orgasm of a lifetime part 2   added 3 years ago    

  By: sex_nimphette

as greg was fucking my pussy and eating fiona dripping clit fiona and I had decided to take matters in our own hands as we making out we both started to finger eachother both on the edge of an orgasm fiona then slid to fingers in my pussy while greg was pounding me. Oh it felt so good I started to ride him harder and harder moving my hips around and back and forth. I could feel his cock swelling up with cum. I then jump off him and tell fionna to get on his swollen hard cock and start to fuck him hard till it spills out her juicy cunt I then sit on his face while he licks my cunt clean and sends me into a orgasmic frenzy juices pouring out my cunt while he is licking my cunt fiona bends down and starts licking my clit causing me to go into convulsions of pleasure two tongues licking my pussy as well as making out with eachother. Greg couldn't hold it in any more as he thrusted on last time in to fiona letting out all his juices into her and it started spilling out he cunt she got off him and started sucking him off as she did that I pulled her firm ass to my face and started licking his sperm from her overflowing cunt causing her to orgasm again. Greg then took two fingers and stuck them in my ass  causing me to clench up for I had never had anything in my ass before he starts pumping his fingers into my ass and slowly the pain turned into plasure  I start movin my ass to meet his fingers till they were deep in me  then fiona says I want some as she sucks greg till he was fully hard again she sits on his cock and it goes into her ass he starts trustin it into her deeper and deeper she is screaaming with orgasmic delight screaming harder faster fuck me baby  and I just moaning saying don't stop fuck my vigrin ass to plase don't stop me and fiona then chage positions and I sit on his hard cock while he pumps it into my ass it feels so good I starts leaking cum out my pussy as fiona stats to lick it up greg starts finger fucking her his hard cock fills up with sperm and he thrust it deep in my ass and shoots it in me I give in and start pouring cum out my pussy and down my leg fiona leaks out all over gregs face as we all orgasm together  

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Categories: Cuckolded
Location: A bed | Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it | Nature: Agressive