The Mrs - Doing What\'s Necessary - A Role Play   added 3 years ago    

  By: saintstephen

Prelude - Have introduced the topic with Mrs of sharing her and swapping with others at different times during our 25 year marriage.
Being a good catholic girl this isn't going to happen and yet she does enjoy very much when I pretend to be a different person while having sex.
This is a fantasy not real life but was a fun role play this weekend. Thought you might enjoy.


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Naughty level to be set later

Warm Ups -Friday Night - Was feeling very randy being away for an entire week. Talking to her while making the 3+ hour drive home explaining how I was going to "take" her that evening. That evening drinks and nice dinner. Wife asks, if I had a story for this evening since my mind usually wanders duiring my drive home and can develop some hot scenarios for us.
Why, yes I do! Explained that we were in France (note: it could be any foreign country) and somehow I ran amuck with a frivolous local law and was jailed. My wife appeals to the US embassy and the French consulate agrees to meet my wife.

She knows how I like when she dresses up and she laid out her clothes while showering.
Nice strapless dress that is easily pulled off and very sheer to waist expensive stockings and pumps. I cut the cotton crotch out of the hosiery and left the room to shower.

The Mrs upon arriving at the embassy is led to the ambassador's residence. She is standing there in my bedroom looking quite spectacular. All dressed up, nice pumps, impecable make up etc. I take her in from head to toe, not hiding at all my appreciation of her fine body.

My question to her is direct and simple, is she willing to do what is necessary to obtain her husband's release and for returning our passports so that we may return to the US? Her response is equally direct, yes she will do whatever is necessary.
Note: She enjoy being put into situations that she has little choice . Says, it makes it easier to let go.

We start with a slow dance and 20' later she has been raveged, lying on the ambassador's bed with her hosiery ripped to shreds. WOW!!, was all she can say. That was hot!! Again, she seem to enjoy being with another. Of course, played my role talking dirty and telling her that she must fuck me if she wanted her husband released.

My wife is instructed to return to the embassy again on Sunday evening and her husband would be released
and passports returned. But, I say, please dress nicely. After all we are civilized here in France.

Saturday & Sunday Daytime

Over the weekend she is asking, what the ambassador has in mind for Sunday night?
Will she have to be with the ambassador again before her husband is released?
Interesting that once again she seems very excited about what is going to happen.

Playing my role as the ambassador, texts are sent explaining how I am looking forward to seeing her again and sure she and
husband would be able to leave France. Of course, there is always the possibility of unforseen complications but sure we could work together to resolve. My closing words are that she is a beautiful woman and her husband is a lucky man.

Sunday Evening -

After watching the "Good Wife" which always makes me horny, we retire up to the bedroom. The Mrs takes a shower while I use the guest bathroom to get ready. Remind her that she has a very important appointment in 20 minutes.
I arrive at my bedroom and there is the Mrs dressed in a nice button down black dress with simple pumps and no hosiery. New dress, very simple, very hot! I walk around, again taking her in and then instruct the guard to bring in her husband.
He is dressed in casual clothing, hair still wet from showering and cleanly shaven.

BUT he is still handcuffed and I instruct the guard to sit him down and handcuff his hands and legs to the chair only 3' from my bed. Although he is that close the shackles prevent him from reaching out or kicking.

The Bull, The Cuck or Both

I place the passports on a night table 1' away from the chair where the husband is constrained.
I explain, the passports are yours to take and go after tonight. The Mrs is looking down wondering what is coming, knowing this is not going to be that simple. There is only one more task to complete before going.........

Reaching into a bag on the side of the bed I place a pair of ultrasheer all nude panty hose. Retail price $40. The husband is looking confused. The package is placed next to the passports. Looking directly at the husband,,,,"it's only fair to return your passports and replace the stockings that I tore off your wife before fucking her like there was no tomorrow on Friday.....Now before you get crazy and fruitlessly try to break free....just keep in mind that your wife doing what "was necessary" has resulted in your being here this evening".

So now the question is the same to the husband..."Are you willing to give permission to your wife to do what is necessary to secure your release tonight.....If you are returned to jail, it will be in the general population and quite honestly they don't take kindly to foreigners"

The husband is clearly conflicted, not wanting his wife to endure being violtated but not returning to the jail....I am personally turned on by the thought of being the bull in charge......"Before you answer under the impression that your wife will endure a terrible experience, let me show you a video of our initial get together"

On the 56" flat screen the Mrs is viewed lying on her back while I am fucking her hard. The Mrs' face is the focal point, eyes are open and then close as her breath becomes more urgent. "Oh my god, oh my god" is her mantra as her eyes roll back as she experiences an intense orgasam......The husband is looking at her in disbelief, "you loved that, didn't you"......."Yes", she replies.

"So", I ask...."do you want your wife to secure your release this evening?".......He nods in the affirmative.
I sit next the his wife, not 2' from the husband. Unbuttoning the bottom buttons of the sexy dress to mid thigh.
"Nice, your wife has great leags and so smooth"
"Did you shave your legs and did you shave your mound as I suggested you should on Friday"
She is embarrassed, "yes i did"

Continue to run my hand up and down her legs getting higher and higher up the dress.
"let's show your husband how to kiss"
Taking her in my arms, we kiss passionately, her mouth is open and tongues are doing the samba.

Must admit I am so turned on by the thought of making out with another man's wife while he is less than a couple of feet from us.

Also, there is some appeal about watching the wife with another.
In either case my cock is standing at attention.

The button down dress is now all unbuttoned and to my absolute surprise there is nothing on underneath.
Seems the Mrs anticipated having to again win her husband's release and even possibly looking forward to it?

I stand her up as my clothing is removed. Behind her now I kiss her neck and cup her tits while telling the husband what a beautiful wife he has. Again we kiss passionately. The black dress is wide open showing showing her spectacular body but not removed.

Taking her back to the bed, she is seated on the edge of the bed. Lay her down, head on a pillow, with legs dangling off the side of the bed.
"Your wife, says you don't eat her pussy"
"Too bad because she really likes it. let me show you"
Her legs are parted and my head moves between her thighs and gently parted.

Husband is literally looking at the back of my head, with his wife spread open.
He can see her face, her eyes, with full view of her naked front.
I begin kissing, licking and she is trying to resist but to no avail.
Slowly she begins to respond and awhile later is fucking my face.

Just prior to her cumming, I stop and kiss her flush on her lips.
She is made to taste herself.

"See", I say to hubby, a good pussy licking makes your Mrs go wild and gets her all ready for a good fucking.
His face is red, not sure whether he is enraged or turned on.
Pull the Mrs hips to the edge of the bed and stand up.
I position my very, very hard cock at her entrance.

"Tell your hubby, where you want my cock"
"In my pussy"
I say to the husband, "one last time, does your wife have permission to do earn your release by fucking me"
"Yes" he replies.
"What may I do to your wife"
"You can fuck her", he replies.

As I begin to enter the Mrs, ask her to tell the husband what I am doing and what she is feeling.
"You're entering me, you're slowly going back and forth. oh my god, oh my good, feels so good"
"You're pace is getting faster, you're so hard, I'm so wet, oh my god, oh my god"
After a few more very hard and fast pumps I unleash a flood of semen into her pussy, as she orgasams and her eyes roll to the back of her head.

My legs are shaking as are hers. After recovering for a couple of moments, my cock slowly leaves her pussy.
After kissing her a few more times, I say, "you are free to go".

The guard is summoned back into the room as my wife buttons her dress back up.

"Please allow the Mrs to use the bathroom and when ready release the husband and return their passports and don't forget to take your gift too".
Excusing myself, I leave the bedroom to attend to other State Affairs.
Well that was it......Is there a shot the Mrs will ever agree? Comments/thoughts welcomed.

Saint Stephen

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