A young stud for us   added 3 years ago    

  By: stixx808

I have several fantasies. One of my favorites is inviting a young man, of teenaege years over to share my wife with me. I'd surprise her when he comes over telling her how hot he thinks she is and all the things he would like to do to her. She would be excited by the idea, but before he can play with her he would have to prove how much he wanted her. I would haver her sit in my lap naked, so I could rub her pussy as he stripped in front of us and stroked his cock.  As he makes himself hard she moans and grinds herself against my hand, Yes stroke it for me, she says. His hips begin to pump inot the air as he strokes his hard cock. I can feel myself getting hard.


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I stand in front and guide him down to his knees, his fixed on my wifes tight body. how bad do you want her I ask. So fucking bad he replies, show me I say as I press my cock against his lips. He opens his mouth and lets me slide in. I begin sliding in and out as he greedily sucks on me. My wife madly fingers her wet cunt as she enjoys the show. His drools falls from his chin as I slide down his throught all the way to my balls.He takes it like a pro. I'm close, but don't want to come yet, so I sit him down next to my wife. She guides him to suck on her tits as I take his young hard cock inot my mouth and get him glistening wet, I can taste his salty pre cum.

I then guide my wife onto his cock in a reverse cowgirl. Her wet juicy cunt easily sucks him in. She moans loudly as she glides up and down on his hard cock.  She is so beautiful when she is getting fucked. I go down on her while she rides her stud, licking and sucking on her clit until she begins to squirt all over his cock and my face. I lick up every drop. I stand up and slide my cock into her mouth. I fuck her mouth hard and deep as he slams her from below. I make her gag and spit all over my cock, I want it nice and wet for what is coming next.

I pull my wife off of his rigid cock, it makes a popping sound as her cunt releases it. I lay her down and push our young studs face into her crotch and pull his ass into the air. He begins to lick instinctively. I press my glistening cock against his tight asshole. He grunts as I push myself into him, my wife grabs his head and grinds herself on his face, he is eating her good and she is cumming in buckets. I begin pumping his tight hot ass harder and deeper until I can feel myself slamming into him. He is screaming into my wife's cunt. My cock pounding his prostate is driving him to cum. He can barely keep from drowning in my wifes sweet juices as his own cum spouts from his rigid cock. I can feel his ass spasming as he shoots his load out onto the floor and milking my own cum out of me. I fall onto his cak as I fill his ass with my sperm. 

As we lay there exhausted,covered in sweat and cum I lean over and kiss my wife, enjoy your surprise? I ask. She smiles and replies, almost as much as you.  

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