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  By: jayjay

 Never thought it would happen. Never. I love men, especially my man, Sporza. I never felt anything but friendship for women. Until last week.


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Naughty level to be set later

Our friends from the US, Stephen and Angel Saint, spend this summer with us, in Italy. Part of it at our home near Verona, part of it in Rimini at the Adriatic Sea.

The four us sat at the beach, discussing soccer, baseball, food, wine, politics and sex.

I was - as usual - topless, Angel wore a top and a T-shirt.

Suddenly I had enough and said to Angel: 'Let's rent one of these sailing boats.'

She looked pleasantly surprised. I put on a T-shirt and we took one of these small boats and sailed away from the beach.
I learned to sail as a child, together with my big sister. My dad learned it to is and he made sure we got pretty good at it. So good, that my sic even made into the Italian team.

So I had problems steering this small boat away from the shore. It was a hot day, lots of sun, but also a nice breeze.
I sat at the helm and Angel was really enjoying this trip. 'Come sit next to me', I said to her, while I took my T-shirt off. I love the feeling of the wind, the spray of water and the sun on my skin.

Angel got up and she sat next to me. 'Come on Angel, loosen up! Take that T-shirt and that bikini top off. You're not in that prude US of A of yours. This is Italy, this Europe. Enjoy our live a bit.'

Angel smiled in a shy-ish way. But she took of the shirt off. Not enough, I thought and I unhooked her top.

And there she sat, this beautiful America woman with her lovely brown hair, her pretty body and sensational B-cup breasts. Finally the sun was shining on her sexy nipples.

The wind caught the sails and the boat turned to the right. Angels body was close to mine. Sparks flew through my body.
With my right hand I held the helm. I put my left hand around Angel's hips and pulled her closer to me. It happened, it wasn't planned, but I loved it.

Angel laid her head on my shoulder. Her right hand rested on my thigh.

My hand went up, it touched her left breast. I took it in my hand. I kissed her neck and said: 'I want you, Angel.'
She turned her head and nodded. Angel looked so seductive. Sparks everywhere! On my skin, in my nipples, in my pussy.
I steered the boat to a buoy and put a line around it. We were at least a mile or two from the beach. The sea, the sky, the boat, us. That was our world.

And there we were.

We kissed. Our hands touched and caressed each others breasts. We got up, took each others panties off.
I put my arms around Angel Stephen, this sophisticated but shy and a bit prudish American lady.
I held her close. She is taller than me and I stood on my toes to kiss her. Our breasts touched, I felt her great nipples. I felt her pussy against mine.

We sat down, we laid down. I felt that her pussy was wet. My pussy was wet.

I took the bottle of white wine that was in my bag. I poured it over Angels tits, her belly, her pussy. I licked/ drank it.
And then my tongue found her shaven pussy, her clitoris. I went wild, put a finger in her cunt.
Was that me who did that?

She sighed, she moaned. Angel felt an orgasm coming up. Her skin tasted salty. Salt from the sea, salt from her wet cunt. I turned around and sat above her: a 69 in a boat on the sea. A perfect Italian summer.

Angel licked me, pulled my hips, my cunt toward her mouth. It was if we were floating…
She came, I came, we both came and came.

Breathless we laid next to each other. I kissed her intensely, she kissed me back. We smiled. This was our summer secret.
Angel and I got up and we jumped in the clear blue sea. We held each other close, we kissed again.
We dove, swam underwater. The sea was so clear and I saw her perfect body and it looked like a goddess.

My Goddess.

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saintstephen    (2012-07-01 08:11:45)    Flag as inappropiate

Thank you...working on my story....soon.....

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