 
We chatted for quite some time over a multitude of topics. 
I summed it up to me missing a male companion, but Paul was stirring something inside me. My tummy felt fluttering and I was giggling way too much. 
I normally date men my own age and Paul was obviously older than me. Maybe because he was my hero and ultimately women want to feel saved by a white knight. I chuckled at the thought of modern women now being saved from embarrassing moments instead of dragons or bad guys. 
However, I found myself staring at his lips wondering what experience he had using them. I wondered if the leather and musk scent could be tasted on his skin and if it would intoxicate me if he was holding me close. 
Yes, he was older, but now that I was looking at him there was something distinctly virile about him that was stirring my senses. I felt myself flush and I told myself to stop it. Stop it, Merri, before you embarrass yourself. 
"Well, what do you say?" His voice jarred me back to reality. 
My voice was a little raspy when I tried to speak and I had to clear my throat a little before trying again. "I'm sorry. I missed the question." I blushed. 
"The movie? You said you like scary movies, but hate to go watch them by yourself," he said, "there's a showing in an hour and we can go together."
It was coming back. Yes, the new movie about a haunted house. "Sure," I said. 
Paul got up and extended his hand to me and helped me up. I hope some of these younger men took note. 
"You mentioned you lived close by. Would you like to change first," Paul asked. "Theaters can be cold."
I looked down and felt my dress. It was still moist. "Good idea. I'll be back in a jiff," I said. 
"Nonsense! I'll go with you and we can head over to the theater from there."
Paul tucked my arm in his and although he was gentle, I felt the strength in his arm and grip. He looked down at me and said, "This is going to be fun!" and started walking me to the door. 
I was in a panic. It's one thing to go to a movie with a stranger, but to take him to my apartment is another. I thought about telling Paul I was uncomfortable with this, but he'd had been so nice to me and I was still wearing his jacket. I took in a deep breathe. Not everything ends in a horrible headline, Merri. It will be fine. I directed him to my apartment a few blocks away. 
Here I am in a car , driving to  a young girl's apartment. This is like a dream. She sure is very pretty.I was minding my own business at Starbucks. Now I'm almost at this young woman's apartment. Second floor stairs. no problem! I bet she thinksI am to old to climb stairs. Damn, in the old days, i  did 2 at a time, but that was 30 years ago. Merri are you all right?.you still want to go to the movies?
We reach my apartment door and I fumble with the lock and walk in. It's a studio apt; all I can afford. The kitchen is to the left and the living area has a full bed against the back wall and a little sitting area with a small tv in the front if the room. The bathroom is off the kitchen in the back. "Um...just have a seat and I'll change." I grab some jeans and a tank from the closet and head into the bathroom. 
In the living room Paul walks around the tiny apartment. It reminds him of a college dorm room. He sees a lace pair of thongs under the bed and smiles. Dirty girl, he thinks. He wonders how old Merri is and sits on the bed. It's very plush as he sinks into it. Too soft, he thinks. 
I walk out of the bathroom in jeans and a pink tank and walk over to Paul. I hand him his jacket. "thanks again for letting me wear it," I say. 
Paul reaches for his jacket. He knew she was beautiful, but didn't realize how good she truly looked hidden under his jacket. Merri was petite, about a foot shorter than him and had a small frame, but she was blessed with large voluptuous boobs. She had a narrow waist that rounded out into a heart shaped rump. She was smiling down at him as she was handing the jacket to him and he lifted his hand, but grabbed her arm instead and pulled her into his body and crushed her lips with his. 
Merri let out a oooh! Before she landed in his lap and then silenced with his mouth coming down on hers. Paul coaxed her mouth open with his and slipped his tongue in her mouth. 
I didn't realize what happened until I felt his tongue enter mine. He was exploring my mouth and sucking on my little tongue. I felt his hands press on my back and push me into his chest. He was crushing me so tight into him I was loosing my breath. He dipped me and laid me on the bed while he kissed me and climbed in between my legs and started grinding himself against me. The fabric of our jeans created an amazing friction. I felt his hand push up my tank and rest on my breast as he thrusted his tongue into me. I was right. His skin was intoxicating and I felt overwhelmed. I started kissing him back and grinding on him; trying to seek out the bulge and press against it. I felt him pull my bra down and pinch my nipple and I arched my chest up and whimpered under his lips. 
"Ooh, Merri! I have to have you." 
This was surreal! I just met this man. I...Im not this kind of girl, but at the same time I wanted to be that kind of girl. This man had me the minute he told me to sit down at his table. I was just realizing that now. I stared back wide-eyed at Paul and just nodded my head. 
He squeezed my breast hard and came down fast and covered my lips again with a growl and started ravishing my mouth. He lifted my shirt over my head and went to work at releasing my bra. "such Beautiful tits! I want to make them hard for me." 
Yes, I thought, God Yes!
I unhook your bra, I must have them , i whisper and then open my mouth wide and start sucking on your left breast   while the right breast i toy with  the right nipple . both breasts respond to my touch from sucking and touching they seem awaken from a deep sleep " OH GOD YES"  you said . I then start my way south  down to your pants to unlock the hidden treasure that awaits me. I unbutton your pants and pull down hard. All that is left is a pair of white lace panties . I move my fingers inside the panties. I knew my goal; that sweet mound waiting  for my fingers, tongue ,and manhood. you may haVE BEEN WITH BOYS IN THE PAST  TONIGHT YOU WILL BE WITH A MAN .WITH THAT  I TOUCH MERRI'S SWEET MOUND  MY FINGERS GENTLY  EXPLORE AND I HIS FEEL WETNESS. MY STRONG FINGERS PENETRATED  YOu AS I GO DEEPER. MERRI ARCHES HER BACK AS I MOVEUP  HER LOVE CANAL. I LOOK AT MERRI 'S EYES AND SMILE. I  BET YOU TASTE AS GOOD AS YOU LOOK. WITH  THAT I REMOVE MY FINGERS  AND ENTER YOU WITH HIS TONGUE LAPPING  UP ALL YOUR JUICES. A TONGUE  THAT SLOWLY TOOK A VOYAGE UP HER LOVE CANAL  WITH BOTH HANDS   HOLDING HER THIGHS WIDE APART LAPPING  ALLLOF MERRI'S LOVE JUICES. MERRI'S HANDS GRAB HER  BED MATTRESS AS LEWIS WENT AS DEEPER THAN ANY MAN AS GONE BEFORE
Paul ran his tongue up and down my slit and plunged it deep into me. I became unhinged and grabbed the mattress for dear life. He spread my legs wider and lapped up my juices. I started thrusting my hips up - inviting him in deeper. I heard him panting as I started making soft mewing noises. He drew his tongue out and started sucking on my clit and pressing it with his tongue. It swelled and I moaned louder telling him to don't stop. He was giving me sweet torture as he grazed  his teeth along my swollen clit and then returned to sucking on it and drawing long strokes with tongue. "please...please," I started begging. He pressed his tongue harder and shoved a finger back into my pussy deep, curving it so that he was hitting that secret spot in all women. An ache was building in me and I was sobbing for him to release me. He was good! No man has ever gotten me off orally. He massaged the inside of me faster and brutalized my clit with his mouth and I was at his mercy. I felt my body tighten and I rose from the bed to finally be released into a white light of pulsing pleasures. I thought I heard my voice scream out "Paul!" before I sunk back into the bed. 
I felt Paul crawl between my legs and press his weight onto me. I opened my eyes to see his face smiling down at me. "you beg so sweetly, Merri."
He bent down and smothered me with his kiss. I arched my head to kiss him back and I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him closer to me. I tasted myself on his lips and tongue and I kissed him hungrily. I felt his chest hair tinkling my breast and rubbed my legs against his. My whole body was pulsing and a touch was 10 times more sensitive. I was opening myself up to this man in every way. I felt his cock against me and he started grinding so it slipped between the lips of my pussy. He pressed it harder against me and I arched into him. He broke from the kiss. 
"I have to have you, Merri," he whispered in my head. "tell me how much you want me."
"I...I...god yes, I want this," I stammered. 
"no, tell me how much you want me." 
"I couldn't admit before, but I wanted you when we were sitting at Starbucks," I managed to say. 
He laughed and I felt it all the way down my body. "I had a feeling. Im not as naive as those younger guys." Then his eyes narrowed and his voice got huskier.."I know when a woman gets flushed, they are turned on." I gasped. He noticed! I felt the flush rise up over my body again. He laughed. "Don't feel embarrassed," he said, "Now we are both getting what we want." 
He pressed his body hard against mine and I felt his cock slide against me. "Now what should we do next?" he asked. I knew this wasn't going to be over so soon. 
Paul slide in Merri damm she felt so tight.  I look into her beautiful eyes and started to move my hips,  slowly building up speed, Merri  let out "A Oh God from her mouth.  I increased my speed. Running 3 miles every day is my secret  with women. I maintain my speed and inner strength. My hips kept moving like a well oil machine Merri arch her back loving every inches and my strength. We became one  as the love making continue
I grabbed onto your upper arms feeling them tense as you thrust into me. The thrill of feeling someone new invade my pussy is exhilarating. I feel every inch of you push through you with some effort. It's been quite some time and I'm tight from neglect. 
I arch, giving you better access to thrust deeper into me and I feel my muscles wrap around you and I can't stop myself from squeezing you. I part my mouth and say in a husky voice, " feel so good, Paul!" 
I feel you push all the way in and I raise my hips to meet you. 
I gaze deep into your eyes and then close my eyes and throw my head back when you start moving in and out. I regain some composure and look back into your eyes and wonder if you can see the heat in them. 
You begin to pick up the pace and I start moving under you in extreme pleasure, loving how you make my body react to yours. 
I see you now as a powerful, sexual man driving my passions. I run my hands over your arms and down your shoulders feeling your muscles tense. I start moaning, "Paul, I love how you feel in me...mmmmm." 
"Kiss me, Merri."
I lean up and cover your mouth with mine. I dart my little tongue in your mouth and coax yours to enter mine. I begin to suck on it and I hear you moan. 
The speed is becoming faster and the intense feeling makes me fall back deep into my mattress. I arch back and lift my hips to take every inch of you in. The slow ache now becomes a feverish sensation and I throw my headback and scream, "Paul!" as I feel the intensity explode. I start convulsing as my juices flow over your cock. 
"That's my girl," I hear you coo. 
I feel like I'm floating and each thrust into me bobs me back into pleasure and my chest heaves upwards towards you. 
I don't know what else I can give you and I start begging. "Please, Paul, please." I reach up to touch any part of you. To taste and lick anything I can.
"I'm almost there, Sweetheart."  
I feel you swell inside me and stretch more. "Oh God!" I yell
"Gah, you feel so good, Merri!" You grab my hips and slam down hard into me and I feel your hot juices spill into me as your cock pulses inside of me. 
I feel you collapse onto of me and my arms wrap around you as we both breath heavy. 
I think to myself that's the most amazing sex I had in my entire life. I feel you move to roll over on your side, but you pull me with you. I lay my head on your arm and breath your skin in. Your other hand runs down my smooth back and you caress it back and forth. I feel my skin react to your touch and I snuggle closer to you craving your touch. 
"I think we missed the movie," I say into you chest. I feel your chest move with your laugh and I look up and stare into your happy face and laugh too.  
We hold each other for a hour, I am hungry I annouce, for some food and a another round of great love making. Let's go  out and get something to eat. I be ready for a second time later tonight Merri if you are willing???? with  we both get up  and climb into the shower together.
We squeeze into my small apt shower and I begin lathering you up, running my hands over your chest. I'm enjoying touching your body and eating it up with my eyes. I look up to see you staring down at me with your intense eyes and I feel a flutter low in my body. 
It's like you have awaken me and sensations are deeper and my need is deeper. You wrap your arms around me and pull me close to you and to kiss me. Your lips hover over mine, teasing me. I feel my body slick against your lathered chest.
I just met you today, but that thought has been pushed back. Now you have become the man I want. The man I need. 
"Paul" I whisper, "I want you again." 
I arch my body closer to you. 

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LadySub If you haven't already, read my previous installments. I think you will enjoy.
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LadySub If you haven't already, read my previous installments. I think you will enjoy.
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jayjay Love your adventures... Let's travel together in this land of pleasure and danger.

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