in the good hands   added 3 years ago    

  By: nejat

some time ago... my ex-girlfreind wanted a massage after a long day work.


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Naughty level to be set later

what u must know is that im a massage therapist by trade and im always professional about it even with her..... wich made her compleatly trust me ;-)

But this day i feelt so horney and had difficulty hiding it. she could see but still got naked and liyed on the massage bed.

so i started normally and worked her back when i got to the lower back and stroked on her sweet soft bum. i could feel blod rushing between my legs.

uhhhh how good her ass felt i massages it so deeply and thouroughly.... feeling the ass between my fingers i moved the town compleatly away and looked at thos gift on my table.
she started breathing deeper.
i knew she loved it ;-)

so i added mpre oil and sroked down her legs and up her legs.....
she spread her legs..... and as she did this i could se her pissy lips being so wet..... i started stroking up the inside of her leg all the way to the labia..... Uhhhh she said Yes she said.

i was still moving up and down her leg going faster and softer.....
then i put my finger intp her wet wonder and curled it so that i could touch her gspot.....
she said pls fuck meeeeee.... i said wait.... just let me dp what i need to do.

i pulled out and put my 1st finger on her clit and moved it very little back and forth (the same wat i always watched her mastrubate) going faster and faster she started breathing deeper and faster..... she said pllllleeeaaaseee.... FUCK ME...

i asked her to turn arround...... 

she said yes pls now...
she had a look on her face i knrw from erotic movies.

i lokked at her deep into the eyes.... then moved my head to her pussy and started lkissing it..... then put the tip of my toung on her clit in the same way that i used my thumb.....

for a good 10min she was in extacy..... she moved and could npt sit still.... she breathed.deep....

then i moved away after her first orgasm OF NOTE

i put my huge dick(she thouhht it was) into her wet pussy i could feel the pulse of my dick in her tight pusssy.....

i fucked her so deep.... she was alight with joy...

i lookex into her eyes... and used my hands to mve her closer into my space....

she loved it... she said fuck me faster and deeper....

so i did harder faster....

she screamed yes...... more..... now.... almost there.... then she CAME AS NEVER BEFORE......

i shoot my load into her man did it feel good.

and we colapsed into each other embrace....

breathing deeply.....

she said... abd whats the bill?

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