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Naughty level to be set later

First you have to understand that every thing was normal before this for me. I liked dudes and a normal relationship, had plenty of dude and dudet friends. Then one day me and one of my best friends had a talk I will never forget.

We were at school outside the band room in the hall waiting for marching practice to start. It was Kia, Zoe, Courtney and I who were about to start heading towards the practice field but I had to wait and put on some shorter shorts it was way to hot for the skater-girl shorts I was wearing. When I left the restroom with my new shorts I thought I was alone but Mitchell had waited for me. We began talking about our relationship. Now I know I had made things complicated before but we were just friends.

-Lizzy, I want to know how you think of me?

-Well I look up to you I guess. You know more about tech then I do and I also look at you as an apprentice because I know more about having fun than you do.

-Good. Tomorrow I'm going to pick you up at your house. You going to teach me how to have fun.

So we went to practice late. Jenna asked me about what happened because she knows I like him more than a friend but I said nothing. Next morning bright and early in the already Florida hot sun Mitchell picked me up in his truck. He is so sexy. His blond sun-soaked hair almost right in his face. His gentle talented hands. We both are talented musicians. He is a gymnast so he has lost of upper body strength not to mention an amazing tan from marching half the year in band. Then there is his old bet up red truck. I figured we would go to the beach, maybe the skate park and a restaurant for dinner. So not what he had in plan.

-Okay we are going to the beach or the skate park first? Your choice. I asked when I hopped in his truck. I'm wearing my bathing suit and I threw my skate board and my surf board in the back. Didn't know I wasn't going to need them.

-Neither. We are going to my place.

-Okay thats fine we can surf in your backyard. He lives beach side like me.

-No surfing. I have a plan. But I may need your skate board.

When we finally get to his place there are no cars their. All his family is gone. We have the whole place to ourselves. He takes me to his room. I've never been to his house before. He reaches into his dresser drawer and rummages through it. I don't really pay attention I'm to busy looking at all the tech and poster all over the walls.

-Hey is this your new computer you put that new operating system on? It looks pretty sick.

I turn around he has a black leather collar with a leash in one hand and a silver thing in the other. I feel my stomach turn I process what he is doing.

-Take all your clothes off and lie on the bed now.

-Mitchell I don't think is..

-NOW bitch. You are mine you slut and I said now.

-No I wont.

-Bitch now I have to punish you.

-Mitchell I

-Master. That is what you call me understand slut?

-What? No Mitch

-Master! He screams. And slaps me in the face.

-Yes master! I get on the bed and undress for him. I can feel my pussy getting wet and already throbbing hard.

-Good. So you can learn. Now spread your legs and close your eyes.

-Yes Master. I feared another slap and did as I was told. I felt something cold slip inside me deep inside me.

-Now open your eyes and look at me. I did as I was told. Now do as I say or I will punish you.

-Yes master.

(to be continued...)


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