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After having dinner at a Thai place with the ladies from work we all walked down to the local “Adult Book Store” to take a look around the store. Elaine kept stating how it had changed so much from the last time that she was there. The girls all acted like they were shocked and disgusted by what they considered to be vulgar sex toys. I simply went with the flow, making jokes and trying to embarrass them when ever I had the chance. 


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Naughty level to be set later

 Erin and Janice had wondered over near the butt plug section and were marveling at a rather large butt plug. After a few jokes about needing a J Lo size ass to be able to handle that plug Erin ran off in mock disgust to find Rita leaving Janice and I behind. 

 Janice was checking out some anal beads, “What are you suppose to do with these?” she asked. “They go in your ass” I said. Janice shot me a puzzled look and placed them back on the rack. I had to pick up my wife so I left earlier than the others. 

  The following Monday at work the teasing continued. Erin was having a good time ribbing Janice about the anal beads. Apparently after I had let Janice kept going back to the beads and telling every one that I had said they were for your ass.

“Oh there goes Janice again to look at her anal beads for her butt.” Erin quibbled. 
“I was just curious, nothing wrong with that” Janice retorted. Erin just smirked and walked away.
 Janice looked at me and said again, “nothing wrong with being a little curious”.
“Not at all, did you buy them?” I asked with a smile.
“No!” She said.
 “I thought you said you were curious, try it you might like it”
“Oh yea, I can just see it now; here Lawrence look what I got”
 Janice chuckled a little. I could tell that she was nervous about it.
“Besides I don’t like pain” she said.
“It doesn’t hurt if you do it right” I told her.
Lawrence wouldn’t know what to do and I would end up screaming at him.”
“Just tell him to go slow and use a lot of lube.”
“Mmm you sound experienced.”
“Like I said, try it you might like it” I smiled.
“I would be too nervous to let Lawrence back there.”
“I could show you how to relax”
Janice just looked at me a little shocked. I could tell that I had caught her off guard, but she was considering it.
“If you’re really curious and want to try I can help you relax.”
Janice decided to try and call my bluff.
“You’re so full of it”
“What? You’d be amazed at how I could make you feel”
“Well, I brought the van today, no one can see in the back”
“We get off at four thirty; I’ll meet you in the lobby”

  Janice led me to her van. I think she was hoping that any moment I would just back out and run away, but I followed her right through the sliding door into the back seat. She was right, with the tinted windows you could not seed into the far back from outside. The door closed behind us and I saddled up behind Janice and gently began to message her shoulders.
 “Why don’t you lie down?”

“I can’t believe that you are really going to go through with this”
“If you want me to stop I will”
“No I can do this”

 I ran my hands up the back of her legs and lifted her skirt up over her ass. She had red lace boy shorts on. I began rubbing her cheeks putting her in a relaxed state. When I heard her breath begin to quicken I slid off her panties exposing her bare ass. She had the body of a middle aged house wife. She exercised as little as possible and it showed. What attracted me to her was not her body or looks, but rather the excitement of opening her ass for the first time. Physically I did not find her very attractive at all, but the prospect of hearing her cry out as I fill her ass for the first time was exhilarating. I started to rub oil onto her ass and let my fingers find their way past he ass to her pussy. 

 “What are you going to do?”
“I’m going to show you how much pleasure your ass can give you”
I slid my thumb into her wet cunt as I pinched her clit with my other fingers. The more I fingered her the more she began to writhe and moan.
“Oh my God.”
“That’s it fuck my hand.”
“Fuck, I shouldn’t be doing this.”
“Yes you should, look how much you like it, you’re such a slut.”
“Fuck, yes!”
“That’s it fuck yourself on my hand, such a good slut.”

 Janice began to hump my hand like a mad woman. At first she didn’t even realize that I had begun to slide my other thumb into her ass. I was in up to the first knuckle before she realized it.

“Oh, my ass, it’s so full!”
“I’m just getting started bitch, I’m going to fill you all the way up.
“Oh fuck, oh shit, yes!”

 She opened up and my thumb slid all the way in. I was pumping in and out of both of her holes now and she was lost in the sensation. She was rambling incoherently as I pulled out my thumb and slid two fingers into her ass. She was my plaything now, I could do what ever I wanted with her and what I wanted was to bury my cock balls deep in her virgin ass.  I reached up and pulled her hand down to her pussy.

 “Keep fingering your cunt, I’m about to make you my ass whore”
“Ah, yeah.”

 I pressed the head of my cock to her ass and pushed. The head popped in and the sensation was incredible. The tightness enclosed me as I slid deep into her ass. Janice was letting out a high pitched whimper. I grabbed her hair and pulled back her head. Her mouth was agape and tears blackened with mascara stained her face. When I was in her ass all the way up to my balls I leaned in by her ear.

 “How does my cock feel in your ass?”
“Ah, it feels good.”
“Say it; tell me how it feels to have my cock stuffing your ass.”
“Your cock feels so good in my ass.”
“You want me to fuck your ass?”
“Say please like a good slut.”
“Please fuck my ass.”
“Are you my cock whore?”
“Say it.”
“I’m your cock whore, please fuck my ass.”

 I began to pump in and out of her ass fast and hard. It was probably more than she could handle but she was so lost in the pleasure she was matching my every stroke and gasping for air. Her whole body began to shake as she came. Her ass quivering around my cock was too much for me to handle. I spanked her ass as I began to cum. I kept on pumping as I filled her ass with cum. Janice was yelling and squirming in her own orgasm. My cock slid out of her ass, and cum dripped from her red gaped ass hole. Janice laid there shaking moaning and trying to catch her breath. 

 “How did it feel?”
“That was incredible; I’ve never cum that hard before.”
“Told you you’d like it”
“Loved it”
“Well, have a good weekend, see you on Monday.”

 I zipped up my pants and hopped out of the van leaving Janice there with her skirt up around her waist and cum dripping from her ass feeling completely relaxed.

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