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Lisa walked in to the shower block, it had been a busy day, and her shower was the only thing to look forward to in this hot sandy place. Granted she didn’t have to put her life on the line like some of the people out here, but being a civilian worker was still a tough job making the lives of the enlisted men a bit more tolerable.


She walked in to the shower block and started to undress at breakneck speed, she placed her clothes and towel on the peg just outside the shower cubicle. She walked in and turned on the water.


“Shit” she mumbled the water came out cold at first, then after a few seconds it warmed up. The water flowed over her body, she grabbed her shower gel and squeezed a blob on to her hand and started to wash her breasts. First one then the other, the gentle massaging of the washing was having an effect of her sex starved body, her nipples got hard and she pinched them. Making them eve more erect.


God what she would do for a guy to be sucking them right now? She continued washing herself, every now and then she would rub her nipples, then she moved between her thighs she pulled her pussy lips a part and washed between them.”Mmmm” she moaned. She then started to play with her clit rubbing it just a round it at first then a quick rub across. God it felt yummy. He clit was throbbing her nipples were aching.


John had just finished his shower and was sitting in the corner having a quick wank while it was empty and alone. Having one in his tent with his roomies about was not on. they all did it but you could not let yaself go.


That’s when he saw her walk in the shower block, at first he was going to shout at her for being in the wrong shower block and ruining his peaceful wank, but then noticed it was Lisa she was a civilian worker, he had noticed her about, well he had noticed her big breasts, if he were honest. The camouflage uniform they made her wear didn’t give much away, but he had noticed when she moved fast they bounced about, john decided to keep quiet, he moved around to the shower cubicle and got a full view of her soft body.


She had her eyes shut while she washed herself she started at her breasts, and he was fucking glad she had, he got a full view of them big beauties, all his fantasies about them while he had wanked did not do them justice, her nipples where dark pink and were large, but not overly large just the right size for him to suck. This thought and looking at them made his cock twitch and it grew harder than it had already was, on the tip of it was some precum, he wiped if off the tip with is finger and tasted it.


He loved tasting his own cum and the thought of tasting it after he had cum on Lisa’s breasts was getting him even more turned on. As he watched her wash her breasts she then moved down to her pussy and started washing herself there, he saw her pull her lips apart as she used her hand to play with her clit, as she let out a little moan. His cock jerked at the noise. He grabbed his cock and started to wank off as he watched her play with her clit.


Lisa then slipped two fingers in her pussy and started to move in and out of her pussy fast then slow, she was wet her fingers slipped in and out easily, her breasts ached, she needed them to be touched, while she fucked herself with two fingers she rubbed clit with the other hand. Lisa moaned out loud,


John could not stand it any longer, Lisa’s moaning out loud took him over the edge. He walked over to the shower cubicle and stepped in under the warm water.


Lisa opened her eyes at the sound of the footsteps in the shower, standing in front of her was a guy with his cock in his hand wanking away, he then dropped his cock and reached up and took Lisa’s breasts in both hands. Lisa didn’t flinch she moved closer to him and let him continue squeezing her breasts. She loved the feel of her heavy aching breasts in his hands Lisa let out another moan. As she moved closer to him she could feel his cock against her stomach, she reached down between them and as he squeezed and pinched her nipples she rubbed her thumb over the head of his cock feeling it twitch and jerk,


“Fuck “john groaned out. He then bent down and took one of the erect nipples in his mouth he licked the nipple flicking his tongue across it .Lisa felt her pussy react to john sucking her nipple, she could feel herself get wetter, she took his cock in her hand. And started to move her hand up and down his hard cock. Using her thumb to rub the head and across the slit. John started to thrust in her hand as he sucked her breast, he then took both of them and squashed them together licking and sucking them one after the other.


Lisa then moved down johns’ body slowly, she was on her knees in the shower cubicle the water falling on her body.


“Hold your tits together” john moaned


Lisa took her breasts in her hands and squashed them together then john moved forward and thrust his cock between them and started to thrust upwards, and started to fuck them, as he was thrusting his cock between her tits, Lisa stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of his cock. John groaned. the feel of her soft flesh as john fucked her breasts he pinched her nipples. Was to much.


Lisa let out a moan; she needed her clit touched it was aching to be touched. Her juices were running down her lips. John got faster and faster, he felt his cum massing in his tight balls, fuck he needed to come so bad.


“Squeeze them tighter” he moaned, Lisa knew that john was going to cum at any minute god his cock felt good between her soft breasts then john thrust one more time and his cum shot out the end of his cock. With splat it landed on Lisa’s face and ran down her cheek and dripped off her chin on to her breasts, john kept coming his cum was all over Lisa’s face and nipples. John kept thrusting faster and faster, he finally slowed down. And dropped to his knees he started to lick his cum from Lisa’s breasts,


“Mmmmmm you wanna taste” he groaned and scooped some up on his finger and stuck it in Lisa mouth, she started to suck his finger. She pulled it in her mouth all the way then pulled it all the way out. She kept sucking in and out, it was like she was sucking his cock, and it was making him hard again.


John wanted to taste Lisa “stand-up “he said


 Lisa stood up in front of john‘s,  His face was right in line with her shaven pussy,he moved her legs apart and moved closer to her and pulled her pussy lips apart he then stuck out his tongue as soon as his tongue touched her clit a shiver ran through Lisa’s body. She let out a loud groan and pushed her pussy in to john face, all he could smell was her pussy and he then took 2 fingers and stuck them in her pussy, and started to move them in and out of her tight wet pussy, Lisa’s clit was throbbing and her juices were running down her thighs. She tasted so sweet, he was lapping at her clit and finger fucking her hole, johns cock had grown hard again.


John stood up and picked her up off the floor and with one swift movement he thrust in to her. Lisa locked her legs round his waist and he pushed her up to the shower wall to steady her. John then started to fuck Lisa hard. Lisa clenched johns cock as he thrust in and out of her hard and fast, her juices were running down her pussy. john got slipped in and out his balls were wet from her juices, dripping out of her, Lisa reached down and started to rub her throbbing clit, john rammed deeper in her pussy, she felt good. John could feel his cum massing in his balls, and he knew that Lisa was going to cum; he could feel her pussy muscles contracting round his cock


Lisa felt her orgasm building and started to rub her clit faster. john withdrew his cock just leaving the tip in. he felt he orgasm take over and he thrust back in to her she gripped his cock as she came, she was moaning and groaning this tipped over the edge and his cum shot out deep in her pussy he kept thrusting deep in her, Lisa kept rubbing her clit and she was shaking, as her orgasm took over her, she gripped his cock and could feel his cum shoot deep in her pussy, john kept thrusting and he kept coming. Lisa could feel her orgasm slow down. John thrust one more the last of his cum spurted in to her pussy, He kept his cock inside as the last ripples of her orgasm ran through her pussy, john lent forward and kiss one of her breasts  as he placed her gently on the floor.


“I’ll let you finish your shower now “he smiled as he left the shower cubicle

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nice story i could almost taste her pussy

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