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It was another Friday night outing with ladies from work. I’m the tech guy in a customer support center where the woman out number the guys 4 to 1. There is a close group of us that get together once a month to blow off steam and tonight the empty shot glasses where beginning to pile high. As it always happened with these girls at some point through the night the conversation had turned to sex. We were reliving some of the more unique places and positions we had found ourselves in, and as usual Erin was aghast with shock over our exploits. 


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 This was a lively group of ladies and when a little alcohol is introduced to the mix things really got going. Being the only guy among them was just fine with me. Now, don’t get me wrong, these are not super model hotties that I am hanging out with, but rather your average every day lady at you see out at the mall.
 There’s Lynette who I have known the longest, going on four years know. She is a local Hawaiian girl with the long black hair and the big dark almond eyes. She can be very lovely when she makes her self up. She has the biggest natural tits that I have ever seen and she often likes to show them off. The rest of her body never fully recovered from the birth of her first child, but she is still able to turn a head or two.
 Rita is a local Japanese, Portuguese mix lady short in stature. She is in her mid forties and divorced. She is by far the most jovial of the bunch and is quite a nice person. She a little on the plump side, but in the right pair of jeans her ass stands out very nicely.  

 Elaine is the oldest in the bunch. She is also the mother hen of the group always shocking us with some of her vernacular and experiences from her wild past. Stuff you never would expect from the looks of her, all though I suspect some of it to be lies to try and make her self seem more interesting. She is always dressed very conservatively and has a very matronly air about her, but has managed to keep the spice in her twenty plus year marriage. 

  Janice is the last one to join our group. She acts as if she is in eighth grade most of the time. She took a little getting use to for me; most times I don’t know how her husband can stand her. She is a bit more on the chubby side but always dresses sexy. She does have a wild side though and likes to party.

 On this particular night it was just the original four of us; Lynette, Elaine, Erin, and I. The conversation turned to Erin never having been with any one sexually before. While she was embarrassed by the fact she was also concerned that she may never have sex. We were all taking turns consoling her saying that when the time was right it would happen, but we were all thinking the same thing, bull shit. Erin did not have enough confidence to even talk to a guy let alone get one in bed.  If a guy showed any interest in her she immediately put an end to it by giving him dirty looks or insulting him in some way. My theory was that she was alone and she liked it that way.  

“Oh, you’ll change your mind when the time comes”
“I don’t think so” Erin replied in her witch’s voice
“Trust me Erin; you’re probably going to be more out there than we are.” Lynette chimed in.
I was just sitting there enjoying listening to these girls talk about sex when Erin turned to me.
“Do you like to put your thingy in a girl’s mouth?”
“As often as I can.” I said with a smile
“That’s nasty”
“No it’s fun, just wait until you have someone licking you down there you will change your mind real fast.”
“Eeeeew I’m not going to let anyone do that to me, that’s nasteee.”
“Ahh you just wait you’re going to love it.”
“That’s ok it’s never going to happen any way.”

Elaine’s phone went off. It was her husband telling he was coming to pick her up. We said our good byes as she settled her part of the bill and headed out the door. The rest of us ordered another shot.
After the shot we settled our bill and left as well. We were walking to the parking lot still talking about sex and feeling quit drunk. Erin said that she had never even seen a cock in person. We were all still feeling a bit tipsy when Lynette said to me, “show her yours!”
“What?” I replied.
“She has never seen one she said, show her yours.”
“No, that’s ok, really I don’t need to see one” Erin said insincerely.
“What do you expect me to do, whip it out here in the middle of the parking lot?” I asked.
“No, my car is right there, climb in and show her” Lynette said sarcastically as she pointed over to her car.
She was looking at me as if to say I dare you, I double dog dare you. And as I am one not to back down from a dare, especially when I have been drinking I said, “Ok, let’s go”.
Lynette walked over unlocking her car and opening the door with a gesture as if she was a doorman at one of New York’s finest hotels. I went right in the back seat and shuffled over to the middle of the seat and motioned for Erin to follow me.  Erin just stood still like a deer frozen in the headlights, shaking her head no. “Come on!” Lynette exclaimed, “It won’t hurt and it will be fun, you are too old not to have even seen one”. With that Erin got in next to me and Lynette ran around to the other side and hopped in the backseat sandwiching me between her and Erin.
“I guess you want a show too” I said to her
“You know it” Lynette replied with a smile.
“Well, if I’m going to put on a show I want one too” I said.
“I think you girls should take your tops off”
“Oh, hell no!” Erin cried out. “If I take off my top your thingy will go hide inside and we’ll never see nothing”
Lynette chuckled
“Trust me Erin, two topless woman, he won’t be hiding, he’ll give you the best show ever” I said.
“Come on Erin, it’s only fair” Lynette said already taken off her top.
Lynette removed her bra revealing her magnificent, large, natural breast. She was at least a double D with large saucer like nipples that were about a half inch erect. I could feel my self grow hard instantly. There was no turning back for me at this point. I would have to keep up my end of the deal. But, before I did I looked over to Erin, “well your turn” I said with smile. It seemed seeing Lynette topless loosened Erin up and she quickly removed her top and bra, and that sat there wincing like someone was about to hit her in the face with a pie o something.
Her tits were actually nice too, not as big as Lynette’s, but they were at least a small C with very dark nipples. I was dying to get my cock out at this point. 
“Come on!” Lynette barked “we’re topless, let’s see your dick!” She became quite bold when she drank.
I didn’t respond I just simply undid my pants and in one pull had my pants and underwear down to my knees. My cock was extremely rigid and was standing at full attention. The head was even more swollen than usual and the veins looked as if they were about to burst.  Erin just let out a little gasp. “Nice” Lynette said. My cock was so hard that it just started bouncing there in the air.
“What are you doing!” Erin cried out.  “Why is it moving like that?”
“It just does that when there pretty naked ladies around” I said.
“Oh my god, I don’t believe this is happening” Erin said.
“Touch it” Lynette said
“What touch it, I’m not touching it”
“Go ahead he won’t mine, will you?”
“No not at all” I smiled.
“What if it goes off?”
“That’s the whole point” Lynette said.
“Go ahead, it won’t go off, give it a try” I told Erin
She slowly reached downed and wrapped her hand around my cock like she was a pro.
“Now go like this” Lynette said as she put he hand on top of Erin’s and started stroking it up and down. It was an incredible feeling to have these two women jerking me off.  I leaned over and took one of Erin’s nipples into my mouth. She let out gasp in shock, but did not pull away. Her gasp turned into a moan. Lynette chuckled at the fact. While I worked on Erin’s nipples I let my hand slide up Lynette’s thigh under her skirt to rub her pussy through her panties. Pretty soon we were all moaning in chorus.
“Here” Lynette said holding my cock at its base “try and taste it”
“Go ahead it won’t bight, look” Lynette said as she leaned down and took the head of my cock into her mouth and let her tongue swirl around the head. It was brief, but I could tell that she was good at this. The cool air hit my cock as she came up to look at Erin and I so wanted to be enclosed in her wet, warm mouth again.
“See not so bad, try it”
 Lynette grabbed a hand full of Erin’s hair and began to really pushing her head up and down on my cock. I thought that she was going to make her gag on me she was moving her so fast and hard. Erin held her own though keeping up with Lynette’s frantic pace. I started to suck on Lynette’s nipples as she worked Erin over me. She was telling Erin to suck me good and hard that was the way guys liked it, which was very true. The whole scene became too much and I was about to cum hard and Lynette could tell she started rubbing my balls which just sent me over the edge. I let out a loud moan as the first squirt hit the back of Erin’s throat, she pulled back letting the next few squirts fly up into the air and landing on Lynette’s tits.  Lynette scooped up some on her finger and then licked it off claiming “mmm yummy”. She then took a scoop and fed it to me as she looked over Erin.
“So, how was it giving your first blow job?” she said with a smile.
“I can’t believe that just happened I’m shaking” Erin replied. “it was fun though, I want to do more” she said with that evil little giggle of hers.
“Don’t worry we are just getting started” Lynette said.
But that’s another story……

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