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I was adopted right after my birth. I was raised by a well to do family outside one of the top 3 largest cities in the country. I always referred to them as Mom and Dad, because they raised me, loved me, and did everything good parents would do for their growing boy.


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My mom was always an attractive blonde and I would get teased by the other boys at school for having a hot mom. I was popular so it really wasn't bullying but rather just having some fun at my expense. Most of the time I would just brush it off. But then after awhile I started to get this notion that, hmmm, she is rather attractive and I know she and my father still make love, so what's next after that?

I would often eavesdrop on them having sex and try to learn what she liked through the wall behind their bed. I would sometimes rub myself listening but also trying to be ever so quiet as to not get caught. I would then picture myself in the same position as my father and doing to my mother what he was. Apparently mother was crazy about anything oral!

At the same time I would often try to get caught masturbating which was unsuccessful and I would also tear through her underwear drawer and sniff the panties or rub them against my crotch. I would also go into the laundry room and sniff the worn panties in hopes of it being that special time of the month or just a pair used during a workout or when she was being seduced by my father and had an extra fragrance to them.

I would frequently masturbate into her panties or stuff them in my mouth and suck on them while stroking myself. I absolutely loved this and always looked forward to when they went out on the town and came back all hot and bothered. Or after a workout, that would be just pure ecstasy for me.

Most of these events occured around high school. Well before I was of legal age.

Part 2....

When I left for college in 2003 I moved about 550 miles away from home. During my freshman year of college I got a phone call from my father saying that my biological mother had contacted them and what I wanted to do about it. I was curious so I requested her info. She and I began communicating and there was an intense bond right from the start. We talked and talked for months and it was never sexual, we exchanged pics and both commented on how attractive the other was to each other.

Finally, the following summer of 2004 I met her. She came to where I was raised to visit some of her family and meet me for the first time. I met her at a nice french restaurant in the city and we hit it off well. We couldnt stop starring at each other and commenting how much we looked alike. I thought it was interesting how much she wanted to talk about my love life and how long Ive been dating girls. I told her that I was seeing someone, and she asked if the girl was prettier than her. I said "Of course not mama, youre gorgeous"... She said "Youre such a good boy making mama feel good".. This kind of made me question what was going on here. There was a sexual undertone to all of this but how strong of one? Is my biological mother flirting with me?

We kept drinking wine and talking, laughing, and yet she kept reverting back to my interest in women. We had finished dinner and decided to have a drink at a bar. I drove both of us to the bar and during which she asked me if I thought people thought we were on a date or they could tell we were mother and son. I said that I would be honored if they thought we were on a date. She said "good" and said that she too would be honored. We got to the bar, more like a lounge actually, and began drinking more. We sat next to each other talking and laughing.

After a couple strong drinks I decided to give her a hug and say thanks for meeting me. As we were embracing, she was rubbing my back and blew on my ear. It felt good and very intentional. I smiled and knew that she could feel it. I whispered "thank you mama". We went back to drinking even though I was rock hard and wants to guide her beautifully manicured hands down my pants to my bulge and have her feel how thankful I really was.

It was time to go back, last call, and she needed a ride to her hotel. We went back to the hotel where she was staying and I asked if I could come up and use the bathroom (how original, I know) and she said yes. We hugged in the elevator the entire time until we reached her floor. I was hard since I was holding her in front of me. I know she could feel it since I was pulsating it on her firm ass. We entered her room and I asked where the bathroom was and she pointed.

I went to the bathroom but never actually went since I was hard and too excited. I came back out and she said come here and give me a hug. So I hugged her and and we held each other tight. We both began rubbing each others backs and then we moved our faces in front of each other's and we looked into each other's eyes as I held my big strong hands around her waist her arms around my shoulders and I went in slowly and kissed her on the mouth and began working my hands up and down her sides.

The kissing became more intense and we were holding each other so tightly that the passion was too much. I began kissing and biting her neck, running my hands over her ass. She was loving it. She was feeling my chest and working her way down to my crotch. She grabbed my crotch and began pulling on my cock through my pants. I was loving it we made our way over to the bed and began making out on the bed.

As we were lying on the bed kissing, our legs wrapped like a pretzel and our bodies held tightly next to each other, I kept thinking that my real mother and I were sharing a bond that only a mom and her son could share. I stroked her jet black hair behind her ears and gave it a little tug to snap her neck back and let her know that her baby boy was going to fuck her like a grown man. I ran my hand down the back of her dress and began fondling her ass that was still tight and fit perfectly into my big hands. She began to breath a little heavier as I worked my way around her torso to her thigh. I was rubbing her thigh, anxiously awaiting to find out what kind of panties mommy was wearing for her baby boy, and had high hopes that they were soaked with mommy's juices.

While the heavy kissing was still going on, I started sliding my hand up mom's dress. I rubbed her ass and to my excitement I could tell she was wearing a black g-string with a little silver locket and pink bow above the ass. I pushed her dress up to reveal her legs and panties. I could see the stain of where her pussy was leaking on her g-string. That's when she began to sit up and look at me and smirk. She pulled her dress back down and reached for my belt. She took off my belt while rubbing my crotch and began to take off my pants. I was wearing black boxer briefs and they made my cock look amazing. I was so excited that mommy was finally touching and stroking the cock she hadn't seen in 20 years.

I couldn't contain my excitement and lied on my back and took off my pants and boxer briefs and pulled off my shirt. There I was exposed. Naked. With a full erection and my mommy, the woman who gave birth to me was on her knees gazing at her son's cock which was throbbing and had a very pronounced vein. She started crawling over and grabbed my cock with her beautifully manicured hands that were adorned with a beautiful ring, and her wrists had a gorgeous classy silver watch and her other was covered in beautiful bracelets. She started stroking my bare cock.

It felt so natural and right in her hand. She was stroking it better than I could ever and she looked so elegant and sophisticated doing it. She then bent over and pushed back to lie on her stomach and that is when she took my head into her mouth. My mom was sucking on my cock and enjoying it. She was stroking and sucking at the same time and also was nice enough to lick on her little man's balls. She was working my shaft, sucking my head, taking all of my cock inside her beautiful mouth. I put my hand on her head and she took my cock as deep as possible till she started to gag. Mother than slide her index finger into asshole and started rubbing and moving it in a circular motion. My dick was so wet, the pre-cum was on her chin, her saliva was running down my cock. That's when I lifted her head by her hair and forced to lie on her back.

I was totally naked. It was time to see what mommy had to show me. She began to lift her dress up over her head and was lying there in a black bra and black g-string. I put my hands on her shoulders and worked my way down. Her tits, her stomach, her thighs, her crotch. I started to pull the g-string off and she arched her back to give me a little help. I had my mothers panties off. I was starring at her bald pussy. It was wet and pink, looked delicious. I bent over and slid a finger inside my mom grabbed her tits and moaned. I started moving closer and finally I was close enough to lick my mom's pussy. I was loving it, I sucked her clit. I bit on her lips. I put my tongue inside her. My own mother was getting wet because her son knew how to eat pussy. All the while I was stroking myself with her g-string in my hand.

She was loving it! Her legs were in the air I was sucking down all her juices, pre cum was dripping onto her g-string, and her twat was getting wetter and wetter. I was buried deep in her cunt and I couldnt stop licking her to save my life. I started to fingerfuck her asshole and pussy at the same time and she kept saying "how does mama taste?" or "how hard is my baby boy's cock right now?". She started begging me to fuck her like the whore she was. She said if she wasn't such a whore I wouldnt be alive today to give mama what she needed.

I stood up, cock in hand, ready to start fucking my mother. I knelt on the bed and rubbed the tip of my cock on her wet pussy. She moaned. She pulled me closer and leaned over her and inserted my cock into her. I couldnt believe it. I was inside mother and it felt it was amazing. I started slowly. Going deep in and pulling almost all the way out. I had her legs spread wide and she kept telling me that nobody knows how to fuck a mother like her son....

To be continued....

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