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  By: nothingleftbutthis

This is a story from a house party I went to around a year ago. Everyone was downstairs playing drinking games, when I began to kiss another girl.


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Naughty level to be set later


We went and found a place quieter, I pushed her on the bed and held her wrists down as I climbed on top of her and kissed her again, pulled away and kissed then bit her neck; let go of her wrists and she reached round and undid my bra, scratching down my back and gripping into my hips. I grabbed her by the shoulders and, still sat on her thighs, sat her up and kissed her again, tangling my hands in her long black hair and then undid her bra too, pulled away from her lips and kissed her small but rounded boobs, and she moaned and begged for more. 


She kissed me back more intensely, moved her hands to cup my free boobs, and pinched my nipples hard making me more horny than I already was; I got up from her legs and undid her shorts, looking into her eyes and biting my lip, pushed her back down again, pinned her down and kissed down her body, biting and teasing her. 


She giggled for a while, trying to stop herself from moaning and giving in to the pleasure. I felt her hand go to the back of my head and tangle itself in my hair. I kissed across her hips and traced my tongue over the line of her red french knickers as she giggled but let out a yelp of horniness, I ran my fingertips up and down her thighs a few times and dug my nails in, then yanked down her knickers before she could realise what was going on I was sucking on her clit.

I looked up at her with a devilish look in my eye as I kissed her clit and felt her fingers trace up my neck and grip into my hair, holding me in place; her back arched slightly so I took this opportunity and began to tongue fuck her, lapping up her juices and making her moan just loud enough over the bass from the party below us. We knew we could be caught at any moment, and that's what turned us both on even more.


I'd been tongue fucking her for about five minutes when I pulled away and kissed her clit again, making her scream with pleasure. Then I slid up her body again and kissed her intensely, making her know how good she tasted. Her hands crept to my breasts and pinched my nipples hard, making me squirm and moan lightly. It was then that we heard the door creak slightly, and realised that there was someone watching us get off - but we carried on. Nothing was going to keep us from this moment. I kept kissing her and then pulled away to kiss her neck, which is when I felt a pair of cold hands reach around my waist and begin to undo my shorts. The hands weren't that of the girl I was kissing, they felt big enough to be a boy's...


The cold touch made me moan and, before I could really notice, a hand was down my shorts, rubbing me through my lace underwear. I moaned as the girl grabbed my face and held it to her bosom, making me suck her nipple and bite it occasionally. I felt her other hand claw into my hip, making me moan louder. Then I felt the cold hand roughly navigate around my knickers and begin finger fucking me, sending shivers down my spine. 


The girl's free hand moved down to my underwear also and began rubbing my clit gently as I felt another hand grip into the back of my neck and pull me away from the girl's breasts and moan louder. A boy's voice whispered in my ear "how does it feel to be pleasured by two people at once?", making me even more excited. I felt myself tighten and knew I was in for a mind-blowing orgasm. The boy wrapped his hand around and clamped it across my mouth to make sure that I didn't scream and began finger fucking me harder and faster; I felt the girl increase her pace as well as she began to kiss my boobs. 


I felt my whole body begin to shake uncontrollably as I came, screaming into the unknown boy's hand. Before I had time to come down from the orgasm, I felt a dick at my lips and opened my mouth and let it in, taking it down my throat and allowing myself to be throatfucked by someone who hadn't even introduced themselves. The anonymity made me even more excited, but I was more concentrated on trying not to gag, which was hard as this dick was so big. Tears filled my eyes as I fought to get breath but this wasn't allowed as he forced himself further down my throat, before pulling out quickly and giving me just enough time to get my breath back and flick the head lightly with the tip of my tongue. Then he put his dick back into my mouth but not so deeply, and came. I swallowed every single drop, loving the taste of it. 

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