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Julie (Mrs. Johnson)

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Definition of “Slut”
I looked up the definition of “slut”.  There were all sorts of words including whore, floozy, hussy, bimbo, etc.  But, none of those captured Julie.  She was clean, well mannered, manicured, educated, graceful, kind, generous, elegant, and everything but what you picture as a “slut”.  So my definition of “slut”, in Julie’s case is:
1. A woman who loves provocative sex and interesting sexual situations. 
2. A woman who enjoys multiple, frequent, unique, and intense sexual situations and encounters. 
3. A woman who is a willing participant to sexual activities at any time or place. 
4. A woman with a high sex-drive that often dominates her daily priorities. 
5. A woman with an irrational reverence to please men (and women) sexually. 
6.  A woman who enjoys showing her naked body for sexual arousal and stimulation. 
7.  A woman who understands the male sex drive and responds to it according to their needs, wants, and desires with sincere, unbridled enthusiasm.   
8.  A woman who requires and enjoys sex as much as any man. 
That is Julie.  And then you take her five foot, two inch frame, and add the double Ds, narrow waist, and round ass and we have a very attractive package.  There is something unusual about the way she looks at you that just holds your attention.  When you talk to her, you can feel the sex.  She looks at you like she wants to fuck you.  And she does that for every man she meets.  If you are lucky enough for her to be attracted to you, you are going to have a good time.  Even if she isn’t attracted to you, she may want to have sex with you just because she wants to “reward” you.  Many of her sexual experiences were “just” to make the male happy.  The way she likes to talk about sex is much like a man talks about sex.  I will add “talk” to the “slut” definition.  She likes to talk dirty and be talked to dirty.  She likes to hear everything about your sexual activities and experiences and she will tell you all about hers. 
I do not know how she does it, but Julie is around 50, but looks more like 30.  I think the body just distracts you from everything else.  She loves to fuck men of any age, but since she hooked up with me my senior year I am grateful of that.  It doesn't seem to bother her that she could get into trouble.  Sometimes I think that just makes it hotter for her - and she is always hot. 
Late one afternoon she called me on the cell and said, “If I didn’t have to cook dinner for Michael tonight I’d be sucking on your cock.”  She’d say that with such a soft sexual tone that you had to get hard. 
So, if that is the definition of “slut”, I would guess that most men want to be married to a slut.  Julie really does not think in terms of cheating.  Julie does not want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  She thinks in terms of fun, stimulation, happiness, desire, excitement, and orgasms.  
Julie called me early Tuesday morning.  She said to come over as soon as possible since her husband had demanded sexual attention, but didn’t have the time to reciprocate.  She was not happy about it.  I was pretty sure what that meant and was hard thinking about it. 
When I got to her house, she didn't waste any time.  The oral sex left my face soaked with her juices.  Julie really took advantage of me – even abused me a bit.  She pulled my hair and ground her pussy into my face screaming, “Eat me baby . . . eat me!  OH YES!  Suck me honey.  Lick my clit!  Oh Yes you little shit . . . eat my pussy!”
She really talked dirty on these mornings. It was like she was getting even with her husband for not making her cum.
“Honey,”  Julie said. “You have a few good friends now, right?  I’ve seen you with those two boys. 
“Yes,”  I replied.  “Why?”
“Oh I was thinking that if you ever wanted to have them over and use the pool and hot tub it would be OK with me.  Mr. Johnson is going out of town for a week and you can have the run of the place.”  Julie said.
“Great!”  I said. ‘How about Thursday?” 
“Oh Mark that would be perfect for me too.”  Julie replied.  “I am busy all day and have women’s tennis league at night.”
So, I set it up with Zeke and Brad to come over and hang out.  Julie was cool and even left some beer and wine in the refrigerator.  She just said to not let anyone get out of control.  I agreed. 
It was about 5 in the afternoon and we had all had a couple beers and were out swimming in the pool, playing games and taking in the sun.  It was then that I noticed that Julie was home and had come to the patio door in her bikini and announced that her tennis was cancelled, but that we should continue.  She asked that we all come in for a minute.
“Guys, I’m Julie and this is my place - you are welcome to stay.”  She said. “I hope that I don’t spoil the party.  I’ll try and fit in.  Would anyone like another drink?  I can make some margaritas’.  I know you are not old enough, but we can make an exception if you promise not to tell anyone. You boys have probably done a few things that you shouldn’t have by now, so I don’t think this will hurt.  You can keep a secret, right?"
The boys just smiled and nodded, almost afraid to speak.  Julie looked hotter than ever in the tiny bikini.  She knew it too.  Her tits were ready to pop out of her top and the flimsy bottom was showing off great camel-toe.  Zeke and Brad were showing erections instantly.  When Julie brought out the drinks, she took a position on the patio lounger on her belly and unhooked her top.  Zeke and Brad, both a little buzzed now took chairs next to her and started talking.  Julie loved the attention and would even lift up her head to talk and reveal most of her perfect tits. 
“Do you have any more margaritas?” They asked. “These are awesome.”
“I can whip up a few more in the blender if you like.  But I want you to first call home and ask your parents if you can spend the night.  I do not want to be responsible for two young men if you leave after one drink too many.”
They both looked at each other. This was exactly what they wanted to hear.  Julie started to get up "forgetting" that her top was untied.  Those incredible breasts were hanging free as her top fell.  She apologized and covered her tits with her hands.  I could see her hard nipples.  She displayed herself well. 
“Would one of you tie this top back on?” She asked.
Zeke was quick to volunteer and get his hands on her.  He fumbled a bit, but tied the bikini top for her and she went inside to make more drinks.  They followed to use the phone. 
“If they want, I can talk to your parents and explain that this is just an evening pool party with Mark and me.  If they are curious tell them that I am his mom - to make it go easier. 
Julie jumped right into it.  I sensed she had something in mind and the three of us would do just fine. 
“Yes, he will be fine overnight.  It is such a beautiful summer evening. They were just having so much fun at the pool that I thought it would be a good idea for them to get to know each other better.  He will not need anything.  We have extra so I will send him home tomorrow.  Thanks.”  Julie said to the phone.  She was pulling it off without a hitch.
Once it was a set up she poured everyone a tall Margareta and smiled.  “Would anyone want to take the drinks to the hot tub with me?”  Mrs. Johnson asked.
We all followed her without a word – just nodding heads - smiling and agreeable.
“I like to go natural, so I hope that is OK,” She said as she walked to the tub.  She turned around, dropped her bikini to the deck, and got into the hot tub.  “I won’t look if you want to get in.”
We all took off our suits and we were all as hard as we could get.  The margaritas were working. As we tried to get in the tub, Julie was obviously peeking (having her hands over her eyes).  She finally just pulled her hands away and stared directly at the hard cocks that were now getting closer to her. 
“It is hard to believe that you are in high school.” Julie said. “Be careful, you could poke an eye out with those things.” 
Julie did not hold back.  She reached under the water and filled her hands with boy-cock.  I watched as she masturbated my friends – their faces in awe and gratitude.  I was taking care of my own cock.  With my friends snuggled closer on each side of Julie, , I had another idea.  I stood up and let my erection wag in front of her mouth.  Julie got the idea and licked her lips. 
“Do you guys know that her husband would not take the time to take care of her yesterday?”  I said.  “And that was after she gave him oral.” 
“I’ve been horny ever since.”  She said.  “I hope you boys are more accommodating than my husband.”
With that I pushed my cock up to her beautiful face and let her suck me into her mouth in front of their faces.  I was so horny that I shot my load into her mouth in seconds.  My friends were amazed.  They liked to talk about “MILF” sex, but this was up close and personal.  The pace was set and Julie stood up and put her hands on the edge of the hot tub and braced herself.  She bent over and wiggled her ass.  Zeke got behind her, took a position behind her, and slid his cock in on first try.
“There you go Mrs. Johnson.  Now you don’t have to think about your husband.” He said.
Zeke didn’t last long.  He pulled out and Julie continued to wiggle. 
“Come on Brad,”  She said like a little girl.  “Slip that big cock into me.  Please.” 
Brad jumped at the invitation and plowed right inside.  “Ahhhh . . . Ahhhh . . . . Ahhhhh,” He cried as he pumped her pussy.
“Good boy Brad!!   MMMmmmmm.  Nice cock baby.  Fuck me!”  Julie demanded.  “Ohhh god you are a great fuck baby!  Your cock is huge!”
Julie and Zeke moaned in rhythm as they fucked. 
Zeke was still hard watching, so I told him to get in front while Brad fucked her from behind.  Julie heard me and opened up her arms to let him sit in front of her.  His cock poked at her bobbing face.  Brad was really into it and Julie was taking it all in. 
I had heard rumors about Brad, but he always seemed rather geeky and quiet.  I heard he and his sister liked to take “care” of each other.  It was obvious that he practiced with someone and, in my mind, “sister fucking” made me even harder. 
Minutes later, Julie had both boys cuming insider her again.  I took her by the hand, helped her out of the tub, and lead her to the living room.  Cum was dripping from her face and pussy.  She looked so hot.  I laid her down on the carpet and began to fuck her in the missionary position with Zeke and Brad watching.  Julie watched their hard cocks as I frantically pumped her cunt.  The sound and smells added to her pleasure.  She knew she had two more cocks to empty once I shot my load.  She loved this.  We took turns fucking her and watching.  That night, I sent Zeke and Brad to the guest room room.  Julie and I slept together in her bed.  Julie was still hot and very happy in the morning.  You just have to love her. 
“Do you know that Brad fucks his sister?”  I asked her hoping to get a nice rise out of Julie that morning.
“Really?”  She said in a very curious voice.  I could tell the idea was electric to her.
“That’s the word I got from a friend of his sister - and Brad mentioned it too.”
“He is very good with that big cock."  Julie said.  "I can see why she might be tempted.  I wonder what she is like?  Do you know her?  Could you have her come over?”
What was Julie thinking?
“I’ll let Zeke know he has to be home soon.” Julie said and went into the guest room to find the boys still sleeping.  It was about 10 AM.  “Zeke,” she said rubbing his shoulder.  “Your mom said to have you home by 11:00.”  Zeke got up from the sleep and hugged Julie.
“Mmmmm Mrs. Johnson.”  Zeke said holding her. “Mmmm that was so good.  I hope I don’t let it slip that we had sex.  You know?”
“Yes I know.”  Julie said as she contemplated what he was saying.
“Maybe you can show me again Mrs. Johnson.”  Zeke stammered.  “You know.  Can you do something to make me happy before I go?  Then I won’t have to tell mom about all of this.”
Julie was being blackmailed by a high-schooler.  Her pussy quivered.  It made her wet thinking about being forced to have sex with a teenager to keep him quiet.  Little did Zeke know that this was not something that intimidated Julie – it turned her on.
Julie purred as she got down in front of him and stroked his hard penis.  “I’m going to suck you baby.”
“Ya,” Zeke responded. 
“MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmm”  Julie slurped as she sucked in his cock.  She wanted to taste cum again.  “MMMMMMMM . . . .. mmmmfff . . . . mmmmmmffff . . . .  mmmmmmmmm.”
Cum shot everywhere.  It was dripping from her mouth as Zeke scurried out the door for home.
Julie immediately went into the guest room and took a good look at the still sleeping Brad.  He was so cute and with such a handsome cock.  She pealed back the covers and took a peek.  His cock was still semi-hard.  "MMmmmmmm," She thought and gave the tip a kiss and pulled the covers back.
Flying back to her room Julie pounced on me and said.  “Can you call Brad’s sister and see if she can come over for a dip in the pool? Please baby.  It will be fun.” 
“But I hardly know her.”
“But you can figure it out.  Maybe she knows who you are.  I bet she knows who the cute guy is that hangs out with her brother.”
“Really?”  I said.
“Of course girls think like that.”  Julie went on.  “She might be thinking about having sex with you.” 
“I suppose I could call Brad’s house and see who answers.”
“Exactly.”  Julie said.
So, I call the house and I get lucky.  Linda answers the phone and I tell her who it is and she sounds happy about it.  I tell her that Brad is still here and we were going to swim, hang out, and have some BBQ and that she was welcome to come over if it was OK. 
Linda said she’d ask.  It was cool.  She knew where I lived and said she’d be over soon. 
Julie looked so happy when I told her. 
Immediately Julie got into a smoking hot bikini.  Linda arrived and she looked better than I had remembered.  Julie invited her to get into a swimsuit and showed her to the bathroom.  Brad was already in the pool. 
Linda came out in a nice bikini herself that caught everyone’s attention. 
“We all had a good time last night.”  Julie said.  “We all swam, turned on the music, and had drinks in the hot tub.” 
“Sounds good to me.” Linda replied. “Thanks for the invitation.  It’s about time someone noticed me.”
“I thought you’d like to join us.”  Julie said.
“I usually have to stay home and Brad gets to do anything he wants and go everywhere.”  Linda explained.
“Your brother sure is grown up for his age.”  Julie said with a smile.  “I couldn’t help but notice how big he is.”
Linda was surprised by this line of talk, but also seemed interested.  “What do you mean by that?” Linda asked Julie.
“Well, you know how it goes being naked in a hot tub.”  Julie said.  “I caught a good look.  He is a handful.”
“How do you know that?”  Linda asked with an inquisitive smile.
“Can you keep a secret?”  Julie asked and Linda nodded.  “Well, I found out he isn’t just a handful.  And . . . He got his “handfull” of me too.  I was impressed how he handles himself for such a young man.”
“You mean you and brad . . . . ahhhh.  You mean you let him do it with you, or what?”
“I was a bit drunk and yes I let him.  I wanted him after seeing his cock.  You know what I mean?” 
Linda just stared and nodded some more.  Both of these girls were getting hot talking about Brad and I was standing there just taking it all in. 
The girls now walked out to the edge of the pool where Brad was swimming.  He stopped when he saw them standing there.  “Look who is here Brad.  We invited her over for some fun.”  Julie said.  “Come on out and we will pick out some music and have something to eat.  I know I could use something right now and your sister looks hungry too.”
Brad got out of the pool and you could clearly see his cock outlined in his wet trunks.  It has to be ten inches or longer and thick with a big head.  As he walked towards them his cock got hard and formed a tent.  When they were close, Julie put her arms around him and kissed him on the lips in front of his sister.  Without missing a beat Julie reached down and stroked his cock through the swim trunks. 
“Very nice.”  She said, laughing a little.  “You are such a good boy.  Always ready!”
Linda stood there frozen, just staring blankly with her mouth open.
“You better close those lips Linda.  You know what boys want to do to a pretty open mouth like yours.”  Julie said smiling. 
Julie led the group into the house and into the bedroom.  Julie knelt down in front of Brad and pulled down his trunks.  Brad’s cock was long and fully erect.  Julie looked back at his sister and said.  “Doesn’t this look good?  I want to fuck him every time I see him.”
“Do you want to go first?” Julie asked. “He’s very good – but you already know that.”
Linda paused for a long time, but was obviously aroused by this.
“Ohh, I want to go first.” Linda sighed.
Julie put her hand on Lind’s shoulder and said, “Go ahead then.  I want to watch.  We want to watch you two fuck.  Then you can watch your brother fuck me.”  Julie promised.
Julie untied Linda’s bikini and let it fall to the floor before doing the same to her own.  She bent over and gave Brad’s cock a kiss – sucking on it for a moment before letting it free.  “MMMMM.  It is so good.  Fuck him Linda.”
Linda lay back on the bed and Brad mounted her.  In a moment the two were coupled.  Julie’s nipples were hard and her pussy was dripping.  “Fuck her Brad! .  . . Fuck him Linda!!”  She cheered.  Julie couldn’t stop herself.  She crawled into the bed with them.  She began by licking Brad’s balls as he fucked his sister.  Brad fucked her harder and harder. 
Julie wanted more than to be their cheerleader.  Watching the brother and sister fucking on the bed beside her made her hotter and hotter.  Julie kissed and caressed their bodies as they fucked.  She made her way between them and started to make out with Linda as Brad continued to ram his big cock into her.  Brad was getting into this.  Linda was becoming hot for Julie. 
Finally Brad pulled his cock free and allowed Julie to climb on top of Linda.  Julie straddled Linda’s tight young body and continued kissing her.  Brad moved in behind Julie and began to fuck her from behind as the girls made out. The girls would rub their clits together as Brad slammed Julie doggy-style.  His balls would bounce off his sister’s ass as he fucked Mrs. Johnson.  I had to stroke myself as I watched.   
When Brad shot his load, Julie whimpered, but continued with her passionate kissing with the teenager.  Brad and I left the room so the girls could have fun on their own.  It was then it got really interesting. 
We could hear a car pull up and when I looked I could see Mr. Johnson get out of the Mercedes, pop the trunk, and get his bags.  I ran to the kitchen and told Brad to hide.  We found a good spot just outside the patio door.  We could make a run for it, but also wanted to see inside.  I could tell Mr. Johnson could hear the sounds from the bedroom and walked over slowly with a curious look on his face.  At the doorway, he peered in to see his wife in a lesbian encounter with a high school girl.  I was waiting for him to go ballistic, but instead he continued to watch in silence.  Then after a few minutes of this he unzipped, pulled his cock out of his pants and began to masturbate as he watched. By now the girls were in a 69 slurping each other’s pussys.  What the hell was he doing home so many days early?  I am not sure what happened next, but I could hear when Julie screamed, ”Michael.  What are you doing?”
“What the hell are you doing?” He replied and walked into the bedroom with his cock sticking out.  “You girls just keep on like I wasn’t here. In fact, if you stop, I’ll call the cops.  She looks young – except for those tits.”
“Who is she?”  He asked.
“This is Linda.” Julie said with cunt juice on her lips.
“Do you like cock too, Linda?” Mr. Johnson asked.
Julie knew he was angry, but also very horny.  She had to please him and do it fast.  With that, Julie got off the girl, went to her husband and gave him a kiss.  “That’s her pussy you taste.  Isn’t she sweet?”  Julie asked as she softly stroked his hard cock.  “Do you like her?”
“MMMMmmmm, yes I do.”  Mr. Johnson replied.
“Linda, would you help Mr. Johnson out?  He has had a busy day and needs attention.”  Julie said stroking him faster. 
Linda found this very enticing and moved closer.
“Mr. Johnson loves blowjobs.”  Julie said to Linda.  “Be a good girl and make him happy.”  Linda took his cock in her mouth, sucking the tip softly, as Julie masturbated him.  Mr. Johnson shot the load.  He grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth as he held her head on his cock. 
“Get on her honey.” Julie said.  “Fuck her for me.”
Still fully clothed, with his dick sticking out of his suit, Mr. Johnson pushed her back on to the bed and mounted Linda’s petite young body.  Julie was the cheerleader again.  I’m sure she was trying to make him happy so she could get away with all that went on over the last two days.  “Fuck the little slut Michael.   Fuck her for me!” 
Linda was into it and was responding to the attention.  She thrust up to meet ever stroke.  Michael's cock was half the size of her brother's, so she had to work harder to feel all of his cock inside her.  Her legs spread wide to let him in deep.  It was obvious that Mr. Johnson had a fetish for young girls.  I had never seen him fuck Mrs. Johnson like this and he had already cum once. 
“Viagra?” I wondered. He did own several pharmacies. 
Mr. Johnson shot his load again and pulled out.  “Fuck you are a hot little thing.  How old are you?”  He asked.
“Old enough.“ She replied. “Depends.”
“Shit Julie, what have we done?  Is she going to be quiet?” 
“Don’t worry.”  Linda said.  “I like this.  I won’t say anything to anyone except Brad.”
“Who the hell is Brad?”
“My brother.  He was here too.”
“Brother?”  Michael asked.  “Where is he now?  Julie what have you been doing?”
“Her brother left a while ago, so we just got into this.”  Julie said winking at Linda.  “They are friends of Mark.  You know the neighbor boy that plays tennis with me.  They all came by . . . and the boys went off . . . and Linda and I just got into it.  I hope that is OK with you Michael.  You seemed to enjoy her too."
Mr. Johnson bought the bullshit again, but he was looking at two very hot – very naked females. 
“Ya.  She’s fine, but I want you to promise to never say anything!  Understand?”
Linda reassured them again.  “I liked this.  It’s hot.  But, I should really get home now.  Could you give me a ride Julie?”
Julie and Linda got dressed and hurried out to the car.  Michael closed the bedroom door and we headed out the back just wearing our swim suits. 
Julie dropped Linda off at home and wondered where Brad and I had gone.  She was relieved she didn’t have to explain us to Michael.  Julie wondered why her husband had come home early without telling her, but didn’t want to ask.  You never know what questions might come up. 
When Julie got home she noticed Michael was asleep.  She wondered about his ability to fuck Linda and have two orgasms.  It was obvious that the young girl turned him on more than she ever did.  “Hmmmm.” Julie thought.  “I wonder if he wants to do this again.” 

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