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  By: OD1

One day we find a way to escape DFW for a week, and fly to an exotic location with beautiful white sandy beaches and lush vegetation right down to the sand.  We have a great time the first evening eating and drinking on an outdoor deck overlooking the water.  It's a gorgeous night with a sky full of bright twinkling stars.  We walk the beach barefoot together after dinner, the water lapping at our toes, holding hands and occasionally stopping for a long string of passionate kisses, with your hands occasionally straying down the front of my shorts to fondle my rock hard cock, and me returning the favor by pleasuring your dripping wet pussy and clit with my fingers.  We're tired from the long day in airplanes, terminals and taxis, and are getting very aroused so decide to start back.


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Naughty level to be set later

We return to the room and spend an hour making love before cuddling and talking about what we want to do the next day.  Since we have become very comfortable with each other by this time sexually and talk about everything openly, the subject of every woman's fantasy, "sex of a beach", is raised by me.  You giggle, and say "I'd love too, if we can find a secluded spot!"  So we decide to grab a basket of food and drink, and a blanket and begin looking for a likely spot right after coffee the next morning.

Apparently we weren't the only couple looking to fulfill that fantasy, because the hotel had baskets prepackaged with lunch, snacks and a nice large bottle of wine, and even supplied the blanket!  We begin the trek along the beach looking for a spot to hike back into the beautiful greenery at the top of the sand.  After walking several hundred yards, and leaving all the other tourists behind, you spot a small break in the bushes and we make our way through.  Maybe 50 yards in the lush growth opens up into a beautiful small meadow full of wildflowers.  It is only about 50 feet in diameter, which adds to the feeling of seclusion.  "Perfect," you breathe.  We spread the blanket out, unpack the goodies, and begin to sample the food and drink.  Slowly our attention begins to change to touching and kissing and feeding each other the food.  I pull out a chocolate bar, smile and ask you to show me your gorgeous breasts, which puts a huge smile on your face, since you quickly figure out what I have in mind.  You come close to me, and slowly undo the clasp of your bathing suit top, but don't let it fall...  "Beg for my breasts", you demand.  I chuckle and comply... “Please let me devour your gorgeous breasts”, I pleaded. Little by little you uncover your incredible mounds, but still keep the nipples hidden.  I'm about to die, I want to suck, lick, kiss and nibble them soooo badly!

Finally, without warning, you drop your top to the ground unveiling your amazing nipples!  As much as I want to devour them on the spot, I refrain, unwrap the chocolate bar, and melt it on each of them.  Then I point to the left one and say, "This one's mine, and the other is yours...  show me how it's done, Baby!"  You lie back on the blanket, pull up your breast and begin teasing the nipple with your tongue, never breaking eye contact with me, then begin to kiss and nibble it causing them both to get rock hard and stick out to the limit...  I can't take it anymore, and bury my mouth on your other breast licking and sucking the chocolate off, and then nibbling and kissing it while massaging the breast itself!

While you are enjoying the two of us pleasuring your breasts, I slide my hand down and begin touching you all over the rest of your body, purposely avoiding your pussy...  until finally, I slip the fingers of one hand under the edge of your bottoms and begin to explore the wonderful smooth skin all around your clit...  but don't touch it itself.  Finally little by little, excruciatingly slowly I begin to peal your bottoms down.  Now I can see just the top of your pussy and move down to blow on it, kiss and lick all around it, but still don't give it any pleasure.  As I continue to pull your bottoms down I lick and kiss all along the edges of your now dripping wet snatch, but don't give it even a flick of my tongue.  When it is finally fully visible it has opened up and seems to be begging to be fucked...  the crotch of your bottoms is soaked I notice as I pull them over your feet, bring them up to my face to inhale the sweet aroma, then lay them beside us.

I move down to those beautiful feet and begin to kiss, suck, lick and nibble every inch of you from the tips of your toes to your forehead, cheeks, neck and ears...  but still don't touch your incredibly aroused pussy!

Then, without warning, we are not alone...  A very attractive hard bodied suntanned man probably about 30 dressed only in shorts has just walked into our "private" meadow, has his head up looking at the beautiful blue skies and is walking right toward us.  You are on your back facing the opposite direction and don't even know he is there, nor has he seen us because we are partially hidden by wildflowers.  When he finally does, he stops about ten feet away and then gets a sly grin and waves at me.  Since you are pointed the other direction and have your eyes closed loving what I'm doing to your body, you still don't know whats happening.  The guy is carrying the same basket and blanket as we are, and just shakes his head with the smile still on his face.  I smile back and decide, what the hell, if you say "no" so be it, but I gotta at least give you the chance.  I motion for the guy to be quiet, and point at him and then at you, and give the "wanna go for it?" sign with my hands, while still pleasuring you with my mouth.  He nods "Oh yeah!"

At this point I finally bury my mouth in your pussy, as the hunk drops his shorts and silently walks over and kneels next to you.  Your eyes are still closed and you are going crazy, moaning loudly, after seemingly waiting forever to have your pussy pleasured, grabbing my head and grinding your snatch into my mouth and having no idea there is a large thick rock hard cock just inches from your mouth.  The guy takes his cock in hand and ever so slightly grazes your lips with it...  You don't stop what you are doing, and reach up to make sure there isn't a fly buzzing you...  only to find a near perfect cock in your hand.  You immediately stop and wide eyed look up into what you are holding...  and just stare in silence, wondering whether to be mad, shocked, or ecstatic...  You look up at the guy, who is gazing down at you with his sexy smile and then at me with my own sly grin.  You roll your eyes, shake your head and say, "what the hell, why not"...  and begin licking that incredible member up and down its shaft and around its head while I continue to devour your pussy!  You find yourself entering an entirely new level of sexual excitement immediately, and know you may lose control.  This scares you, but something inside says to just let it happen.  You move down and begin licking and kissing his balls and then ever so gently suck one into your mouth and begin circling it with your tongue while stroking his cock with one hand and grabbing his ass with the other to make sure he can't pull away.  Finally when you can't take it anymore you leave his balls and suck his engorged cock as deep as you can into your throat and beat it off with the hand that is not holding his ass firmly in place.  He begins to fuck your mouth with wild abandon!  Your first mind blowing orgasm rips through your body!  It seems to go on forever, wave after wave of spasms until you are screaming in ecstasy!

While this has been going on, I have removed my shorts and stopped working on your incredible pussy only long enough to slam my swollen cock into it.  It feels so good I almost loose my load immediately but somehow maintain... I have been dying waiting to feel it squeezing my cock!  Seconds later you explode again... screaming and bucking but never letting go of the guys ass.  I signal for the guy to switch places, and even though you fight not to let go of his cock, when you realize what is coming you get a huge smile and your eyes never leave his granite member.  He pulls you up on your knees and from behind begins teasing you by running it up and down and around your amazing pussy and ass.  Then he sticks just the head of his cock in your pussy and moves in and out very slowly about an inch.  You are about to have a heart attack anticipating his long thick rod being buried all the way to the hilt doggie style, but he just keeps teasing!

Finally he looks down at you with that sexy smile and says "Beg for it, or you can't have it".  You look up at me in a panic wondering what my reaction would be.  I smile and say, "we all know you'll die if you don't get it, say it!"  As he continues to tease, you make up your mind, and blurt out "Oh my God, please fuck me!".  "Again," he says.  "But be specific, and tell me what you think of my cock, and how bad you want me to fuck you and then cum inside you!"  At this point, all you can think about is how bad you want this stud to fuck you long and hard right now, so you say, "It's the most amazing cock I've ever seen... please please please fuck me with it til I can't walk, and empty all of your cum inside me!  I don't know what I'll do if I can't have it!  PLEASE FUCK ME NOW!!!"

He immediately slams his cock all the way to the hilt and starts pile driving you!  You have never been filled so completely, and it feels beyond incredible sliding in and out of you slamming you so hard you can hardly stay on your hands and knees!  He reaches around and begins massaging your clit.  You immediately have the most mind blowing orgasm yet!  I move in front of you, you grab my ass and suck my cock all the way in and begin sucking and licking up and down the shaft and around the head while our young stud gives you the best fucking of your life.  Orgasm after orgasm and an hour later, we are all three exhausted and lying next to each other on the blanket.  After a little chitchat, some laughs and recouping we remember the picnic baskets and eat and drink, and little by little regain energy enough that you look over at me, smile and say "I love you"...  to which I say, "I love you so much, baby".  The guy just shakes his head, smiles and says, "one day maybe I'll have an incredible relationship like you two".  To which you look back and forth between him and me, and ask "You boys ready for round 2?".

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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yum. (is that 250 characters ???). Mmmmmmmm
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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yum. (is that 250 characters ???). Mmmmmmmm

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