Snog and feel   added 3 years ago    

  By: Mike16

Enter your story here...As we started to kiss, my hands moved around her lower back. I worked my way under her shirt and felt her naked skin and then ventured down the back of her trousers. My curiosity had been aroused earlier that afternoon, when she got up and turned to visit the ladies’ room, by what looked like an elegantly cut VPL and I wanted a feel, but the belt, which was too high and too tight, would not let me pass beyond the knuckles. My fingers splayed out in vain to just barely touch the elastic. I withdrew my hand and ventured over the belt on the outside over the course linen of her trousers. I groped at her buttock to try to ascertain the make-up of her panties, and was rewarded as the fabric of her trousers glided easily over a silky material beneath. I moved my hand to the side of her hip and there was a distinct change as the material changed to what felt like a lace panel. I traced its border South to the panty-line. At this point I eased off my lips and listened to her breathing as I traced the panty-line inwards further and further until I touched the gusset seam and then reaching under her crotch, feeling the heat, I took a firm handful of buttock and parted her cheek. She showed no sign of disapproval. With the other hand, I started to work on her breast...

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Location: A hotel room | Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later | Nature: I will tell you later