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  By: Law

Early Friday afternoon sat at work with nothing to do so I start to browse the internet and your email comes up in the corner of my screen. You have cake on your floor! I tell you I'm so busy and haven't the time to come down and get it but will you be so kind to bring it to me, possibly along with a cup of tea (you can't have one without the other). You're not my slave, my wife or my girlfriend, its not in your job description, etc etc. you are right I don't have any cash on me to pay you so can only offer you my smile and possibly the favour returned one day. What that? My smile isn't enough? Well what can I do for you that will make you bring me a slice of your cake? Ahh we can't talk about that over email. Well maybe I can whisper it into your ear sometime? 


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Naughty level to be set later

The banter helps break up my day and before I know it I'm thinking of you. Thinking of your sweet smile and your deep blue eyes. Thinking of your skin and how I want to brush my lips against your neck. Run my hands along the curves of your hips and squeeze your thighs. I've always wondered what's underneath those flimsy but never too revealing skirts you wear and I know that by the way you look at me and how close you stand to me in the lift and how you drink me in you feel the same way too. To taste you would be sweet 

Before I know it you're behind placing the cake on my desk. Your hand slowly brushes mine as you place it down. There's no need for you to be so close but I can feel your breath on my neck as you reach around me brushing your breasts against my other shoulder. Hell. I turn to face you and we're talking now about the cake and why you don't do this for me more often. You're too close to me now with oone of your legs between mine and I can feel the heat coming from your body. As you linger we stare into each others eyes and there's something left unsaid between us. This has been going on too long in an open plan office. I make my excuse that I need top get a file from another floor and you don't step back when I get up and as I rise my thigh rubs all the way your leg until finally you step back and we stare at each other for another moment. I make to go past you and my hand brushes against your stomach, the brush turns into a stroke down to the top of your crotch and I'm getting hard. You make to move back from my desk and brush past my crotch feeling my hard cock against your leg. You push against me a little letting me know its ok letting your hand brush against my cock as your turn. We walk to the hallway together to the lifts. 

In the lift your stood too close to me again as the door closes, I can feel your heat and the sexual tension is too mush as I breathe you in. With my hand around your waist I turn you round to face me and push my tongue deep into your mouth. You return the kiss and we push our bodies against each other so you can feel my cock pressing against you. 

We're out the lifts now and I'm not sure who is pulling who into the bathroom, in to the far cubicle as my tongue searches for your mouth again as one of us (hopefully) locks the door. We're pulling off each others clothes and I make a beeline for that skirt with my hands inside your tights now on your smooth, pert ass working your top up with my other hand exposing your small breasts. I pull your bra down to your stomach and work my mouth over your breasts biting and sucking your nipples as your body arches towards me. 
My hand reaches inside your knickers and your wet, warm pussy only spurs me on as you force yourself onto my hands and fingers. We're both breathing quickly now trying to suppress any moans of pleasure as my fingers work your pussy. You pull my hand up and suck my fingers tasting yourself, licking my fingers one by one. I immediately kiss you and taste your sweet juices on your lips. Pushing you against the wall I kneel between your legs and with my mouth slightly open I lean towards your pussy taking as mush of  you in my mouth as I can. Working my mouth over your lips  and my tongue over your clit as you grind yourself into my face. Your pussy juice all over my mouth and face as I taste as much of you as I can. Before you can come I stand up to kiss you and you lick your juice from my face before wrapping your lips around my hard cock and taking me as far back into your throat as you can. My cock stretches your mouth open as you can feel my sweet pre-cum dripping down your throat as you work my veiny cock back and forth in your mouth working up as much spit as you can so its nice and wet. You dig your nails into my ass cheeks and pull me further into your mouth as you feel my cock stretching your lips as it gets harder. You work my shaft with your lips as one hand works my balls and the other works around my ass. Using your spit you wet your fingers and slowly push one inside my ass as you take my cock in and out of your mouth. Slowly you work my ass and insert another finger. The sensation of your mouth around my cock with your tongue flicking over my shaft and your hands on my balls and fingers stretching my ass drives me crazy. The sweet taste of my precum spurs you on and you can feel I'm close so you push your fingers further inside my ass. Oh god

Before I do I pull my cock out of your mouth and spin you round, bend you over and put my mouth to your ass, pushing my tongue deeper inside your hole as my fingers work your pussy. You're pushing your cunt and your ass against me now and rubbing your wetness all over my face as I lick your pussy juice from your holes. The heat is building in you now and I force three fingers into your pussy reaching deeper inside your whilst using my other hand to spread your cheeks so my tongue can delve deeper in your ass. You're going to cum hard onto my face soon. Licking and spitting on your hole you can feel me all over you. All of a sudden I stand and plunge my cock into your and simultaneously push my thumb into your ass. As I push deep inside you opening you up your legs begin to buckle, your pussy getting hotter and hotter as I thrust my cock deep into you, fucking you slowly and forcefully, playing with your ass until you can't bear the pressure any more. I can feel you as you start to gyrate deeper into my crotch spreading your wetness all over me, faster and harder, your breathing becoming more erratic as you bear down on me and start to cum. I can feel your cum spreading from your pussy onto my balls as I pump you deep and slow making sure you can feel every last inch of my thick, veiny cock. Your lips tight on my cock as you eek out every last drop of your orgasm. As you finish I pull out of you and you can feel the warm jets of cum spreading over your ass cheeks. The orgasm is so intense I press my head into your anus and force the rest of my cum inside your ass. 

You're still propping yourself up as I lean on you and we catch our breath basking in the warm post orgasm glow. My hand massaging your lips and ass rubbing our cum together and into your thighs and cunt. You can feel my still semi hard cock pressed against your ass as it slips over you amongst the cum. I raise my fingers to your mouth and we lick the cum from my hand and kiss at the same time savoring every last drop. We just have to get out now without anyone seeing us........

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