My time after the office   added 3 years ago    

  By: LovesGirls

                I was on my way home to my one bedroom apartment. When I thought to myself about work at the lame office I worked at and how I needed to write more memos and emails for a boss who didn’t respect me, when I thought about my wonderful girlfriend who was home already. She was so wonderful. When I turned on my street I thought about how much I loved her. I went to the first floor apt 14 and knocked on the door. She opened the door and I greeted her.


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Naughty level to be set later

“hey cutie how was school?”

“fine John how was work?”              

“very very tiring, I couldn’t keep my eyes open for most of the day”

We kissed and she looked at me as I pulled away longingly for more of my lips.

“please sweetie I have thought about you all day”

We fell into a very hot makeout as I pushed her onto the couch and I slapped her ass until I could feel the heat through her jeans. While she was moaning she kept biting my neck longing for more pain. I looked at her back while I kept pounding her ass with my hand and she was wearing a tight blue thong. I reached as she continued sucking and nibbling my neck and pulled it tight upwards showing off her tight ass.

                She stopped briefly to tell me how sexy I looked, she started unbuttoning my shirt as i spread her legs as started rubbing her clit through her pants.

“your such a fucking bad girl”

                She nodded her head and moaned softly, as though she didn’t want me to ever stop rubbing her sweet tender pussy. She reached and pulled me in after she finished unbuttoning my shirt and started rubbing my chiseled chest and perfect abs.  she smiled satisfied at my body and kissed me down my chest while I kept rubbing her cunt.

                Opened her legs even more and looked at my bulge that was forming in my jeans. She smiled and bit the bottom of her lip.

“john I need to get this shirt off!”

                I simply ripped off her shirt. Unhooked her bra with a single hand and started sucking unmercifully at her full brests and bit her niple tightly with me front teeth. She loves pain like this and moaning said

“god fuck! John keep sucking my Tits more! Bite them!”

                I kept going as she started exploring up and down my body down to my cock, ready to explode out of my jeans. She rubbed up and down the shaft as I reached my hand down into her panties, she was already soaking wet in her tight thong.

                As I rubbed her clit in circles as she went crazy in my lap.

“I want you INSIDE! NOW!!”

                I laughed and said

“Melissa not yet, but ill give you something really nice first”

I stood her up and took off her pants and thong as I started looking up and down her perfect body. She had such a nice ass and perfect perky tits. I sat her down again as I spread her legs far far apart and starting slurping her fresh shaven pussy, she moaned as I started licking her slit up and down and teasing her clit.

“John I need it….i need your big fat cock inside me deep!”

                I ignored her plees and while I enjoyed the scent of her as I continued battering her pussy with my tongue and as I finnally sucked her clit exactly how she likes. Then I finnaly took off my already unbuttoned shirt and threw it across the room. She looked at my arms and face as I went back to sucking her until she got off screaming.


                She shuddered as she was in my lap in a moaning fit and loving every second of her release. Then she stood up and dragged me up with her  whole body since I was so much bigger than her. She undid my jeans and popped out my 7 and a half inch dick from my boxers.

                She started sucking at my cock and had my balls bouncing against her chin when I stopped her cuz I was done with the foreplay. I was an animal inside as her mouth popped out the head of my penis. I made her get on her hands and knees and wave her ass in the air as I prepared to penitrate her soaking pussy. I reelled back my dick and slipped it forcefully inside her and starting going hard and fast inside as she gripped my cock as I groaned and squimmed thinking about her tits bobbing back and forth.

‘John fuck me hard! Fuck me harder! I want your cum all fucking over!’

“whos my little fuck tool!?”

She screamed as I kept fucking her

“yes! I am! Me!”

“fuck melissa!”

I slowed down as I felt her pussy tightening

“melissa, I love you….so much”

“I love you too!”

She came all over my dick and I slipped it right outside of her, turned her around with her orgasm still making her shudder deeply, and I stroked my dick as she got on her knees and took my hot cum all over her chest and face.

“ahhhhh” she took some from her face and plopped it into her mouth, “I love your sweet sweet cum” she sighed and smiled as she rubbed more all over her nipples and breasts.

“Be happy we get to do that every night melissa, because I love you so much every time we fuck hard like that”

We both smiled knowingly and had one last makeout before falling asleep on the couch completely spent for that night.  

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