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  By: mfdc

I've settled into a routine with my spectacular G/F, whom I still now wonder how I ever ended up with someone so stunning. Having said that though & being a man, it doesnt stop me whatsoever thinking about other women, and in particular, younger women.


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Naughty level to be set later

I get the shuttle-bus to work occasionally as it's easier than the car, and over the last few weeks a schoolgirl typically waited for the same bus as me, at the same time every morning.

She was in sixth form, so here in the UK that makes here 16, and to look at, you'd say a lot older too! About 5.4ft, slender, hourglass figure, long shapely legs and a bottom so tight you'd explode just thinking about being close to it. Her lipstick sweet smile, and soft long brown hair always made her look the archetypal schoolgirl.

Dressed in a tight ill fitting blouse (maybe her parents were tired of constantly buying her uniforms to grow out of!?) a black bra underneath (I assume to tease the boys and men at her school) and a short pleated skirt with black tights (which always drove me crazy, I'm a sucker for a girl in tights) she looked stunning.

Everyday she'd catch me staring at her, and I'd look sheepish (as you would being a 31 year old man) but occasionally she'd smile, and today was one of those days. Maybe it was the bright sunshine and warm crisp spring morning air, or maybe its because I'd been horny all night and my G/F had not given it up due to being ill, but I decided to hold her smile and see what she did.

To my amazement she shuffled over to me and say "hi". I said "hi" back, both of us feeling socially awkward as there was simply no reason a man of my age would be casually talking to a girl of that age.

She took out her iPhone and tapped quickly into a text message something I couldnt quite see. She glanced around but there was no one with us, and she handed me the phone and then walked off a little, so it looked like we werent standing together.

On the phone display, I read "can we go somewhere for sex, you've looked at me every day for a month now, you can do whatever you want to me"

My heart jumped out of my mouth and my cock immedietley sprang into life pushing violently against the fabric of my jeans. I glanced at her and she smiled and looked away. I tapped back into the phone ...
"I live ten minutes away, lets go now" and I then passed the phone back to her.

Then reality hit me, as at this point I'd not actually asked her age, only guessed. Obviously it would be a no go if she wasnt sixteen, so as we both knowingly nodded to each other, and I led the way whilst she followed somewhat behind, I made a point of turning back to ask her how old she was.

"sixteen as of four days ago" she smiled with a naughty smile that simply made me want to start masterbating on the street in front of everyone.

As we walked up the road towards my house, another dose of reality hit me. Part way between my mind racing that I had a sixteen year old schoolgirl following me and I was going to live out my No1 all time fantasy FOR REAL, I realised my current G/F was probably either 1) still at home having breakfast before work or 2) about to pass me in the car. I veered off up a side street making the walk a few minutes longer but ensuring we'd not be seen.

As I walked around the corner to the drive, the car was gone which gave me a sigh of relief, I asked the girl (whose name Id never asked) to wait further down the road whilst I checked the house. I walked down the path and opened the door, shouting upstairs "are you here babe" hoping I wouldnt get an answer.

I didnt.

I stood in the doorway, motioning to the girl who now'd lit a cigarette and was inhaling hungrily whilst she waited for me. She totted down the path and into the house, I grabbed her hand, told her she couldnt smoke in the house, she blew her mouthful of smoke at me and stubbed the cigarette out on the path and went inside.

We both stood there looking at each other, not knowing what to do next. Me with my crazy erection, her looking coy & almost vulnerable. I asked her again, "how old are you" to which she replied "I told you, I'm sixteen as of about four days ago, and arent you meant to be fucking me by now you dirty old man? I have a rape fantasy and I hardly feel threatened at the minute!"

At that I grabbed her and pushed her against the hallway mirror, and started to kiss her. The taste of lipstick, cherry cola and cigarettes almost intoxicating, naughty and she smelt like a girl with cheap perfume.

Our tongues probed, I could tell she'd kissed someone before, as her tiny hands explored my chest and lower waist. My cock was painful at this point and I pulled my jeans around my ankles. I took one of her tiny hands and pushed it forcefully into my boxer shorts and told her with suprising command to "wank me off now"

She was a good girl and started pumping furiously at my cock, moving between my cock and dragging her nails over my balls and agressively biting my neck as she made me cum all over her hand. She then just stood there, took her hand, and started licking her fingers, asking if we could go upstairs!

In the bedroom I got completley naked but asked her to keep her uniform on. I liked the feeling of tights against my cock, and I stroked and rubbed every inch of her body as we kissed passionatley and she whispered to me how much she wanted to be taken by an older man and knocked up. I had no intention of "knocking her up" but it was a fantasy to think about it, I knew however I'd have the self control needed, and besides, I didnt want a child with a young girl when I was trying for a baby with my beautiful G/F.

My cock hardened as she begged me to take her, to fill her up and she pushed her finger up my arse moving slowly in a figure of 8 as she deep throated me and moved herself, wriggling on top of me.

At this point, I was naked with my cock pushing hard against her tights and knickers and her tongue filled my mouth as she gyrated on top of me. I motioned I needed to get a condom from the bedside drawer, but she put both her hands between her legs, ripped her tights and started wanking my cock against the thinnest tiniest band of material that was her knickers. She asked "do you really want me to stop"

I was a mess, I knew I needed to get a condom or come quickly, to avoid any temptation to fuck a sixteen year old girl bare back but its like she knew this, and immedietley pushed her knickers to one side, and I was impaled on her with a gasp of breath.

Her tongue again filled my mouth as I whimpered for her to stop and that pregnancy is not a good idea, and she 'ssshed' me as she gyrated on my cock harder. I was panicking at this stage, I couldnt stop myself, and she arched her back, moving her hand behind her, and against my balls, playing with them agressively as I begged her to stop, but not really wanting her too.

The sit of a a dressed schoolgirl, with smudged make up and ripped tights bouncing on my cock was far too much, I held her hips, knew I was going to be in a lot of trouble (in more ways than one) and let go, sexual release pulsated through me as I came with long hot ropey spurts of cum, deep inside her young vagina,

She whimpered and moaned as I bucked like a bull as she milked every drop out of me.

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