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  By: Wolfgang13

A short and direct fantasy. Because we always need one or two of those ;)


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Naughty level to be set later

I sat across from my teacher, not really knowing what to say exactly. Here I was, days from my eighteenth birthday and graduation; I seriously could not afford to fail this class. Mr. Hemingway’s expression grew angry with frustration, making his bearded and square-shaped jaw clench in a secretly sexy way. I don’t know why, but I ached to have him touch me. Which probably explained why I was still a virgin and couldn’t get turned on by the boys in my school the way my friends did: I needed a man to pop this cherry.

“Are you even listening to me, Kiera? I’m going to have to call your father and explain this situation to him.”

“No! Please no, I’ll do anything…stay for tutoring classes; whatever it takes. But please, Mr. Hemingway, don’t call my dad.”

He sighed and looked down to my graded paper again. I’d left the test empty, not one single line filled. Suddenly, I had a crazy idea. I carefully opened my legs to reveal the pink thong I was wearing underneath my short skirt. I bent forward, as if to look for something in my bag, and wished he were looking down my blouse and getting a glimpse of my perfectly firm 34D breasts. He gasped and when I looked back he seemed eager to look away. I smiled while he fumbled the papers in front of him.

“Is something wrong, Mr. Hemingway?” I asked, in my most innocent tone.

He stuttered inaudibly and I stood to stand next to him. I lowered as if to stare at my test, basically putting my tits in his face. “Perhaps if you allow me to take it again. I can do better I was just nervous, you see, tests and me don’t mix.”

He cleared his throat and when I glimpsed at him his eyes were glued on my perky tits. I reached for his tie and pressed my hand against his chest. “I love your tie, Mr. Hemingway. It looks great on you.”

He cleared his throat. “Well, perhaps you can take it again. You’re a great student after all, a bit distracted at times but nevertheless a very bright young lady.”

I smiled warmly and kissed him on the cheek. “Oh, Mr. Hemingway. You’re the best!”

He shifted in his chair. “When will you be ready to retake the test, Kiera.”

My pussy was wet with all the teasing and I wondered if he was biting my bate. I leaned my tight and round ass on his desk, my skirt hiked up allowing him a glimpse of my thighs, and tossed my head back and played with the hem of my skirt as if I was thinking. Then I peeked under my lashes and saw his hungry eyes locked on my toned thighs. Quickly, I glanced at the large bulge in his pants and grinned widely.

I gasped loudly which caused him jump and stare at my face as if I’d caught him. But I had a plan and it’d better work for the desperate need building inside me. “Oh, Mr. Hemingway, you’re hurt! Have you seen the nurse?”

He stared at me with a puzzled look and I almost laughed out loud. But I stayed in character and leaped to my feet careful to fill my voice and expression with concern. His lips moved, and I was sure he was going to ask me what I was referring to when I fell to my knees. “No matter, I know exactly how to treat this. You’re in the right hands, Mr. Hemingway. Just don’t move.”

I unbuckled his pants quickly and before he could stop me I freed his large shaft and it bounced up proudly.  I wrapped my hands around it and the head of his cock leaked a small amount of precum for me. He moaned.

“No, wait. What are you doing?!”

“Don’t worry Mr. Hemingway. I will cure you. Oh, this must be so painful for you!”

One hand moved up and down in a circular motion while the other caressed his balls. He didn’t stop me, just leaned against his chair with his head raised to look at the ceiling. “What are you talking about?”

“My daddy told me all about how a man’s member can become swollen and how painful it is. And since I want to be a nurse someday I made sure to read on how to relieve a man’s pain by offering him comfort and this is the only medicine.”

He looked down at me, his face contorted with pleasure and confusion but I smiled. “I think you got it all wrong.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, you’re right it’s just getting bigger! Hopefully this will help.” I licked up and down his shaft, savoring the salty taste then wrapped my lips around the head of his love pole. In one swift move I swallowed his length and began to run my thick lips over his thickening cock. I moaned and the vibrations made him lose the last bit of control he had and he twined his fingers in my hair and began to fuck my face.

“That’s right. Yea, now you got it, Kiera.”

He pushed my face so that his balls touched my chin. I swallowed, eager to take him completely without protest. After a few minutes of sucking him off my wet pussy could no longer take the torture. I pushed my face back and frowned innocently. “Mr. Hemingway, something’s wrong…my pussy is all wet and I’m starting to feel like I want something to touch it.”

“It’s all right, come here, Kiera.” He motioned for me to sit on his desk and when I did he spread my legs. “Oh you’re right. Wet indeed aren’t we?”

“Can you help me, Mr. Hemingway?”

“Oh you bet I can, sweetie.” He rubbed his thumb over the skin of my thong and licked his lips hungrily.

“More, please I need more.” I moaned, almost losing control.

He responded by moving the fabric to the side and sliding his finger over my soaping slit. His fingers teased my opening then lingered over my clit. I saw him stroking his long and thick shaft, his eyes glazed with a hungry fervor.

“Oh it feels so good, Mr. Hemingway but what about you?”

“Not to worry, my dear. You’re going to finish what you started and help me with my big problem.”

He stood and stripped me of my underwear. He then grabbed his dick and slapped my pussy with it. I moaned, “Oh that feels so good.”

In one swift move he dug his hard cock inside me and began to pump me wildly. My pussy walls stretched out in pain to accommodate to his thrusts. His hands then moved to my large tits and he tugged at my blouse. Once underneath them he pulled at my thin bra and pinched my nipple. I wrapped my legs around him, bringing him closer and needing more. How was it possible I still wanted more? I yanked off my blouse and exposed my large breasts. Then I reached down between our bodies and played with my swollen button. I suddenly began to tremble and a feeling unknown to me took over. It was as if my entire body were being licked by flames that sent me writhing with unexplainable pleasure.

“Oh you’re a little slut, aren’t you? Seducing me, making me think you didn’t know what you were doing. But I’m going to make you pay.”

He pulled out of me and turned me around. His hand opened my ass cheeks and I panicked. “Please Mr. Hemingway, not there. It’s true, I was seducing you but you know you wanted me!”

“I don’t like being toyed with, little girl. Now I’m gonna do what I want with you.”

I squirmed underneath him, yelping, arms wailing and knocking stuff off his desk. He shoved my back down hard and spread my legs then violently entered my virgin asshole. I was glad it was filled with both our juices, making it wet enough to glide in easily but it still caused a stinging pleasure I couldn’t explain.

“Play with yourself,” he barked.

My fingers found my clit and I rubbed roughly. My moans picked up and his groans seemed to drown any other sounds around me. His heavy body leaned over me, making it difficult to give my cunt the attention it wanted. Then he leaned back, his large dick still pounding my sensitive butthole and opened the drawer to his desk.

“Time to make you pay, you dirty slut.”

WHACK! It took me a while to realize he’d slapped my ass with a hard wooden ruler. He kept at it, filling my burning ass cheeks with smack after smack. At first I squirmed underneath him, but the extra weight off me allowed me to rub at my clit more and I found the spanking insanely erotic.

My ass rose up unconsciously and he plummeted deeper. “I knew you’d like it, my filthy little slut.”

A loud and sharp intake of breath made me look to the side, where my gym teacher, Mr. Jones stood, with the largest bulge I’d ever seen growing in his pants. 

Mr. Hemingway kept pumping me though. “Looks like we found ourselves a new toy, comrade. Come join us, this one likes it rough.”

I inhaled sharply at the same time I squirted my juices all over my hand and yelled with pleasure.

Thanks for reading! Leave your comments below :)  Soon I'll post Part II where Keira enjoys both her teachers!

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CanadianCasanova Very well written and very sexy!!
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lick_my_cherry_bomb Deliciously written

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