Womans fantasies,Dominant men and the beautifully submissive women who love them.   added 3 years ago    

  By: donsangel

I grew up desiring a sexually dominate man who I have finally found. I love the different fantasies and types of sexual experiences he has brought into my life. Before him, sex was boring and predictable.I was also not comfortable sharing the fantasies that I had with my ex, so nothing changed and I was always left unsatisfied and left to rely on my vibrater. When that relationship ended in divorce, I took a chance to find what I wanted by going on an adult site and posting clearly my fantasy. Now I had the chance to look over several canidates with similar interest and decide who I wanted to meet. That's how I met my husband;


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 After weeks of emails and finally phone calls, The anticipation was killing me, I was so excited to find out we had the same interests and that he was a naturally dominate man who had been in the D/s lifestyle for many years and was looking for a woman that was naturally submissive he told me that it was something that couldnt be faked; I couldn't wait to submit to him. When it happened, he had me meet him at his restaurant/bar, he told me what to wear (a short skirt and sexy panties) after a glass of wine and in the middle of a great conversation he told me to go to the ladies room and to take my off panties and hand them to him when I came back to the table, I was trembling and VERY wet wihen I returned to the table and handed him my panties. After what seemed like minutes but was actually almost two hours (I totally lost track of time) Sitting on the chair across from him I could feel my bare wet pussy soaking throughy my short skirt :-) He finally took me to his house and as soon as we walked in the door he took me upstairs to his bedroom, he told me to take all of my clothes off and to kneel and keep my head down he took out a bag and started by taking out a pair of blindfolds, then there were wrist and ankle retraints, and what I was later to find out were floggers :-) feathers little brushes and other interesting things/toys that I had never seen or imagined before ( there was a spiky roller thing with a handle that I thought that I had seen before at my chiropractors office!!??). I was trembling more now than ever and my tight little pussy was wetter than it I can EVER remember it being!! I had no idea what was going to happen or he was going to do to me next. he started by blindfolding me, placeing a collar around my neck while placeing it around my neck he told me that as long as I was wearing it that I belonged to him and that my purpose in life was to serve and to please him in any way that he chose and saw fit, that my pussy my mouth and my ass belonged to him and were his to take and use as he pleased. He asked me if I agreed, I quickly and without even thinking blurted out "yes Sir" in a weak nervous voice. The ankle and wrist restraints were placed on me slowly one at a time while he continued to walk around me caressing and touching my body exploring , talking to me telling me what he was going to do to me in a deep sexy voice. I couldn't see him but I could feel his presence , and his energy. As he walked around me I could feel his hard cock brush against my cheek and my breasts. I was dieing to hold his big cock in my hand and take it in my mouth, I wanted to feel him inside of me more than anything but I wasn't allowed to move or to touch him without his permission. The hairs on the back of my neck were tingling my skin was so sensitive to his touch that it felt like a mini orgasm with the electricity and exitement from his energy every time that he touched me or brushed up against me with his big hard cock. I had never experienced that or been with a man that wouldn't let me touch him before in my whole life!! IT WAS KILLNG ME!!! By that time I couldn't wait for him to Fuck me!!!! He continued to touch and tease me for what seemed like forever. He instructed me to place my right hand on his chest then my left hand, I could feel his strong muscular chest with my hand, then he had me lift my right leg and extend it out to him resting my foot on his body and exposing my naked pussy, I was scared, and also very excited at the same time. trembleling and wet with anticipation! By that time with what he was saying to me and doing to my body; I new that I was totally his. Each night he created new fantasies and each night was better than the first and even after eight years it continues to get more and more exciting every day. Now, I have a new fantasy to see him give other women the pleasures and the excitment of thier sexual limits being pushed to heights they have never experiemced and intense multiple orgasmis that would only be allowed with his permission. When this happened to me, I saw that his desire was to make me take complete control of me and my orgasms and to finally be able let go of any sexual fear that kept me from experiencing and expressing the fantasies I really wanted to have happen and enjoy. Please don't be scared to call, I'm not jealous, he respects your limits, but will push you to new heights and adventures by helping you to express your deepest and darkest hidden desires and fantasies you have never been able to share with anyone. Just like I did and have the most amazing experiences sexual or otherwise that you have ever imagined, you will be able to go as far as you let yourself and be free of any worries because no one else will ever know. He will take you on a journey that you will never forget!

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