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My wife and I have been married for 11 wonderful years, but we’ve been together a total of 17.


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There were two reasons it took us six years to finally get married. The first was primarily financial reasons, we were still pretty young and didn’t have a lot of financial resources of our own. However, the other reason was due to an incident that occurred not long after we first became engaged. While it did contribute to the delay of our wedding by a number of months, we did eventually reconcile and we’ve enjoyed a healthy and loving relationship ever since.


In fact, as the years went on and she and I discussed it more and more, I began to find the situation and the circumstances surrounding it to be intensely erotic to me and would I press her for more and more details. While I would be devastated if my wife were to ever be unfaithful to me again, I do enjoy that she is the star of this particular story.


Most of this story I’ve pieced together from details I’ve gleaned from her over the years, obviously the dialogue had to be heavily extrapolated and patched together from bits of my own imagination, but this is as true as I know it to be.


Lori and I had been engaged for just over a year, we were still living with our respective families and trying to save up to have a place to move into together after our wedding. We had been a couple for three years up to that point and enjoyed a very passionate, and affectionate relationship.


I was what you would call a “late bloomer”, I’d only had one other girlfriend before Lori and I’d only had sex with her a total of three times before we’d decided we just weren’t meant to be. Lori on the other hand, while not having the torrid backlog many girls her age had, did have significantly more experience than me by the time we had met, having had sex with 6 other men and sexual encounters with a small handful of others in addition.


This never bothered me in the least. I knew it was naïve to expect my eventual wife to be a virgin and to be honest, I rather preferred whomever I were to eventually meet to have a bit of experience.


One of Lori’s previous lovers was a man by the name of  Dante, who, of all her previous boyfriends, she had been in a relationship with the longest which was just a shade under two years. However, even after they ended their romantic relationship, they managed to enjoy a lasting friendship for long afterward, even well into her relationship with me.


Again, being somewhat inexperienced in these things and more than a little naïve, it never really occurred to me that an attraction might still simmer dormant below the surface for both of them.


My wife is astonishingly good at mathematics and is in fact now a college professor. At the time, Dante had been struggling through some advanced level calculus courses, which he needed in order to complete grad school. Lori being the Samaritan she is, offered to spend a weekend afternoon guiding him through the sections he was having trouble with.


They spent the better part of the afternoon pouring over section after section, until finally all of the required material was completed. Dante was extremely grateful for Lori’s help and insisted that she allow him to cook her dinner as a thank you. Dante was actually fairly adept in the kitchen so she accepted his offer.

The table was set, and dinner was served and enjoyed by both of them. The afternoon sun was setting, casting a orange hue into the living room of Dante’s apartment. Since Lori hadn’t had any plans with me that evening, she remained to chat with Dante, finding she was greatly enjoying his company.


They sat on the living room sofa, smiling, talking about their interests and old times they had together while the volume of the bottle of wine they’d been gradually been sipping had grown lower and lower.


I can only imagine how they must have felt in that moment in the duskily lit living room, sitting on either end of the sofa, enjoying each other’s company in a way they hadn’t in years. Feeling completely comfortable and at ease. Being completely open with each other, sharing each other’s thoughts and feelings.


As time wore on they became increasingly more comfortable with each other as their conversation escalated into some mild horseplay, a playful punch on the arm here, a tap on the leg there, not noticing that as they roughhoused and teased each other, they became closer and closer to each other on the sofa.


Dante was a fairly athletic man of Italian American descent. Short, close cropped black hair, dark eyes and distinctive angular facial features. He didn’t participate in any team sports but he was an avid runner and swimmer so he was fairly lean and well toned.


Lori’s petite 5’4” frame was contrasted by her ample breasts which were a wonderful and round 36C. Her soft face was framed by a mane of wavy dark brown hair which hung down just past her shoulders and she had crystal clear hazel eyes that were almost a light amber in color.


Eventually they found themselves sitting side-by-side, next to each other and at once their play stopped, they stared for a long, silent moment into each other’s eyes. A long, very awkward moment overcame them both. They both were thinking the same thing, but neither wanting to make the first move. Then, almost in unison, they began to lean in close, and in an instant, after so many years, their lips met again.


The warmth and feeling of each other’s mouths pressed against one another, at once thrilling and new, yet warm and familiar at the same time. They both eased into each other’s kiss effortlessly, allowing their tongues to slide playfully into each other’s mouths, dancing against each other, her hands lovingly and tenderly holding the sides of his face.


Lori’s thoughts drifting occasionally back to me, knowing full well how wrong this was, and trying to muster the strength to end this. In spite of her actions, she was deeply in love with me and by no means had any desire to hurt me or be unfaithful, but  oh god! his kiss felt so wonderful again! She found it impossible to will herself away from Dante as she melted into him they way she had back when they were lovers.


Lori would later go on to explain to me that she truly believed that Dante by no means had any intent on seducing her and that sex with him never once entered her mind as she traveled to his apartment that afternoon. As the years went on, I did come to believe this. I truly believe that if a relationship is intense enough, no matter the reason for the breakup, that the potential for past attraction to flare up again out of the blue is entirely possible, and I believe that is what happened in Lori’s case.


They continued making out, the intensity and passion increasing exponentially, their arms began to wrap around each other, pulling one against the other tightly, feeling their breathing and heartbeats become synchronous. Her hands gliding up his back, kneading his shoulder blades with her fingers as his did the same with hers, feeling the contours of her back through the fabric of the blouse she was wearing.


Then his hands began to become increasingly bold, his fingers tucked themselves just under the bottom of her blouse which had become untucked from inside her skirt as they kissed.  His hands edged slowly further upward under her blouse until finally they rested upon her bra-clad breasts. Lori felt Dante’s hands upon her but still, made no effort to pull away or stop him, instead just softly moaning into his mouth as he caressed her and kneaded her tits through the silky material of her bra.


His hands made their way around to her back and expertly unhooked her bra, it became slack and the cups fell away from her breasts. He was quick to resume caressing and kneading them, this time, his hands touching the warm bare skin of her tits, rolling her erect nipples between his fingers, feeling her wiggle and writhe on the couch next to him as her arousal intensified.


For a moment they broke their kiss and she leaned back so his fingers could unfasten the buttons of her blouse one by one. She simply sat, looking deeply into his eyes as she allowed him to undress her. He peeled the blouse back and slid it over her silky shoulders, taking the unfastened bra with it and tossing both over the back of the sofa onto the floor. She sat there topless, exposing her bare breasts to her former lover again.


Eyes still locked with hers, he reached down and pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it aside as well, she took a moment to glide her fingertips over the contours of his bare chest, then he cupped her breasts in his hands once again, leaned in closely, extending his tongue and began to lightly swirl the tip of it around one of her nipples.


Lori’s head leaned back and she let out a breathy moan as a wave of sensation surged through her. She rested her hand on the back of his head, lacing her fingers through his dark hair as his tongue circled her erect nipple. Then forming a seal around it with his lips, began to gently suck on it with alternating degrees of pressure while still cradling the rest of her breast in his hand, kneading it. He alternated back and forth between each breast, suckling, licking, teasing each one. Causing gooseflesh to rise all over Lori’s body, driving her absoloutely wild with desire.


“MMMmmmmm….Ooohhhhhh…my…goooooddd yesss….” She gasped and moaned over and over as his mouth worked on her.


As he pleasured her breasts and nipples, Lori’s hands made their way down to Dante’s belt, which she deftly was able to unfasten followed by the button then finally unzipping his pants. The waistband loosened allowing Lori easier access to what was inside. She slipped her hand in, under the waistband of his underwear where her fingers found his penis, throbbing and coiled inside, as if waiting for her so it could emerge. She wrapped her delicate fingers around his shaft and pulled his cock out over his boxers, slowly stroking him as he sucked on her tits again and again.


As she jerked his cock she could feel droplets of warm precum oozing from the tip, which she would swirl around his cock head with her thumb and lubricating the rest of his shaft. His hips rocked back and forth in unison with her hand. Then, she lifted his head from her breasts and scooted back on the sofa just a few inches, looking him directly in the face and giving him a playful grin and a look of hunger in her eyes.


She reached down and grabbed the waist of his pants and tugged them down, along with his underwear. Dante lifted his legs slightly so Lori could slide his pants off of him and set them to the side. He sat there now, completely naked  with his throbbing cock fully erect and standing straight up for her. Lori, still in her skirt and panties slid to a kneeling position on the floor in front of Dante. He spread his legs wide as Lori kneeled between them, examining the cock she already knew so well but still wanted so badly.


She wrapped her hand around it once again and began to run her tongue around his cock head. Dragging the tip of her tongue just under the ridge of it. Dante leaned back on the sofa and moaned out in ecstasy as my fiancée, my future wife, began to willingly seal her lips around his shaft. She gazed up at him to witness the pleasure on his face as she took more and more of his length into her mouth, lowering her head ever so slowly on him, feeling the tip of his cock just brushing the back of her throat.


Lori rested her hands on Dante’s bare thighs as she began to work up a rhythm on him, her head bobbing up and down and twisting, her tongue cradling the underside of the cock she’d sucked so many times before, but treating it as if it were the first time.


Her hands glided back and forth along his thighs and she even caressed his balls a number of times as she sucked her ex boyfriends cock. He had to have been in heaven, seeing Lori kneeling on his living room floor, topless and giving him exquisite head.


This went on for a moment or two more then Dante took initiative again. He pulled Lori’s head from his cock and pulled her back up onto the sofa with him, this time, gently, lovingly laying her down on her back. He unzipped the side of her skirt and slid it off of her, followed quickly by her panties. Lori lay there naked on Dante’s couch, aroused, nervous, still wrestling with the conflicting feelings of what she was doing. She still had a chance, yes she’d gone too far already but it still wasn’t too late to salvage her conscience.


But Dante leaned over her, his naked body practically covering hers, she looked up at him, shaking but gave him a warm smile. He then moved his hand between Lori’s legs where his fingers found her swollen clit, so wet and firm as he gently massaged it. Lori let out another series of soft, purring moans as Dante rubbed her, spreading her legs a bit wider as his fingers would slide up and down along the length of her moist pussy lips.


Dante leaned forward and kissed Lori passionately as he continued to finger her, plunging his tongue into her mouth yet again. Then lifting his head to come face to face with her, to see her pleasure and let it inspire him.


In spite of all they’d done so far Dante wasn’t entirely without conscience. Lori was a former lover and appeared willing to give herself to him for the evening but he was still aware that she was an engaged woman, promised to another man, me.


He lifted his head and took a moment to ask her “Are you ok with this?” Lori did take a moment before she spoke again, but then she simply nodded and said in a kind of resigned tone, “Yes”.


I suppose at that point she figured after all she’d done, she might as well take this to it’s inevitable conclusion and to simply let herself go and deal with the consequences later.


Hearing this, Dante withdrew his fingers from Lori’s pussy and slid up, positioning himself above her. She placed her hands on his chest lightly and looked up at him with total trust, desire and even for a while, love in her eyes.


Dante took his cock into his hand and steadied it, moving forward, until the tip of  it made contact with Lori’s wet pussy. They gave each other one last lingering look, there was still one last moment to back out, to end this, but ultimately, they let the moment go.


Dante rocked his hips forward and slowly began to push his penis into Lori.


The former lovers, rejoined once again.


“Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh…….” Lori called out as she felt Dante’s erection gliding deeper into her body. “OOOOhhhhhhh Gooooodddd”. Her fingers digging somewhat into his bare chest as she strained to take him inside her. It was to late now, another man was fucking my finacee.


He buried his cock deep inside her pussy and took a long moment to savor just being inside her, feeling their bodies connected, becoming one body again.


Lori glided her hands over Dante’s shoulders, down his arms and back up again as he began to thrust back and forth, slowly at first, very slowly for a long time, enjoying each stroke of her pussy walls gliding back and forth along the flesh of his cock. Looking down into her eyes, the two of them smiling warmly at each other as they made love on the sofa.


Lori spread her legs wide, giving Dante all the room he needed to drive his cock into her pussy as deep as he could.  His hips pivoting back and forth, working his shaft into Lori again and again. Her beautiful, naked body rocking back and forth underneath him, feeling so alive, so uninhibited. Letting herself just this one time, give in to total lust and pleasure. Giving herself this moment to treasure for the rest of her life.


Dante’s pace increased, he pistoned his dick  into Lori’s pussy with greater and greater speed. Her wetness coating the length of his bare, unprotected cock.


Dante rested his hands upon Lori’s tits as he began to fuck her faster and faster, harder and deeper. “UUUUUUHHHHHNNNNNN UUUUHHHH UUHHHHH UHHHHHH UHHHHHH…….OH GOD….OH JESUS YES….FUCK ME…she screamed…..FUCK MEEEE!”


Beads of sweat formed on Dante’s face and body, some of with would rain down onto Lori’s bare skin. He worked so hard to please her, grinding his cock into her with all of the passion he could muster.


Lori’s breathing and panting began to quicken, her eyes widened, the friction of his cock causing the pleasure to swell inside her. She felt it building, she clung to him, holding on, tensing, looking up at him, feeling him fuck her until finally, her orgasm exploded through her.




Lori’s pussy clenched tightly around Dante’s thrusting cock as she came hard for him.  His bare ass pumping up and down between her open legs, clenching tightly with each inward thrust. He didn’t slow down for a moment, he fucked his ex-girlfriend right through her orgasm and kept thrusting.


As her orgasm began to subside she settled into his thrusts again. She looked up at him, wide-eyed as she caressed his face gently. He smiled down at her, saying in a panting voice “That’ ok?” “Oh my god yes!” she replied.


At that point, he withdrew his cock slowly from her and she gave him a curious look, not knowing what his intentions were now.


He stood up and offered her his hand, she took it and he pulled her to her feet and walked her to the end of the sofa, turned her around and had her bend at the waist over the armrest. She placed her hands, palms flat, on the cushion.


Dante took his position behind her, holding his cock in his hand, he rubbed the head along the length of her slit, while his other hand was holding her waist. Lori braced herself and let out a groan as she felt him push his dick into her again.


Once he was fully inside her again. He held onto her waist with both hands, gripping tightly as he pulled Lori back and forth on his pulsating cock. His hips making loud slapping sounds each time they connected with her ass.


Before, there may have been a pretense of making love, a rekindling of past emotion and passion, but now this was different, he’d shifted into a different gear and he was FUCKING Lori. Mounting her in a very primal and animalistic fashion.


Lori gripped the couch cushion as Dante drove into her hard from behind, her gorgeous tits swaying back and forth wildly from the force of his thrusts, which he would occasionally reach forward to grip onto, squeezing them, tugging on her nipples.


They fucked each other madly. Grunting, moaning, groaning, gasping, panting. Totally lost in sex, swimming through the pleasure of each other’s bodies.


Dante pumped Lori’s mound for what felt like an eternity. Lori’s arms grew tired from supporting her upper body so she slumped down a bit, her head almost resting on her arms and she remained like that, enjoying being fucked by her ex-boyfriend.


Finally, the friction of Lori’s pussy began to cause sensations to well up within Dante. Subtle at first but increasing ever faster, it caused him to fuck Lori harder than ever, his hips slamming against her ass now as he tried to get his cock as deep inside her as he could. Lori could feel him tensing up, hear his breathing grow quicker and more rapid. She prepared herself for the inevitable. Fortunately Lori had been on the pill for a number of months, and fortunately for Dante, he would get to savor the sensation of releasing his load, deep inside Lori’s willing pussy.






And in an instant, every muscle in Dante’s body contracted, his calves flexing as he stood on the balls of his feet, ramming his cock into my fiancee’s pussy.  He vibrated and shook as he experienced one of the most powerful orgasms of his life. Sensation and intensity surged through his naked body and manifested itself in a wave of hot, pearly cum which flowed in jets into Lori’s body. In all the time they had dated, they’d always needed to use some kind of protection or Dante would have to pull out. How ironic that now, only when she is no longer his lover, promised to marry another, is he able to release his cum inside her.


Lori gripped the sofa as she felt Dante’s warmth spreading inside her. She knew at that moment, he was cumming in her and she allowed herself a warm smile of satisfaction. Hearing him behind her, grunting, groaning and moaning out his pleasure as he climaxed in her was intensly satisfying and erotic to her, so much so that halfway through his orgasm, her second one began to swell up within her. His cock throbbing and pulsing in her, the tingling intensified until she too finally exploded in one last intense wave of orgasmic pleasure.


As the last jet of cum left Dante’s cock, his tremors began to subside and he stood there for a moment, panting as if he’d just run a marathon. Sweat poured down his body and his head felt light and even a bit dizzy.


Lori was still bent at the waist over the arm of the sofa, but now no energy left. She lay there trying to take in the moment of what just happened, as her lover’s cock began to soften inside her.


Dante’s penis softened to the point where it could no longer remain inside Lori and it slipped out of her, bringing with it a string of his cum which ran slowly down the inside of her leg. Dante then collapsed, spent over Lori’s body. They lay there for a long while, feeling each other in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Both feeling warm, satisfied and happy. Dante playfully kissed the back of Lori’s neck and shoulders and she betrayed a girlish giggle.


They resituated themselves into a more comfortable position on the sofa, side by side, still naked, his arm around her, her head resting on his shoulder. Savoring being in each other’s presence one final time as lovers.


Lori remained at Dante’s apartment for the remainder of the evening and didn’t leave until the following morning. Lori and Dante retreated to his bedroom where they made love two more times that night.


For the next couple weeks, Lori became overwhelmed with guilt over what she had done. I noticed that she seemed cold, distant and unresponsive, but she wouldn’t give me any details. However, she and I did make love several times during that period, moreso than usual. Now I know she was trying to bury what she did under layers of sessions with me.


Finally, unable to carry the secret any longer and not willing to carry it into our marriage, she confessed to me. I was understandably outraged and hurt. It was so unlike her, the last thing I would ever think she would do. We went through a very rough period of reconciliation and very nearly broke off our engagement on a couple of occasions, however, our love did finally overcome the stain of that evening and we finally did marry. Now 11 years later, we are blissfully happy and the events of that night merely a memory.


In fact, strange as it may seem, not only does her evening make for a very erotic story, but I find myself actually happy for her that she was able to have that experience, and at least it was with someone she cared for and trusted and who cared for her. To allow let herself go and feel passion like that as a single woman one last time.


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