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he pulled his shorts and trousers up, fastening them loosely around his swollen cock - HE hadn’t quite finished using it on me just  want to  take a small brake and tell me everything I would have to do to be done with my punishment

I reached up and he guided me to a standing position. he looked up at me through large, glassy eyes and I, in turn, smiled gently down at him.

“Alright now, you are receiving your punishment very well so far, but it is not over just yet. You still need to know what a naughty little slut you are. I know that disciplining you in this manner is perhaps a little childish for someone of your age, but I have a feeling it might prove effective. Now place your hands on the desk like this…”

he positioned my palms, a little more than shoulder width apart, against the edge of his desk. his hands slipped between the inside of your upper thighs as he guided my legs apart and backwards. he couldn’t resist sliding one hand upwards and stroking it across my waxed smooth pussy as he stepped away.

I was bent forwards now, legs splayed, My ass and pussy only just covered by my tiny slip, but not for long. he reached forwards and drew the skirt up - a finger gently tracing along the line between my cheeks - and left it gathered around my waist. he heard me cry out as i felt myself exposed to him. By now I will have realised what a tough headmaster he could be and I must have been more than a little scared as to what was to come next.

I stared at him , stroking his cock through his trousers. It was a wonderful sight.my tight little pussy, firm and juicy in between my smooth, round ass cheeks. It was at that moment that he finally admitted to himself that he was going to fuck me again, but not quite yet. I really did need punishing and he was willing to wait for his  pleasure in order to teach me the lesson that I deserved.

“This may sting just a little, but it will perhaps stop you from playing with that sticky little cunt of yours,” and with that he brought a paddle  swishing down hard against me right cheek, hearing me cry out with the shock of his strike and watching my flesh, flush purple. Again he brought slapping down against me, the opposite cheek this time, and again I yelped in pain. he alternated his strikes from one cheek to the next, my  flesh a deep pink and itchy sore with the blood that rushed to the tortured skin.

It was such a pretty site to see me flinch, my ass cheeks tensing and releasing every time he struck me. he began to gently stroke at one cheek as he slapped hard at the other, my hand almost involuntarily slipping downwards and inwards. He was really not sure that I was aware of what he was doing, but before long i found him rubbing my hand against my pussy as he continued to spank me, telling me just what a naughty little girl i was. his left hand was sticky with my pussy juice and he realised i was actually enjoying Myself. This only made him slap me harder and quicker as he now slid two fingers inside my tight little slit and fingered me back and forth. i continued to cry out with every stinging strike, but now there was something a little desperate, a little animalistic about my moans.

Finally he stepped back from me, breathing hard and looking at the mess he had made of my poor behind. his fingers were glossy with my cum. he was about to slip them between his lips when he had a better idea.

“You really are too much girl!” he chastised. “I am trying to teach you a lesson…to show you the error of your ways and I find you are still preoccupied with your own selfish, sexual desires. You are actually enjoying your punishment. Look…”. You were amazing…a filthy young woman who was obviously incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong. I could see there would only be one way to teach you the consequences of your actions.

“I am afraid I am going to have to fuck you now,” he said and his stomach lurched as he heard the little cry I released at his words. “If you are going to be a dirty little slut and play with your cunt in school, men are going to want you, they are going to need to stick their hard dicks inside of you and it is my duty as headmaster to show you exactly what that would be like.”

he once again, stepped behind me and stared at the beauty of my semi-naked form bent over his desk. he unfastened his trousers and dropped them and his shorts to the floor and positioned himself behind me, taking an ass cheek in each hand and parting me wide.

“Now, this may hurt a little. Your pussy is so young and tight and my cock is so big and hard right now, but you must learn your lesson and if you relax you may even begin to enjoy it a little.”

he pushed his dick towards me. It was just about as hard and erect as it ever had been. Consequently, he had to release a hand from me behind in order to grab at it and direct it towards my entrance. he slid it up and down my sticky-wet slit a few times, coating the head in my creamy juices and lubricating it nicely before pressing forwards. I was  so wet, my lips so engorged with blood, that it slipped into you quite nicely at first, but soon, the tautness of my  young flesh resisted and he felt my cunt tight around His cock. he was going to have to stretch me wide, but I really did need to feel the kind of thing he was letting my in for.

he released his dick and once again spread my hot, scarlet cheeks, staring at himself on the brink of entering me. One final time he wondered if it was not too late to stop, to let me go and pretend this never happened, but how could he? he would be neglecting his duties as the head of the school and missing the opportunity to fuck my beautiful, tight pussy.

he looked down and swallowed as he rammed my hips forwards, stretching my pussy wide and slamming his hard cock deep inside of me in one powerful movement. he cried out as he felt my, hot, wet cunt sucking him so tightly, but it must have been quite inaudible beneath the squeal that i released as he forced his way inside of me. he held himself still, desperately trying to relax, to catch his breath, but I felt just too damned good.

he began to withdraw, but not completely. As his head pressed against my opening he slid my cock back inside of me, tracing the line of my pussy wall, his cock rubbing hard behind my  clit as he began to increase his rhythm. he pumped in and out of me, slowly and steadily at first, but increasing his pace as time moved on. I felt so fucking good and as he looked down at his hard shaft, glistening with my cream as it slipped in and out of my cunt, he had to use all of his reserves not to spurt deep inside of me there and then.

he released my ass-cheeks and pressed his hands to my slim waist and began to fuck me harder and harder, me bottom pounding into his abdomen with every thrust, his balls slapping against my clit. Harder still he thrust. he became aware of my own little cries and saw me biting against one of your fingers as he slammed his stiff cock in and out of me , time and time again.

he thrust harder and harder, faster and faster, hearing me sob with pleasure, feeling his cock ready to explode. In the last instant he realised he could not possibly explode inside of my pussy…that would just be wrong, so what if I didn’t orgasm? this was a punishment not lovemaking. So, despairingly he drew his cock entirely out of me, grabbing me by the hips and spinning me around. he pressed my ass hard against the edge of the table, opening my thighs wide, just in time, as he grabbed his cock and aimed it towards me.

With an earth shuddering cry he began to shoot jet after jet of hot, sticky cum all across my lower abdomen and my wonderful little pussy. he cried out as time and time again his dick pumped, coating my cunt in his semen.

Finally, he slowed and relaxed. he collapsed back into the armchair, his eyes closed as the gravity of what he had just done presented itself. he wondered exactly how much trouble he had let himself in for. Could he deny it? Say it was just the fantasy of a lonely young woman? That was the moment that he heard me. Tiny gasps moving into full-grown moans, me cursing vulgarly with frustrated pleasure. he opened his eyes and there i was, still leaning against the desk, my eyes tight shut and my head thrown back, my teeth playing aggressively with my lips. his eyes moved downwards and he was taken aback to see what i was doing. i was teasing my cunt right in front of him, rubbing my cum spattered clit for all it was worth. he had unfairly left me without my orgasm and so…i was just going to take it for myself.

It was an amazing sight, as i teased my pussy hard in front of him. he could see by my expression, hear by my moans that i was so close and it was a delight to watch me bring myself  sopping wet cunt off before hi m.

my little toy was rubbing so very quickly, my brow furrowed as I climax began to take hold. i gasped harder with every breath, but I would not give up until…finally i released a huge, desperate cry and orgasm racked my body. I had made myself cum in front of my headmaster without caring. Yes it was mostly his fault that i was in this state, but i had finished myrself off with absolutely no regard for what he might think.

he thought I was wonderful.

As my body slowed and relaxed he  quickly stood, pulling up his trousers and tucking himself away before sitting back down behind his desk and returning to his role as head of the school.

“Well young lady! I hope you have learnt a valuable lesson here today. Clean yourself up and we’ll say no more about the matter okay?”

Once again I nodded shyly and set about tidying myself. When I was done i turned to face him, eyes once more staring towards the ground.

“Alright, you are a good girl really. Now…run along back to class and I don’t expect to see you in my office for quite some time. Is that understood?”

I muttered some kind of affirmation and disappeared from his office, leaving him to contemplate the inevitable fallout from his choice of punishment.

That was five days ago and the school board still has not rung him to demand his resignation, the police have not arrived to question him abuse of power. In fact, he had heard nothing from me until five minutes ago when his secretary, buzzed his intercom…

“There’s that young lady here to see you headmaster…the one you had to punish last week.” My heart skipped a beat.

“Oh? Who has sent her?”

“No one headmaster, that’s the strange thing. She says she has been a bad girl again and needs to see you about her punishment.”

“I understand. She is a very badly behaved child that one and does require a lesson or two. Give me five minutes to finish my paperwork   and then send her on through. Oh…and , you might as well go home early. I may be quite some time with that young lady…she is a very naughty girl indeed

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