The Story of Me - Part 1 The Tease   added 3 years ago    

  By: LadySub

I rarely share with others how I became the way I am and why I am drawn to certain men and what they can do for me or should I say what they can do to me. In a moment of self reflection, I’ve decided to put pen to paper and write out my story.  


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Naughty level to be set later

It was the summer before college and my parents decided to go on a second honeymoon, leaving me to house sit. Always such the dutiful daughter, they never assumed I would throw a party, dance around naked to rock and roll, or set up a brothel in the house and they would be right. I was a timid rabbit and always afraid to stray from the path. I was the “good” girl and did what I was told. But…I had a secret. A secret I kept from my parents and friends and one that would skyrocket me off the straight and narrow into a world that I feel I truly and always belonged.

What is the secret, you ask? Well, it was a something so simple you might laugh. I had discovered chat rooms and a place where a young, virgin girl expanding her knowledge could go and stretch her sexual wings. I learned the power I had; at least I thought I was powerful, over men in these rooms wielding my syrupy, sweet words of “what I would like to do to you…” It was all good fun and made for nice nightly masturbation sessions before bed. All good fun, when everyone is a stranger. However, not everyone was a stranger. I had been chatting with a neighbor for over 6 months now and to be honest I don’t even remember how it was initiated, but it got pretty steamy fast. I have to admit, I was curious as hell and it didn’t take others long to get me chatting about sex.

Mr. Pomeroy. That was his name. He was in his 40’s, but that didn’t bother me. After all, we were on the computer and not actually doing anything. Not saying I wouldn’t think about it. He was a man in good shape and not overall muscular, but toned in the right places. His dark hair had some white, but I thought it was quite distinguished. He asked that I call him Scott when we chatted online. Oh I promised this man many things. Things I didn’t really think he would call me on. Things like letting him take my virginity, being his sex slave for a weekend, and things that made a 19 year old giggle, but went with because it was just chat.

Then one night the phone rang. It was the 3rd day of my parents’ vacation and I had been in my own bubble and the ringing startled me. I picked up and there he was, Mr. Pomeroy, on the other side of the line. “I thought you would like to talk instead of chat, since your parents are out of town,” he said. Being shy, I said I didn’t think I would be very good at it and might giggle too much. “I can do all the talking,” he said, “Just listen to my voice. But, first, I want you to take off all your clothes and describe your body to me.”

I did what he asked, trembling a little at how naughty this is and wondering if I should be doing this. After all, it’s not on the computer. The phone is a bit more personal. I don’t know how to begin, I said. “Start with your hair and work your way down, Sweetheart.”

Well, my hair is loose and flowing over my shoulders. I took a shower, so it smells like flowers. I have some lip gloss on, so my lips are shiny and I took off my bra. “What size do you wear, Lauren?”

I wear a 34 C, but my nipples are small. Not like you see on the TV. He chuckled and said that most are not like you see on TV. I have a narrow waist and I trimmed…”area” today. “Area?,” He said, “I want you to call it pussy. Now say that again.”

I…I…shaved my pussy today, so that does look like it does on TV. He let out a big laugh with that one.

 “Lay down, funny girl. I want you to touch where I tell you touch. Let your fingers be my lips.” I told him I was laying down. “I want you to gently rub your lips and then bob one finger in your mouth a give it a lick. Then a suck. After you are done sucking, run it down your neck gently until they are resting on your breasts. I want you to rub your nipples and tell me when they are hard.” I let out a breath and started rubbing my nipples and instinctively spread my legs open. I felt the cool air from the fan above caress my pussy and with the burning sensation coming from my nipples, I let my head fall back and let out an Mmmmmmm.

“I take it you enjoy that, huh?”

Yes, I do and I told him the sensations I was feeling. “I wish I was there to see you sprawled out on your bed like that, Lauren.”

“My nipples are hard now, Scott.” I said breathlessly.

“Good, I want you to run your hand down over your pussy and palm it. Once you have it, start kneading it and tell me how it makes you feel.”

I did what he said. I spread my legs wider and started kneading my pussy. I told him it felt good and that I wanted more. “I bet you are getting real wet for me.” I let out a drawn out Mhmmmmm. “I bet you have done this before. Tell me how you make yourself cum.”

I told him I find my clit and I start rubbing it until I can’t stand it and I let my fingers glide inside me. I think about how it would be to have a man inside me and I pump my fingers deeper inside me. Then I go back to my clit and rub it until I explode. “I want you to cum for me over the phone, Lauren.”

I don’t know what he was expecting because I had mastered the quiet O like most people my age probably have, living at home. So, all he heard was my heavy breathing until I came. “I guess I have to be there to see it, huh?” He said. I told him I was sorry.

“So, when do you want to make good on your promises?” He asked.

That jolted me …Meet? He wants to meet F2F?! “I thought we were just having fun and chatting…um…from afar.”

“Yea, we are having fun, but I gave you a lot and you made promises.”

After much coercing, I found myself sitting in Mr. Pomeroy’s living room clutching a glass of wine he just poured me. I guess he thought it would cut the edge off, but I still felt nervous and felt myself shiver every once in awhile. He sat next to me and he smelled real good – a mixture of musk and leather. He put his arm around me and said, “So, this is the deal. You will fulfill all your promises over the course of 3 days and see where that leads.” He took the glass out of my hand and set it aside. He leaned over me and continued. “You will do everything I say. When you respond to me, you will call me Sir. If you don’t do everything I say or not address me properly, I will punish you severely.” I had forgotten to breathe, so when I felt his hand going up my leg I jumped and let out a big gasp. “I know I will be your first, so I will forgive that, but if you are going to enjoy this, you need to relax.”

He leaned down and brushed his lips over mine and then he pushed down hard on me and opened my lips with his. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and give it a sweep. He leaned back. “Now next time I do that I want you to suck on my tongue.” He leaned down again and when his tongue entered my mouth, I did what he said. I sucked on it lightly and then hard. He groaned and pressed his body against mine. My pulse was racing. I never felt anyone pressed against me and now I had a man on me. Not some boy from school a man. I felt shivers of fear and excitement course through my body. “I’ve wanted to kiss you for some time, Lauren.” He stood up and I was confused. Didn’t he want to do this? “Now stand up and take off your clothes.” He lifted me off the couch and he sat down like he was waiting for the show to begin. I started to unbutton my shirt and then I let it fall to the ground. I then slipped each leg out of my jeans until I was standing there in my white cotton bra and undies. “Keep going,” he said.

I unsnapped my bra and pulled it off and discarded it to the floor. I felt a flush go over my body knowing this is the first person that has seen me completely naked. I stood there straight as a rod with my arms firmly planted at my side. I know, not sexy at all. However, it was having some effect on Mr.Pomeroy. As I stood there breathing heavy watching my chest rise and fall, I saw the effect very well in his pants.

“Come over her, dear.” I walked until I was in front of him. I was holding my breath in again. He grabbed my hips and brought me to him until I was straddling him. I braced myself on his shoulders and before I could adjust to what was happening, he grabbed my breasts brought his mouth to them. He found my nipple and took it into his mouth and I closed my eyes over the warm, tingling sensation. He then started sucking hard and I whimpered as he pulled away with it in his mouth stretching it and letting it go for it to bounce back in place. He wrapped his arms around my back and drew me closer to him as he assaulted the other nipple. I bit my lip as he became more forceful. He  pulled away and looked at me. There was something there, something that wasn’t there before and it was if his eyes became cloudy. He pushed me to the ground and quickly followed to cover my body. He was rubbing his hands all over me and kissing me where ever his lips landed and would alternate with sucks. His pelvic was ramming into my pussy and the jean and zipper were torturing the sensitive skin there. I don’t know why, but I started saying please very quiet and then it got louder until I was saying Please, stop, you are scaring me. This didn’t faze him at all and he climbed up to his knees and took off his shirt. “You promised me your virginity and I plan on taking it now. I meant to take it slow, but I need to bury myself deep in you now.” He unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down until I saw his cock standing straight up. It was thick and looked like it was going to explode. “No, Scott. Not without a condom!” I tried to squirm away. But he grabbed me and said, “I can’t get anyone pregnant now. I took care of that awhile back.” He held my hands down as he loomed over me and sneered. “I’ve wanted you under me ever since I saw you prancing around this neighborhood in your two-piece teasing every boy and man with that little ass of yours.” At this point I was terrified of what he was going to do. It was my first time and I heard it could hurt. “Beg me to fuck you,” he hissed, “Tell me how you want a man inside you.” I meekly said, “I want you to f…fuck me.” He slapped my left breast. “Like you want it, Lauren!”

I swallowed hard and closed my eyes tight then yelled, “Fuck me! I want it so bad that I can’t wait for it any longer. I need to feel a man inside me now. You! I need to feel you inside me now!” I wasn’t ready and I didn’t expect it, but I felt him crash down on to me and felt a piercing feeling below. It felt like minutes, but it was seconds until I realized he entered me hard and fast. I didn’t have time to react and he was in before I realized it hurt. I peeked open my eyes and he was clenched with his eyes tight. “Jesus, that is one tight pussy.” He said behind clenched teeth. He put his head on my shoulder and started to pull out slowly and push back in the whole time sounding like he was wincing. I must have felt what he was feeling. The friction was changing from painful to something delightful. I felt him stretch me with each thrust and I started to arch my back into it. I felt he was going to slow and I started to clench down on his dick as he was pushing in and pump my hips up. He lifted his head up and smiled at me. “I knew you would like it, but you keep doing that then you ask for it.” There was no going back for me, he was already inside me. My cherry was popped. Might as well go all the way. I squeezed down on his cock and pumped my hips up again to take him all in and he winced again. He sat up and moved his hands to my hips and grabbed them. “You asked for it!”

He began thrusting into me hard and fast and I could hear his skin smacking against mine. “Say you are mine, Lauren! Say it!”

My head was pounding with all sorts of sensations and I wanted more and I would say anything to get more. “I’m yours!” I felt an ache building below and I wanted to rush to it. I started moving my hips in rhythm with him and I’m sure I made all sorts of grunting sounds. I begged for more. I begged for his cock. I told him I wanted him and with each confession coming out of my mouth the more forceful he got. Finally I felt him grow thicker and thought, how is that even possible. He was no longer in rhythm. He was just pounding with abandonment and I felt him spill into me and slam into the very pit of me and I felt wave after wave of pleasure and convulsed under him.

I don’t know how long we laid there with him still inside me. My heart took some time to slow, as well as his breathing. Then he pulled out of me slowly and sat up. I noticed there was some blood and gasped. He looked down and said, “Now I know you are mine.”

I kept my promises. I gave him 3 days and followed his rules. I did get some punishments for not following them to the T on some occasions. I will share that story, but this site has limits per page.

 I will say, I spent more than those 3 days with Mr. Pomeroy or should I say “Sir.”

I know…I’m such a tease. But, I tend to get punished for that, so I can’t help it.

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