Tammy Meets Dylan   added 3 years ago    

  By: Wolfgang13

Part II of the Peeping Tammy story. Enjoy!


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I’d been mortified by the incident that took place a few weeks ago; my peeping incident. I avoided Dylan at all costs. I used to share a quick talk with him in the elevator now and then, blushed when he accidently pressed against me in the crowded square and even took the initiative to personally deliver his mail to him whenever it was placed in my box by accident. But now I even shunned the window that allowed me a clear view into his bedroom.

Damn! He was my sexual outlet when porn didn’t do it anymore. I own a wide collection of cartoon porn; for some reason I can no longer get off on regular porn. The cheesy music, totally fake yells of the chick getting banged by some Viagra induced guy just didn’t cut it. I guess it all went down the drain the day I watched a behind the scenes of how porns are actually filmed. Three guys waited their turn to see which one could outlast the wet cunt of the awaiting sex goddess in the other room. Most times the girl in the film went dry due to so much fucking and that seriously killed my groove. I could barely feel myself up anymore after that. But cartoon porn outlasted my wet dreams since the girl was visibly wet, the guy naturally hard and they fucked until each was fully satisfied. I don’t know, weird or not, none of it got played after my getting caught masturbating while watching Dylan fuck some hot whore.

“You’re sexually frustrated, Tammy. So the guy caught you, big deal. You said he was smiling, no? That means he liked it.”

I groaned into my pillow. If I couldn’t confide in my younger sister then who the hell was I going to share this with? No way was I going to alert the press by posting any of this on Facebook. Besides, while most people masturbate hardly anyone admits to it on a social media webpage. “You don’t get it, Jean. It was mortifying. I think I’m going to move.”

“What!? No way. You just graduated college, got yourself a badass job, this place is to die for and I will not let you move back in with mom and dad. Take it from me, you’re better off here with Hot Rod as your neighbor.”

I mumbled to myself, something about how I hated when she was right. If only I made enough time to properly date someone then perhaps I wouldn’t be acting like a prune right now. Yet somehow the way I looked gave off a nice girl appearance and the guys I went out with treated me so gentle-like it was absurd. I wasn’t awful looking, I mean at least I didn’t think so. I wasn’t tall, but I wouldn’t say five-six was short either. I’m of petite form with wide hips and 34C cup breasts. I have a naturally golden skin color as if I tan, with dark brown eyes and equally long, dark, wavy hair.

Perhaps it was my wardrobe then? I tended to wear caprice jeans a lot, with tight polo shirts and flip-flops. Today, being Saturday, it was an exception; I was wearing some black cotton shorts and a plain white t-shirt hanging off one of my shoulders. I hardly ever wore make-up and kept my hair down naturally. I also didn’t really flirt or try really hard to get the attention of men. Whatever my issues were, the one at hand was much more significant. I guess complete pussy shut down was bound to happen after getting caught flipping my button in front of one of the hottest guys in the building.

“Anyway, I have to wash my laundry. You’re more than welcome to hang around while I go downstairs.” It was my way of telling her to shut up. While I thought about my mortifying moment, Jean babbled off and I could no longer take it. I grabbed my hamper, my jar of quarters, detergent and headed toward the basement.

I unhooked my braw and tossed it in the washer before leaning over the buzzing machine then absentmindedly flipped through a magazine like an engrossed teen which was why I probably never heard him come in.

“Catching up on your gossip?”

I yelped and jumped back, completely caught off guard by his towering stance next to me. Dylan was an entire foot taller than me and built like a mountain. His smoldering eyes bore into me. “Sure,” I nodded.

“So, I hear your place has a great view.”

My cheeks burned. “I get a clear view of the city and the lake behind the scrapers.”

Dylan smiled wickedly. “That’s not what I meant.”

“Listen, your shades are left open, okay. If you don’t want people to see what goes on inside then perhaps you should…close them!”

It was quite a funny debacle, seeing as how I look defenseless next to him. I probably resembled a Chihuahua next to a Doberman. But his smile widened at my outburst and he took a step closer to push a strand of my hair behind my ear. My body froze by his close contact and a sudden heat flooded my entire frame. “And if I enjoyed being watched?”

I swallowed and looked up to find his eyes hypnotizing. I suddenly realized my window had a clear view into his bedroom, but the other units did not therefore I was the only one with clear visibility into his chamber. Was it possible he knew I’d watch him night after night?

“You know, I always wondered if you would enjoy the action more than spying.”

My voice lowered as I turned to my magazine, both my hands on the washer for support. “I wouldn’t call it spying…more like a passive glance.”

“Oh, there was nothing passive about it, Tammy. But I’m willing to forgive your intrusive ways if you’re up for it.”

I turned to face him and his hunger-filled voice the same time he moved to stand behind me. His hand wrapped around my waist as he crushed his body against mine; the bulge in his pants assaulted me and my breathing accelerated with the image of his tall and sculpted body wrapping mine. I was barely aware of the fact that my lips had parted when he lowered his lips to my ear.

“You up for some apologetic neighborly acts?”

I closed my eyes. This couldn’t be real. I’d fallen asleep on the washer for sure. To hell with it, I thought. Hell yes I was up for any type of acts with this guy. Shit, I’d be his sex slave if he asked. I nodded, feeling how his large, strong hand wrapped around my neck as he tilted my face so that he could nibble on my earlobe.

I wanted it hard and fast, but I knew, automatically, that that’s not how it was going to play out. Dylan liked to play…and I was going to be his new toy. The hand around my neck lowered to lay flat just between my collar bones to then slowly graze along my skin until meeting my ample breast. He fondled it expertly for a few seconds while the hand still wrapped around my waist hugged me tighter. The t-shirt’s neck had been ripped so that it would fall off one shoulder and he seemed to enjoy the space it offered.

Dylan proceeded to squeeze my nipple between his forefinger and thumb then he whispered, “I’ve wanted you for quite some time, Tammy. Are you going to offer yourself to me like a good little slut?”

“Uh-huh,” I whimpered foolishly.

He chuckled. “That’s a good girl.”

My pussy begged for attention but he just nibbled at my nipple with his fingers and played with the waistband of my shorts, occasionally allowing his thumb to caress the skin hidden from him.  My body angled forward and my elbows found the steady machine in front of me and I leaned against it. He laughed softly and slowly dug his hand down my lose fitting shorts. At first I was afraid he would play over my soaked panties, until his fingers squeezed the naked flesh of my pussy lips together. I felt lightheaded, it’d been so long since a man’s touch sent spark-filled vibrations up and down my limbs and here was Dylan, Hot Rod from unit 12, feeling me up.

My button ached for more, but he just toyed with my lips; squeezing them together then parting them while smoothing his fingertips over the delicate skin of my cunt. My legs parted without my knowledge, allowing him more access so when he pulled his hand away I was left distraught. He turned me around and smiled at my reaction: lips pouted and puckered like a little girl.

“Undress.” He ordered. And I tugged my shorts and underwear off in one swift move then clumsily tossed my shirt somewhere. It was then I noticed Dylan had taken off his shirt, I’m not sure when, and his rippled abs made my mouth water. His pants were still on though, and I frowned at this.

My frown grew when I took a step toward him, my hand reaching for his buckle and he grabbed me by my waist and sat me on the washer, shaking his head with a sly smile on his face. He spread my thighs, for the first time giving himself a clear view of my soaked pussy. One of his hands went under me to coat my ass while the other caressed its way up to pinch my nipple. The hand underneath me raised me up swiftly so that my pubic bone was up in the air and that much closer to his awaiting mouth. His tongue separated my lips and licked up my slit then drew small circles over my clit.

My breathing accelerated. I’d watched Dylan have sex many times but never did I see him do this to his sluts. They all came to pleasure him and while it was obvious he gave the orders and they all touched him in specific ways, he never gave in to their needs. But Hot Rod was focusing on giving me pleasure and hadn’t allowed me to free his love stick. My thoughts were quickly lost when Dylan began to suck on me like a vacuum. His teeth then grazed over my swollen clit then his tongue went hard as it penetrated inside me. I felt myself losing focus and I could hear my gasps turning into moans. His hand lowered and disappeared somewhere to his pants but I couldn’t focus on his doings anymore than the pleasure he was causing to roll inside me.

I felt his tongue assaulting my clit again and my back arched as I felt the first wave of my orgasm hit me. My walls tightened around nothing and I squirted into his mouth. Before I could recover Dylan wrapped my legs around his torso then pushed me back and I knew my wet pussy was soaking his iron body. I convulsed underneath him as his lips found mine, making me taste my own sweet juices.

In one swift move Dylan turned me around so that my breast were over the washer and I felt the head of his thick shaft twitch between my pussy lips. Was he really going to fuck me without allowing me a glimpse of his dick?

I tried to reach back so that I may caress his shaft, fondle his balls or the very least touch his washboard abs but he grabbed my arms and held them against the now still and cold surface of the machine. When he was convinced I wouldn’t move again he let them go to wrap his arm around my belly and lift me up slightly so that my eager cunt could take in his fat love pole.

He entered me slowly, giving me time to adjust to his enormous shaft then began pumping into me. I wriggled underneath him, pushing my ass back and showing him how horny he’d made me. His other hand moved up and fastened onto my right breast firmly, squeezing it almost painfully while grunting into my ear. “You’re nice and tight, Tammy and so wet.”

I became desperate as he thrust into me slowly and rhythmically and I practically shouted, “Come on, Dylan, I can see how bad you want me. Just fuck me with that big dick of yours. Fuck me hard.”

“You asked for it,” he laughed then lifted me by my waist and carried me over to a low table nearby. 

He positioned me as if I were a rag doll and like a mad man pounded my wet and eager cunt from behind. He squeezed my ass cheeks, spanking them hard and buried his thick shaft into me with battering, chaotic thrusts. He spanked my ass until I was sure they were red, each time making me moan out loud from the insane pleasure of it. The table shook beneath me; squeaking like it might break but my loud whimpering masked that sound well. I could feel his hands caressing me roughly, moving over every inch of my damp skin while pounding me, his balls slapping against my ass.

Then I felt his left hand opening my ass cheeks and drawing small circles over my opening. In one quick thrust he plunged his thumb into my butthole and I came instantly, the tremors shaking me violently. My pussy walls caved and contracted around his member. He didn’t stop; he just pushed himself deeper inside me, making me insane and lightheaded. His fingers kept probing my ass while his entire length pounded deep into my tight pussy.

“I’m going to cum again,” I yelled out.

He responded by pumping my asshole with one hand while the other traveled to meet my swollen clit. He massaged it roughly, just the way I liked it. He was assaulting three of my sensitive areas and I screamed as I felt another wave of ecstasy fill my burning body. After a few hard thrusts I felt his body shake, “Now it’s me who’s gonna cum.”

He pulled out abruptly and spun me around. He grabbed my face then drove his cock into my mouth. He began face fucking me and I tasted both our juices and it made me even wilder. I sucked on his dick the way I knew he loved from watching his whores at work. He pushed it deeper I swallowed his length and reached up to caress his balls. I was sure he was losing it, his moans had increased and his eyes were glazed with lust and a diabolic need to cum into my mouth. I didn’t know how much longer I had but I wanted him to enjoy this more than he ever had, I wanted to be the best face fuck of his life.

His movement suddenly went rigid and his shoulders trembled when he shot a hot spurt of his wonderful cum deep into my throat. I swallowed it eagerly, sucking him dry. I wanted every drop of it. When he was done he pulled out of my mouth, panting like a mad man and I couldn’t believe he was still hard.

“I’m not done with you just yet, Tammy. I’m gonna fuck you ‘til you’re spent.”

I smiled, licking my lips with the taste of his seed on my tongue, that was fine with me.

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