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  By: chanel

It was summer. I got over him, I had a new crush - a new boy I was thinking about. But deep down inside I still wanted to know how he feels like inside me. 

Everytime we meet in the club he just walks past me like we don't know each other, like we are strangers. 

My friend was having a birthday party. Just us girls drinking and going dancing. I always dress classy, but sexy. I had black skirt, a with buttoned-up top and a pair of shiny red heels. 

At the end of the night when me and my friend should go home, she told me she's going to sleep-over at another girls place and I should just take a cab. When I was waiting for a cab I started to boys who I have known... then HE came along. We started talking how I have something he needs for school at home. He said he will go now with me to my place to pick it. 

I was home alone, my parents were on holidays.  


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I was home alone, my parents were on holidays. We were upstairs in my room , I was looking for the notes he needed. Then all of a sudden I felt his hands around my waist, then quickly turns me around and kisses me. 

I want to give in and continue, but I'm too pround. I say:,,No, sorry I can't do this. You had  your chance.'' He doesn't stop. 

He slaps me across my face, pushes me on my desk, I scream:,,No!'', but he starts pulling down my skirt and suddenly I feel his finger inside me. One, then two fingers... he's rubbing my clit. Damn that feels nice. Then I feel his dick inside me. He starts pounding me, fast and hard. I don't even have time to catch some breath. He is fucking me like an animal. ,,Baby, you're so tight'' he say while fucking me. Then he turn me around on my back, now i'm lying on the table with my legs up in the air, he starts rubbing my wet pussy with one hand on my throat slightly chocking me. The look in his eyes tells me he's in another world, he's like a beast, gone totally mad and wild. Again, his hard dick my pussy, he starts fucking me again, slaps my boobs and pull my nipples hard. I scream: half of the pain I feel and half from pleasure.

After we are finnished, I dress up, he pick up his things and drives away. We never spoke again after this. 

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sluttybitch097    (2012-04-10 16:37:51)    Flag as inappropiate
too short but has lots of potential

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