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Misty had always enjoyed her visits to her grandparents farm as a little girl. She new the best place to catch the biggest frogs..the best place to watch the birds nest and the colts frolic. As she grew older her favourite spots changed to ones for fishing and skinny dipping...for suntanning naked and for hot makeout sessions hidden in the rocks and caves. Now that they were gone and she had taken possession of the farm...she wondered what new spots would replace those. She was sure she would still enjoy the skinny dips and laying out in the sun...not EVERYTHING changed when she became a widow..did it? She needed excitement...raw crazy fun...She hungered for a good fucking and hoped she might find it here...with an old flame or a new acquaintance.
It was 5 am when that cock crowed and announced the morning sun had risen...Misty had often wished to wake up to a cock...this was not what she meant! As she threw back the covers...she found the sheets wet between her legs..."Good God...another wet dream" she was sticky and wet...her pussy lips stuck together and the sheets clung to her ass. Swinging her feet over the edge of the bed..running her fingers through her hair..grabbing her tits and squeezing them tight...pulling at the nipples so that she felt alive...she drug herself to the shower for her morning rituals. Misty loved a hot shower first thing...soap in hand she let it glide across her ample breasts..under them and along her belly..over her bristled mound...then slipping the whole bar inside...pushing it up deep as possible then taking the rope and yanking down hard..squealing as it flies out and hits her thigh...four more times and she feels clean...her stance widened and bent over...she rubs her frothy fingers in and out of her asshole...moans and groans abound as she works herself over. Sure that she is cleaned,,,inside and out...she reaches for the can of shaving gel and fills her hand with it..rubbing it along the outer shell of her pussy...propping one leg up and against the shower wall...she lowers the mirror to watch as she carefully takes the fresh razor and makes the first slice through the matted hairs...a slow clean stroke that carves a path exposing pink soft skin...another swath thru and the middle becomes clearly visible..last stroke takes it all. Her sweet cunt now shaved...she looks in the mirror and admires the lips that flute outwards...a finger slips in and pulls back the hood...such a delectable sight even to her. Her pink lady standing erect she flips it with her other fingers...a distinct shiver runs along her spine. She rests back against the shower door as her fingers pleasure her..darting in and out..rubbing at her pink hole and making he
r pussy lips swell with fresh new blood coursing to them...the ache takes over as she thrust her 3 fingers deep into herself and wriggles them. Her hips rocking up into her own hand as the other pounds the wall ...frantically screaming as she climaxes..the flood of juice is a welcome release. Still trembling from the explosion she takes the shower nozzle and directs it upwards into her hot steamy cunt and extinguishes what is left of the fire burning. All cleaned and ready for her day she wraps herself in a towel and heads for the bedroom to dress.
Every inch of her body now tingling and feeling alive..the towel absorbs the outer wetness but inside she is still slick and warm. Misty applies a sweet scented lotion to her legs as she rubs them from her toes to her knees...another splash as she starts to caress and knead the flesh of her thighs and across her belly...deliberately avoiding the tender pussy lips. With powder puff in hand she dabs at her mound..the slight pressure pounding makes her shiver.. As she powders her breasts she tugs hard a t the nipples and squeals as they respond with a firmness that brings pleasure bumps to her areola. The sun is bright through the window and she can tell it will be a hot sultry day so she declines the thought of a bra...panties too..much too hot for even the barest of thongs. She slips into a light cotton sun dress..that buttons all the way down the her mid thigh. Pulling her long blonde tresses up on top of her head in a pony she dashes out the front door. She has decided that today is the day to go explore the old sites of the farm.

Wandering along the dusty fields...the heat beginning to cause her to perspire...she slowly unbuttons a few buttons hoping to find relief...a brief reprieve but not she scans the area for a private area...there in the middle of the garden amongst the cucumber patch is a section of ground large enough for her to lie down. Making her way to it as she unbuttons all the way down...exposing her sweet supple body to the caressing rays of the sun...her nipples and belly warmed instantly...she finds a spot and lays down on her back...the perfect spot to she throws open the dress exposing all. Misty has no idea how long she had drifted off for...the warmth of the sun and the way she touched herself seemed so soothing. Her reverie broken by a low whistle and an approving "Mmmmmm". Shielding the glare of the sun from her eyes she could barely make out the outline of a man standing there..medium height...nice build...shirtless and filling out his wranglers VERY well! As her eyes adjust she sees his lips wrapped round a piece of wheat and a slight grin. The amusement in his eyes has her wondering just how long he has been there and what he may have seen. Suddenly reminded that she was lying there exposed, she quickly tried to cover herself...he moved forward and laughs as he helps her recover. "Little late for modesty, don’t you think?" he remarks with a laugh. Blushing like a young school girl, she continues to button as fast as she can. "Do you make a habit of trespassing on private property?" she retorts. As he offers his hand to help her to her feet, he introduces himself, "I’m Kelly, I own the farm next door" I’m also the handyman for the old couple that owns this place" Suddenly remembering her grandparents mentioning a man who did odd jobs, she apologises. Kelly hoisted her to her feet with one tug, making sure she fell against his chest as she tried to get her balance. He quickly pulled her close..his mouth just inches from her delicate lips. She could feel her heart race as he held her...there was something about him that attracted her to him...his rugged good looks?...his wit?..maybe the way she was getting lost in his dreamy eyes....All she knew for sure was that in this close proximity she was excited and her nipples grew hard as they pressed against his bare chest...uncontrolled moisture was building between her thighs as she tried to free herself. He leans towards her neck with his open mouth...frightened...she pulls free and slaps his face. "I am not sure how they do things here in the country,,,but in the city we try to get to know a person before we try something like that!" and she turned to walk away...Kelly grabbed her by the arm...pulling her back into his embrace and kissed her hard. He wasn’t used to not getting his own way with a woman. The thought of this vixen challenging him brought fresh blood flow coursing through him. "I have seen that soft sexy body of yours in all its naked splendour before, Miss" Her gasp confirmed that she hadn’t seen him looking through the bedroom window last night as she prepared for bed or this morning as she emerged from the shower. Her resistance dissolved as her womanly needs surfaced. Her body betraying her as she turned to putty in his rough calloused hands. She craved to be fucked hard and he was a willing participant. He could feel her body give in to him as he slowly pulled her to the ground...trapping her arms above her head with one hand ...he devoured her neck and worked his expert tongue across her body.

"This isn’t the first time I have witnessed you pleasuring yourself...don’t you think its about time you let a real man takeover that duty?"he whispered. With one hand he ripped open the remaining buttons...her tender... willing body now exposed for his pleasures. "As I watched you this morning, I decided today was the day I would introduce myself properly... I even prepared us a food hamper...I hope you don’t mind" he said with a grin. Not far from where they had dropped to the ground was a picnic basket..she wondered how she had missed seeing it...but the electricity running through her body didn’t allow much time for reasoning. Every muscle in her ached to be touched....she wanted all he had to offer and she began to smile and moan, her ankles slowly parted. "I’ve also seen you with your fancy city toys and I am here to show you that nature has her own toys..and they are just as good if not better." he moaned into her neck. Realizing that he no longer needed to restrain her...he opened the basket and pulled out a long firm stem of dill weed...she looked at it..then at him...her mind trying to make the connection between it and a sex toy. He enjoyed the puzzled look on her face as he started to slap the long tufted end against his palm. He slapped it lightly at first against her round firm breasts...then increasing it as he whipped her freshly shaved mound...bringing red wonderful welts to the lips. Each swat making a shiver run through her. "Do you approve of Mother Natures Cat-o-Nine-Tails? he asked. She tried to respond between the swats...but could only manage a whimpered "God Yes!" "Well then, shall we try another?" as he reached in and produced a pair of brussel sprouts. Good Lord...she thought to herself....had he witnessed the way her Ben Wah balls excited her every time a muscle moved.. Had he seen her climax instantly as she deliberately put on a funny show on the TV causing her to have fits of laughter. The balls rolling inside and banging together against clenched vaginal membranes? Kelly enjoyed watching her facial expressions...they revealed a great deal. Kneeling between here legs he used both hands to open her thighs wide enough to gain access...first bending down and taking his first deep breath and the scent of her juicy pussy. It was all he could do not to eat her out right then and there...but that was for another time..he told himself.

He gently pressed his fingers inside to make sure she was wet enough...surprised by the warmth and the slight trickle as the lips parted. Both sprouts pushed in easily and Misty’s groans were received loud and clear. "Never could figure out the thrill women found in these...but you seem to like them a lot so we will just let them stay there for a while" "You don’t mind you?" And with that he dug through the basket again ...contemplating what next. As he rifled through it all he started to sing a little ditty..."Rolling rolling rolling...gee your pussy’s swollen" Misty tried to resist laughing but he continued on and on..first she only snickered,,then a giggle but soon she full out belly laughed..sending the balls rolling and jiggling deep inside...their rough edges mauling the sensitive lining of her vagina..tickling and scraping at the same time. The harder she tried to stop the more silly Kelly’s antics got. He was amazed at the way she bucked her hips and convulsed...she looked ready to explode...and he loved the idea. Not wanting her to lose momentum he pulls out a long fat spear of asparagus...takes the tip in his mouth and wets it...then leans down..pulls back the hood that guards her most precious treasure....and slips the tip across her female erection...her body jerks violently at the touch. Again he taps at if knocking for permission to enter. Misty cries out just as Kelly stabs the hard asparagus tip directly on her clit....again and again he batters it...then wiggling it playfully up under the hood...vibrating her core. She arches her back...grabs her own nipples and screams..."Good God man!" she feels the first rolling wave as she crests in orgasm...the flood gates open as she squirts hard she expels both sprouts as they hit Kelly.

Misty falls back in a sweaty wet heap...her pussy still in spasms. Never ever has a battery operated clit tickler done what he just did. Kelly moves up her body with his tongue and kisses her softly. Surprised by this tenderness she responds with a full open mouth and sucks her own body fluids from his tongue hungrily. He pulls away and lifts her legs over his shoulders..then leans in for a nibble on the neglected tit flesh...pinning her knees almost to her head. His teeth snatch a puckered peak and his tongue roughly whips its tip inside his mouth. Misty’s nails find his back and shoulders and she rakes down hard in painful delight...causing Kelly to clamp even harder. Her ass is raised slightly now as Kelly brings a very slender but extremely large kerneled ear of corn to her cheeks. He laughs out loud as he says..."Can your fancy vibrator do this? As he pistons it in and out of her tight asshole. She feels every rippling kernel as it accosts her rim...deeper and deeper...widening at the end...stretching and burning,,,but the combination of pain and pleasure is again exquisite.

Kelly presses forward for another passionate kiss but Misty snaps her teeth and lands them on his lower lip...causing him to howl. He enjoys a little fight in his women he tells he shoves the cob one last time deep and hard...extracting it just as quickly as he entered it. He feels a fresh gush along his pant leg as she cums again. Her hips still wildly grinding in circles and pumping upwards. His hand moves down to his raging hard on as he tries to calm it down...She hears his zipper unzip and thinks ..."OH GOD...this is finally it...and waits in eager anticipation for his warm hard manhood to slip inside her. Groaning and writhing under him she suddenly feels a cool hard object pressing through her outer lips...the velvet soft slick walls inside parting...confusion and disappointment show on her face. Kelly just smiles and says "Remember Miss, this is all about you and your toys...I am saving the real stuff for another time." With that he pushed the upturned end of the zucchini further into her smoldering love canal. As the tip glides through her, the base widens...stretches her vagina..filling her tight.. His wrists rotate the zucchini causing her to feel every groove as it accosts her pinkness. The tip finding its target easily as shrieks out again and again..."God give it to me...FUCK me hard" panting short breaths and gasping between as the thunderous climax overtakes her...crashing through again and again. She cant remember when the last time she had multiple orgasms was...but she did remember how they shook her to the core...and this time was no different. Kelly rolled off her and kissed her quivering mound lightly with his lips. He whispered as he handed her the vegetable..."Feel free to keep natures G-Spot dildo...I see it hit the spot!" Misty lie there in a jumble of sweat and cum...breathless and intoxicated by her surroundings...not wanting this unexpected afternoon romp to end. Before she could respond, Kelly was up...his erection subsided...and had zipped himself again. "Mind if I call back tomorrow? I think I have a machine in the dairy barn that you might enjoy" he says as he runs his fingers through his hair and flashes her one last smile before he walks away...a shaft of wheat once again between his teeth. Misty lay there soaking up the suns rays as she drifted dreamily ...her mind trailed already to what she would wear to the barn tomorrow.

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