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  By: aussiemerk

To say that I was confused by my last meeting with my ex girl friend was an understatement. We had talked about sex, and she had given me the most mind blowing, and her first, blow job ever. Then she had kicked me out coldly without warning.


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Sunday afternoon she knocked on the door. She was wearing a loose fitting t-shirt and sweat pants that hid everything. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail and I could see she was a bit dirty from working around the yard.

“Hi.” she said sheepishly.

“Uh Hi.” I said, still confused.

“I ummm was wondering if I could ask you to help me with something.” She said again, barely able to look me in the eye.

“Of course!” I said with a smile, and started after her towards her place.

I spent an hour or so with her fixing up some odd things around the house that she couldn’t manage by her self. When we finished she went back up to the deck where we had been the day before. I sat down while she went into the house and got some drinks. She handed me a coke and then sat down on the chair. I noticed as she did, she sat down very gingerly.

“Bit sore?” I asked. She looked at me confused. Then she turned very red.

“Ummm yeh...” she said, looking down.

“What’s the matter?” I asked. “Are you upset about yesterday? If it’s bothering you we can just pretend it never happened.”

“No!” she shot back at me with pleading eyes. She took a moment to calm herself. “No... she said calmly. Look from when I was a girl, all I wanted to do was please you. When we were older I wanted you desperately. But then things happened and we ended up a world apart.” She stood up and walked towards me slowly. “This weekend is my chance to have what I have wanted since we broke up.”

She looked me in the eyes, then slowly lifted her shirt up, taking it off and tossing it to one side. I glanced down to her tits, and back to her face. She kicked off her sneakers that she was wearing around the yard. Then slowly she pushed her thumbs into the waste band of her sweat pants. Gingerly she pulled them down, and then kicked them off. Her pussy was still pink from being freshly waxed. “Do you like it? I did it for you, because you said you didn’t like pubic hair.”

My mouth went dry and I couldn’t speak. I stood up and grabbed her hand, leading her into the house. She walked slowly, almost hesitantly. In the living room I guided her to a chair, gently guiding her by the hips to sit down in one of the chairs. I knelt down in front of her, kissing her deeply and feverishly. Then I started kissing my way down her chest. As I got to her pussy she grabbed for my head, stopping me from getting to my target. “I ummm don’t know about that... I’ve never... I mean... it’s kind of ickie isn’t it?” Gently I pushed her shoulders back so she was lying back, then I placed my lips on her pussy. She jumped slightly, but then relaxed a bit. Gently I spread her pussy lips apart and licked her inner folds. She tensed up a bit, then relaxed.
“Ohhhh God that feels sooooo good.” she moaned as I licked her over and over. Her resistance was gone and she settled into enjoying herself. I licked her up and down, pushing my tongue into her pussy and flicking my tongue over her clit. She moaned and gasped. “I can’t believe that I have been missing this all this time.” She arched her back, then reached down spreading her pussy lips further apart. I licked her harder and faster, keeping up with her movements and listening for her breathing to signal me of her approaching orgasm. She threw her had back and let out a loud moan as she tipped over the edge. Her pussy was sopping wet, she squeezed her knees together uncontrollably, then she relaxed again.

“I always thought that oral sex was perverted...” she said to me. Then she smiled, puling me close and kissing me. “Thanks for setting me straight.” she giggled. I reached down running my hand over her smooth pussy.

“What do you think?” I asked with a smile.

“It hurt like hell.” she said with a grimace. “But do YOU like it?” she asked quietly. “I did it for you.”

I smiled at her and kissed her again. “Oh I like it very much. And don’t worry it hurts a lot less each time. Most of the time it doesn’t even phase me any more.”

She stood up, and started pulling off my clothes. Naked I sat back down on the couch, with her facing me, straddling my legs. Carefully she spread her pussy lips with one hand, and guided herself down, an inch at a time lowering herself on my cock. She was very wet so I glided easily into her tight pussy. Once she was fully on me, she leaned forward embracing me, and kissing me.

“Fuck you feel so good.” I moaned. She pulled back and looked at me. “Sorry... pardon my language. She leaned back in again, grinding herself on me, raising and lowering slowly.

“Not having hair down there makes this a lot better.” she whispered in my ear. “I’ve wanted this for so many years. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with you, to have you inside of me.” She was getting frantic now.

I guided her up and off of me, then had her lie back on the couch. Once again I dived between her legs, licking and sucking her. bringing her nearly to the point of orgasm, then replacing my tongue with my cock, pushing hard into her a couple of times. Alternating between cock and mouth. She was in writing in pleasure, finally when I pushed into her for the last time she exploded into a second orgasm. Her orgasm pushed me over the edge and I erupted inside of her with a grunt.

We lied down there for e few minutes catching our breath. Soon she got up and went over to the DVD player. She pulled out a DVD and turned to me, biting her bottom lip she showed me a porn movie. “I’ve never watched one of these before. Always thought the idea was disgusting, but I want to now, here with you.”

She put the DVD into the player and started the flick off. We lied here together caressing each other. About half way through the movie there was a double penetration scene. She was mesmerized by the action on the TV. Gently she reached down and caressed my cock and balls. Between her attention, and the movie, she was starting to get me stirring again.

“You like that?” She asked, scared. “What they are doing to her...” I nodded. “And... “ her voice quivered... “You want to do that...” her voice was no more than a whisper now. “to me?”

I touched her face slowly. “Yes” I sighed. I guided her into a sixty nine position so that she was still able to watch the movie, while I once again went to work on her pussy with my tongue. She was dripping wet, and getting wetter my the minute. The taste of her hot, dripping pussy mixed with my own cum was exhilarating. I licked her over and over. Then I felt her mouth on my cock, working away bringing me to full attention. She was bobbing her head up and down, using her hand as well.

I stuck my fingers into my mouth, lubing them up with my own saliva. Reaching up, I placed one of my fingers against her ass hole. She tensed up.

“Relax!” I panted. Gradually she did relax, and allowed first one finger, then a second into her tight virgin ass.  I was in just past first knuckle when she started moaning, puling forward till only my finger tips were inside of her, then pushing back. Once, twice, the third time her ass spread and allowed my fingers fully into her. I licked her pussy and finger fucked her ass for a few minutes before changing our position.

She handed me some lube that she had stashed away. “Be gentle with me...” she begged as she got down on her hands and knees.

My cock was dripping with her saliva already, so I applied some lube to her pink little asshole. She opened up a little as i rubbed the lube around. She moaned with pleasure at my touch. “Ohhh please... stick it in me. I want to know how it feels. I want to give you everything.” There is nothing in the world hotter to me that an woman begging to have her ass fucked. Even though I had just cum not long ago I was hard and ready to go.

I put the tip of my cock against her ass. Gently pressing. she groaned. She reached back with one hand, spreading her ass cheek. A little further and another groan as my slick cock slipped into her. I pulled back and then in again, taking things slowly and gently, but steadily towards my goal. Finally the head of my cock slipped fully into her ass. She moaned with pleasure.

“Rub your pussy” I told her. She hesitated, but then did as I instructed.

I pulled out of her. and applied some more lube to her now gaping ass. Slowly I went back to work. A few more thrusts, helped by the extra lube and her own pushing back in response to her rubbing of her pussy, and I was balls deep in her tight ass.

I took hold of her hips and started moving in and out slowly. She moaned with pleasure each time I thrust into her. “Ohhhh god that feels so good.” she whimpered. “I can’t believe that I actually like you fucking my ass.” she moaned again, forgetting herself and swearing. I backed out again, and pushed in again meeting with a loud grunt of pleasure. I couldn’t help but pick up the pace, and before long I was pushing into her ass as fast and as hard as I could. She met every one of my thrusts with her own backward thrust. Each movement was accompanied by her rubbing her pussy.

“I’m going to cum.” I gasped.

“Do that to me.” she said, referring to the porn DVD. I pulled out of her ass and stood up. She turned around as I showered her tits with my massive load of cum, just like the scene on the DVD. Gently she took my cock in  her hand and stroked it, milking every last drop of my cum onto her body.

With that we collapsed together back onto the floor, catching out breath and cooling down.  We finished watching the movie and then went up to the shower to clean each other off.


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