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  By: paperman83

If you just picked up a copy of the “XXX-ifieds”, you may have found my ad.  It reads:


“Hi there!  Bi-Curious Male seeking Gay Male to satisfy experimental urges. 
I am open to just about anything, as long as you can fulfill my fantasies.  Must be handsome and most importantly, clean.  I am waiting for you! ; ) Will you "PoP my bi-curious cherry? 


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Naughty level to be set later

In my fantasy, I see myself reading my own ad.  Every word, making me hornie, yet nervous as hell.  I’m waiting for my phone to ring.  “Are all the gay men taken?” I ask myself.  A few days pass by with no calls.  Then the weekend arrives.  “It’s Friday and not one call!” I think to myself, becoming impatient.  FINALLY, you call!  We talk for awhile and become more acquainted with each other.  By the sound of your voice, I would have thought that you were a straight man just looking for some fun, or at least another bi-curious, like me.  But you assure me that you are the real deal and I am at ease.  Otherwise, my fantasy won’t feel right and I won’t be sure to follow through with it.  “I need you to fulfill the role of the dominant male partner. Is that okay?” I ask of you.  You answer yes and I proceed with an invitation for us to meet.  “I must see the goods, before we begin.” I say.  We finish up with our conversation and end the call.

As I drive up to the ice cream stand, I see you sitting at the bench.  I order my banana split and wait at the counter for it.  You slowly approach the counter and ask, “Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?”.  That was the sign I asked you to give, so I know it is you.  We make small talk and nothing too suspicious to the other customers.  I grab my ice cream and head to a different bench, to eat.  Remember, I am still bi-curious and this is just my fantasy coming in to play.  I glance at your body figure, while eating my ice cream.  My thoughts rushing through my mind of the sexual pleasures we will soon have is already making me hard.  What about you, I wonder.  Are you hard, thinking about me?  Are you wondering with excitement of what I have planned for this occasion?  I can’t wait!  I will finally get my chance to experience the real thing!  What it’s like for me to be with another man!  I finish up my ice cream and walk passed you, letting you know that it’s time to follow me back to my place.  And as I drive my car away, I see you right behind me, following me closely. 

We approach my apartment’s parking lot and you park next to me.  I squirt some breath freshener into my mouth and get out of my car.  You walk over to me and say, “Show me the way”.  I walk you up to the door and into the building.  We walk up a few steps, before coming to my apartment door.  Honestly, I am a little shaky and kind of scared, like I may back out at any moment.  So I close my eyes and think of something calming enough to allow you into my home.  I turn the lock and with my eyes closed, I open the door.  I walk in first, then you and as you close the door, you turn around and I quickly grab you and plant my lips on to yours.  I have released all nervousness and I’m ready for everything I have planned for us, now.  “Would you like a drink? I need time to prepare our afternoon, together.” I ask.  You agree to a glass of chardonnay, while I pour us both a glass.  I hand you your glass and set the bottle next to you, then head to the bathroom to prepare.  “I’ll be awhile, so make yourself comfortable.” I say to you.  I walk to my closet and grab my black formal dress, brunette wig, high heels, white panties, and even a bra filled with fake breasts for my venture off into becoming a woman trapped inside a man’s body.  I need this to make everything as real as it can be.  After I dress up, I apply little make up and a hint of lushes pink lipstick.  Pretty enough, that you wouldn’t even believe I had a throbbing hard cock between my legs.  I walk to the bed room and lay down on my side.  I call your name and ask you to come join me. 

You stand to your feet and walk down the hall, towards my door and advance into the bedroom.  “Wait a second. I’m gay and you’re dressed like a woman”.  You say.  I giggle out a little.  “I have what you’re interested in, now come here and show me what I want”.  I say to you.  You walk over to the bed, but I quickly jump up and down to my knees on the floor.  No hesitation, as I grab your pants and undo your belt!  Every second closer to it!  I quickly undo the button and pull your zipper down!  Now, with all restraints out of the way, I force my fingers into the rim of your pants, also grabbing on to your underwear.  And with one yank, I quickly pull your bottoms off, revealing your cock!  And without thought, I grab it and shove my mouth right into it!  It is a chubby, but I like the soft and flexible feel, as I suck on it and tug on it with my lips.  I want to know if I am capable of bringing another man to an erection.  “Mmm…That’s it. So good! Make me hard!” you say, as you stare down at my head bobbing on and off of your soon to be hard cock.  “I am seriously enjoying this!” I think to myself.  Soon, your cock becomes fully erect, inside my mouth.  I try to go down as far as I can, but your cock is just too big and long for me to deep throat.  I take a few minutes to breathe, then you place your hands on to my wig.  You change into the dominant man I need you to be, for this to continue.  YES! Grab my hair! Force me into your cock! Ride my cock thirsty wet lips!  Cum inside my mouth!  YES, PLEASE! OH YES!  You start to cum in my mouth and I feel a small wad on my tongue.  But you quickly pull out, holding the rest of your cum in strong.  You pick me up from the floor and drag me over to my desk.  I have left the newspaper I was reading, open.  I was silently begging for this part to happen!

With no time for you to finish, you chock your hard cock.  And grabbing my hair, you forcefully place my upper body over the desk.  My chest pressed hard on to the spread out newspaper.  From here, you grab my wrists and hold them together, behind my back.  Then hiking up my dress and quickly ripping off my panties, you place your cock up against my ass.  Grabbing a thick bundle of newspapers and folding them like you would, to place under your arm, you swiftly insert your hard cock in my ass.  You continue to hold your cum inside, till you’ve had a moment’s worth of pleasuring my ass with that hard cock of yours.  Spanking my ass with the newspaper, while gently but swiftly riding my glory hole.  Then you allow yourself to shoot your warm and delicious cum straight into my ass, lubricating every inch of its insides.  You continue to ride me and as my asshole covers the base of your cock, you try to shove it further inside.  Struggling to fill every single inch of me.  Once complete, you will drop all but one page of the newspaper and wipe your cum off of your dick and also my ass.  Then you will Shove the cum spot on the newspaper in my face, smearing it all over.  Forcefully holding it against my face.  At this point, we are done.  I want you to walk out the door, no exchange of words.  Go home, knowing you put a great smile on my face.  Well, after my heart stops pounding, my asshole shrinks back to normal size and I catch my breath!  I will call you when I’m ready for………… part 2  ;  )                   

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