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  By: kinkywench

As the train pulled in to the station Lisa could see him waiting on the platform. She had no idea of his name but he got on the same train as her every week day. He was in his mid-20’s’ she guessed. He wore glasses and looked like he was some office Waller, with his lap top bag and suit. Once she had caught him looking at her, well staring actually. Nothing new there, Lisa had 42 B breasts and for as long as she could remember that’s what got men’s attention. And if she was honest she didn’t mind. She was confident in her curvaceous body and knew that there were guys in the world who loved it too. And the thought that they were looking at her turned her on. The doors opened and he walked on and sat down next door to Lisa. That was a first she thought to herself and smiled at him.


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Chris saw the familiar face at the window, her name was Lisa, he had seen her name tag once on her jacket, they had never spoken to one another, but they travelled the same train to work. Every day. There were couple of things he noticed about her; one was a happy smiling face. even early in the morning. Her smile lit up her face, and also her breasts. He would love to get his hands and mouth on them beauties. He could just image how they would feel in his hands swinging free, all soft and bouncy. These thoughts caused his cock to stir in his trousers and not for the first time. Some mornings he would have to wait to get off the train as his cock had mind of its own. Good job he placed his bag on his lap to hide it. Today as he stepped on the train he noticed that it was quite packed, and he was going to have to sit next her.


God this was going to be a long journey Chris thought to himself. As he sat down she smiled at him. He smiled back and placed his bag on his lap. I hope you behave he said to his lap under his breath.


Lisa smiled at him as he sat down beside her, Lisa was feeling very naughty and horny, and decided to give him a treat Today, about 10 minutes in to their journey they went through a pretty long tunnel. So Lisa hatched a little plan in her head.


Chris decided to read his paper, hopefully that would keep his mind off her breasts. As the train started on its journey the jolt sent him sideways and he knocked Lisa’s arm.

“Sorry “he said


“That’s ok” she smiled back at him. Chris straightened himself and carried on reading his paper, well he tried too, his cock jerked in his trousers. God I hope she doesn’t noticed he thought to himself.


Just then the train carriage went in to total darkness as they went in a tunnel. Lisa reached over to his lap and squeezed his cock. Chris jumped at the contact, but said nothing her small hand fondled him gently, his semi hard cock was ram rod stiff now.


“Give me your hand “her voice whispered in his ear, Chris felt her soft hand on his, the touch sent a jolt of electricity through him and his cock jerked as she touched it with her other hand.


Lisa took his hand and placed it on her breast, Chris didn’t need telling he gently squeezed and then rubbed across her nipple.”Aww” she whispered in his ear. Then all too soon she let go of his cock and removed his hand from her breast as bright light flooded the train carriage. Lisa bent side wards and whispered in his ear.” I’m going to the toilet please join me” Chris was really shocked at her forthright manor, he was very shy person. But this women had got him so turned on he shocked himself as he said “ok “


The thought of what was happening made his cock stiffen and it was getting pretty painful now, he needed few mins to calm down before he moved. Lisa looked down at his lap and saw his arousal and knew that he needed few mins before he could move.


“Excuse me I need the ladies “she smiled coyly at him, she moved pass him taking her bag with her, and walked down the partly crowded aisle. As soon as she moved some young lad jumped in her seat with his I pod blasting in his ears. Then the train stopped at one of the other stops, this was his chance to move, he grabbed his bag off his lap and moved slowly pass the other passengers trying not to bump in to them, as his cock was hard in his boxers, and walking was a bit difficult.


He came to the end of the aisle where the toilet cubicle was. He knocked on the door and it opened slightly, and he was greeted with a smile. Lisa pulled the door open and grabbed him by the hand and pulled him in the the train started to move again Chris pitched forward on to Lisa pushing her on the loo. Lisa felt his cock poke in her stomach.


Chris dropped his bag in the corner, “I think we should swap places “she said, it was bit of a squeeze but Lisa moved off the loo in the corner so that Chris could sit on the loo, now Lisa was standing in front of him, she then undid her blouse and lifted her breasts out of her bra they swung in front of Chris’s face. They were white with big pink nipples,


Chris let out a moan as she started to rub them with her hands. His cock was jerking in his trousers and it was painful from being restrained, Chris undid the button on his trousers and then the zip, he then pulled his trousers and boxers down to his knees, god wot a site he must look he thought to himself as his cock bounced freely in front of him. Lisa licked her lips at the sight of his cock, and her pussy was getting wetter,


“My names Lisa” she moaned as she pinched her nipples and squeezed them together.


“I’m Chris “he groaned. As he started to rub the head of his cock, and the pecum oozed out of the slit,

Lisa then lifted her skirt up to her waist and moved her thong to the side of her pussy and dipped one finger in her slit, she pulled it out and stuck it in Chris’s mouth


“Fuck you taste sweet” he moaned. With that Lisa moved over to Chris and hovered over his cock then slowly sunk down on his cock, the feel of her tight wet pussy nearly took Chris over the edge then, she pushed her self-deep on his cock, feeling him throb and jerk as he entered her. Lisa’s breasts were right in his face. Chris started to suck one of her nipples as Lisa started to ride his cock, the feel of her wet pussy grinding down on his lap and his balls slapping against her pussy lips made Chris cock grow even harder, and his balls tighten up.


The thought that they may be discovered excited him even move, he sucked hard on her nipple feeling it get harder. ”oh fuck yes” she moaned. He pinched the nipple of her other breast as he sucked one. Lisa started to move up and down fast on his cock deep in her pussy. the feel of her pussy muscles gripping him tight as she rode him, this made him groan between his sucking, Lisa moved her finger between her legs and she started to rub her swollen clit, she could feel how wet she was, and she could feel her orgasm started to build and it made her move faster, Chris started to thrust deeper in her as she rode him sucking on her breast.


“I want you to cum deep in my pussy” she groaned as her pussy muscles started to contract around his her orgasm took over she was moaning and fucking his cock faster, this took Chris over the edge his cum massed in his balls and then he thrust deep in her pussy flooding it with his cum.


“cum for me “ she groaned as he shot load after load deep in her pussy, Lisa could feel every jerk his cock made as he came inside her, Chris’s cock felt good in her tight pussy and she was so wet from his cum and his juices that it started to squelch as she moved on it.


Lisa orgasm slowed down and she let little sighs out as Chris gave her tits a lick and suck, he gave one last thrust as his own orgasm came to an end. She fell forward on him. Her breasts suffocating him. God what a way to die Chris thought, and then all too soon she was lifting herself off of him. She pulled some toilet tissue from the dispenser and wiped herself before pulling her thong across and her skirt down, Chris was about to put his cock away. But as he did she bent down and licked it, the touch of her tongue made it twitch,


“Mmmm we taste good, we should do this again” she giggled

Chris pulled himself together as Lisa buttoned her blouse, the train came to a stop, she opened the toilet door and said “oooo my stop” grabbed her bag walked out.

“Cya you tomorrow” she winked as she stepped off the train.


Chris was left standing in the toilet doorway smiling to himself, and thinking this day can’t go fast enough…..

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42B breasts: that one fat lady with small boobs. :)

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