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  By: kinkywench

Mike was the only one staying after work; he was trying to finish his work. before the bank holiday Weekend. But he was being distracted by the cleaners, well one cleaner in particular. She was vacuuming and every time she turned towards him. Mike got a view of her cleavage. And it made his cock twitch. She then got on her hands and knees and took the vacuum hose and started to vacuum under the desk next to him.


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Naughty level to be set later


As she was vacuuming, her arse was swaying back and forth in front of mike. This made mikes cock twitch even more. And he noticed that her skirt had ridden up her arse and he could see her thighs.

“Excuse me I need to vacuum under your desk” a voice said. Mike was startled he had not even noticed, that she was talking to him.


“Sorry “he mumbled and he was sure he was blushing.


Lisa had noticed that the guy at the desk had been staring at her on and off the past hour, and being the dirty cow she was, she decided to tease him. And got down on her hands and knees cleaning under the desks making sure he got a good view of her arse. Lisa knew that her skirt had ridden up her legs and her thighs were on view, this turned her on and she could feel wet patch in her knickers from her pussy juices.


Mike pushed his office chair backwards so that Lisa could get under the desk. Lisa crawled under the desk and continued vacuuming. Lisa made sure that mike got an even better view she moved so that her skirt rode up even more and moved her legs a part so he got a view of her arse in a cream thong.


Mike sat there his eyes glued to the scene in front of him. He got a full view of her arse cheeks and the thought of that cream lace up against her pussy, made him horny. Mike started to squeeze himself through his trousers. Mike scanned the office to make sure no one else was about, and proceed to rub and squeeze his cock and balls. Then there was silence in the office and Lisa backed out from under the desk. Mike stopped touching himself as Lisa turned around.


She looked up at him from all fours this gave mike a good view of her ample cleavage.


“see anything you like” she teased Lisa then crawled on all fours over to where mike was sitting and as she got between his legs, she moved them further apart. She then brushed her hands up the inside of his legs to his thighs. She felt him jump under the contact.


Mike could not help his body’s reaction to Lisa’s touch. He then reached down and grabbed her hands.

“You’re a very dirty slut, and need a good spanking get up” He said. Lisa stood up and as she did this, mike pulled her across his lap, he pulled up her skirt to her waist, and took in the sight before him, she was wearing a cream lacy thong and her creamy white arse cheeks were bare. Mike took his hand and slapped her arse. The noise echoed in the empty office.


“Ouch” Lisa moaned, as the blow hit her arse. He then rained more slaps on her arse,


Lisa’s arse was on fire from the repeated slaps, and the pain made tears well up in her eyes. But the pain was mixed with excitement. She could feel herself getting wet between her thighs Mike then blew on the red welts that were appearing on her arse. Mike was getting turned on by spanking Lisa’s arse he could feel his cock getting hard, it was poking in Lisa’s lower stomach. And it was getting uncomfortable being restrained in his trousers. Lisa snaked her hand underneath and found mikes cock. She started to squeeze his cock, mike wriggled in the chair as Lisa began squeezing his cock and balls.


“Squeeze it harder” he moaned. As Lisa squeezed his hard cock. Mike moved his hand down Lisa’s arse cheeks and between the cleft in the cheeks and moved then thong to the side, and then rubbed across her tight arse hole. Lisa’s arse twitched at the contact. Lisa let out a little moan as he did this, he then moved his finger down and parted Lisa’s pussy lips and pushed his finger in her pussy. He could feel how wet she was, mike took his finger out of her pussy and sucked it. Mike wanted to taste more of her.


“Get up” mike groaned. Lisa got up off of mike’s lap. She then moved over to mike’s desk and moved his paper work to the side and sat on the edge of the desk her legs wide open giving mike a full view of her wet pussy, Lisa then took two fingers and slipped them in her pussy and started to move them in and out of her sopping wet pussy.


Mike moved over to were Lisa was sitting and started to un do the button on his trousers and then un zipped himself, he pulled his trousers and boxers down in one swift movement and moved between Lisa’s legs, he pushed Lisa down on the desk and pulled her forward towards his waist, he then squatted down between her legs, mike’s cock was bouncing about in front of him, and he had precum leaking from the slit


Lisa pulled open her pussy lips, so that mike could get full view of her clit and wet pussy. He stuck his tongue out and licked across her arse hole and then all the way up to her clit, Lisa pushed herself on mikes tongue and let out a moan as he started to suck her clit. Lisa’s pussy juices were oozing from her and mike lapped then up, she tasted so sweet, he sucked and licked, Lisa was shaking and squirming about on the desk top, she could feel her orgasm building.


“Fuck me hard “Lisa groaned out between moans

 Mike didn’t need much urging he cock and balls needed their own relief, he stood up and rubbed his cock between Lisa’s pussy lips and rubbed it against her clit. Lisa moved herself against his cock, he then lifted her up and thrusted in to her sopping wet tight pussy, Lisa pushed herself on mikes hard throbbing cock and wrapped her legs around his arse. Mike thrust deep moving in and out of Lisa’s pussy her muscles clenching round his cock. Lisa could feel mikes throbbing cock deep in her pussy, she reached down and started to rub her clit. A warm feeling started to flow through Lisa’s her orgasm started to take over and she let out a moan. This spurred mike on and he started to fuck her deep. He felt his balls get tight and his cum started to mass. Then as Lisa thrashed and moaned, her pussy gripped him tighter. And then in one final thrust mike came deep in Lisa’s pussy, mike kept thrusting as his cum kept flooding Lisa’s pussy. As he moved in and out his cum was oozing out of Lisa’s pussy.


After mikes final thrust he pulled his cock out of her pussy. Lisa let out a little moan as mikes pulled out of her, then he bent down and started to lick his cum from her pussy, he had some on his tongue he then moved up to Lisa and licked Lisa across the lips, Lisa opened her mouth and sucked mikes tongue and could taste both of their juices and moaned.


“Mmmmm we taste good “she giggled.

“Same time tomorrow” mike smiled as they both got dressed…

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