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  By: LadySub

Didn’t her mom tell her not to hitchhike? That it’s not the 60’s anymore and bad things can happen. She needed to get Los Angeles and I just so happened to be hauling in that direction, so she accepted the ride in my rig. The first couple of days I wanted her to get comfortable. I let her sleep on the bed in the back of the rig and allowed her to hang a sheet for privacy, but tonight I had other plans.


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I looked down at my prize. I managed to tie her up spread eagle, but when I gagged her, she woke up. Now she was looking at me with shock that I would have turned on her and fear of what will happen next. She was wearing a T-shirt to bed and white cotton panties. I rolled her shirt up and around her head and cut her panties off so that she was bearing all to me.

Her skin was silky, white and I looked at the smooth curves of her breasts. I would say C-cups and quite perky as they sat up like cakes with a cherry on top. It was chilly in the rig and her tits were standing at attention and I marveled at the goose bumps forming on those perfect breasts. Soft, blonde hair covered her mound and I licked my lips over that forbidden fruit. I traced a figure down her side and she began to buck and shake like a fish out of water. I didn’t mind, the struggle thrilled me and let out a chuckle.

I took off my shirt and she began to struggle again. I covered her petite body with mine and went straight to those scrumptious cakes of hers. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to suck on it. I heard her whimper and I bit down and sucked harder and she bucked her chest up at me and let out a painful grunt. I began to devour her boob with sucks and bites all the while kneading her other boob and pitching her tit. She was grunting and moving as if she was trying to get away. I latched on to her nipple and sucked it until I knew there would be a nice hickey there. I looked down at my work and saw her tit was a bright red color with some purplish undertones. Hmmm…her skin was so white that it was begging to be marked. I bent down and took in some of her boob and sucked hard and I got the same reaction as before. When I was done, there was a bright, purple mark on the side of her boob and it looked beautiful. I moved to lie beside her and I traced my hand down to her soft mound and began to palm her pussy. It was soft and smooth. It seemed too perfect and now I just wanted to ruin it. I wanted to matte her hair and make it course with my cum and chafe her pussy with my dick.

I slipped a finger into her and I was surprised it was wet. She’s a dirty girl! My abuse caused her to react this way. It was also warm and I felt my dick quiver inside my jeans. I jammed my finger in her hard and she lifted her hips up and cried out behind her gag. I felt her muscles tighten on my finger and my dick jumped to life again. I pulled out slowly and rammed back into her causing her to react the same. If she wasn’t gagged, I’m sure her cries would have been for me to please stop. I watched her slim, pale body arch every time I slammed my finger into her. She was really wet now.

I pulled out a chain out of my pocket and wounded it around my fist. I felt the cool metal mould into my knuckles and placed it in her slit. I started moving my fist up and down her slit, digging the chain into her. The links rubbed her smooth skin and taunted her clit. She squirmed under me and was grunting loudly. I started moving my fist faster and her grunts became longer and louder. I saw a flush rise up in her body as I dug into her and moved faster. The dirty girl likes it. She went tense under my fist and then convulsed several times. I removed the chain and it was dripping with her juices.

I crawled up and positioned myself between her legs and I stared in her eyes as I unbuttoned my pants. Her eyes got wide and she started mumbling behind her gag and shaking her head. I knew she was telling me to stop.

I pulled my cock out and rubbed my hand the length of it. It was swollen and ready for release. I pushed on her thighs and she resisted, but I was able to move them wider. I placed my hands under her ass and brought her pussy to me and started to push in. As soon as I moved the tip in, I felt her muscles tightening around it as if trying to expel it. Mmmmm…I said out loud and pushed in deeper. She was so warm and tight and I felt her tense under me. She had thrown her head back and her fingers were clinched into a fist. I finally pushed in all the way and dug my fingers into her ass and grinded into her. I felt more moisture flow all around my cock and her cunt flex as it tried to accommodate the intrusion.

I didn’t wait, I started to pull out and thrust back in. I wanted to hear the slap of flesh on flesh and see her tits shake with each jab. I moved my hands to the side of her hips for leverage and started to jackhammer into perfectly smooth, white cunt. I wanted to make it red by the end of this night. I slapped against her and tore her open each time and she was screaming behind her gag. I don’t know out of pain or pleasure, but I wasn’t going to stop. She was coating my cock and I think she was even lifting her hips to meet my thrusts. I was pounding so hard the rig was moving sideways. She felt so good, so wet and tight and the friction was amazing. I wanted to fill her up. I wanted to dirty her. I felt my dick swell up and the pressure build until I started pulsing out my cum inside her. Dirty girl loved it.

I pulled out and looked down at my now flush captive. Beads of sweat collected on her body. The bright purple hickey stood out and I thought how she should have a matching one on her ass. Her once perfect pussy now was matted and bright pink. That won’t do. I want it red!

Lucky for me I have all night and several days before we reach Los Angeles.

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